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The 5 Best iPhone 4 Holders for your Car

Updated on December 21, 2015
Will Apse profile image

Scientist, writer, audiophile and smartphone addict, Will Apse, loves explaining tech issues in a way that anyone can understand.

An iPhone 4 tossed on the passenger seat is an iPhone ready to tumble out of reach at the first corner. Even if there is no damage, this can drive you crazy when that important call comes a moment later.

A secure mounting lets you see who is calling and lets you make calls, too, with minimum trouble. If you are using your phone for navigation, a secure mounting is a must have.

Windshield, Vent, Dash or Cup-holder Mounted?

The most common holders for the iPhone 4 are windshield mounted. If you get one with powerful suction cup it will stay in place even on rough terrain. It is important to avoid shoddy designs, though. Holders that droop or fall are worse than no holder at all.

Of course, not everybody wants a windshield mounted iPhone. Some people just hate anything obscuring their view of the road. Also, some windshields are hard to reach from a driving position. If this is the case, a vent mounted holder might be a better choice. There are even cup holder mounted models for anyone who willing to give up their coffee for their iPhone!

Most dash mounted holders rely on adhesive pads, These can really stick well and give good service or can fail quickly- depending on the dash material and contour. Dash mounting is probably the least reliable solution unless you have a good flat area with a good finish for adhesion.

The Law

Remember that in Minnesota and California, there are state laws prohibiting anything that blocks a drivers view being placed on any car window,

Kensington Sound Amplifying Car Holder for iPhone 4 - Vent or Windshield Mounted

This is a versatile model with a lot of plus points. It can be mounted in the vents if that suits your car. The windshield mounting is solid, otherwise. The cradle is especially easy to load your phone into (with or without a case) and the whole thing rotates to give you portrait and landscape modes. This helps if you use your phone for navigation.

Another big selling point is the acoustic amplification it offers. It doubles the volume that the iPhone can produce on its own. This means you can hear well enough in quiet environments to take a call. Don't expect this to work in noisy pick up on a highway though!

Dash option
Dash option
Windshield option
Windshield option

Naztech Universal- Dashboard or Window Mount Options

This a more recent iPhone holder that deserves more attention that it gets. The windshield mount is extra solid and a good choice if you regularly encounter rough terrain.

The innovative, non-slip dash mounting (included in the package) is a good option for some cars. There is no adhesive pad, instead the base has a special material that clings onto most flat surfaces without sliding.

It is surprising just how stable it is. You will need a flat area on your dash, of course.

The price is pretty reasonable too at around $25.

Arkon IPM515- best economy Mount?

The Arkon is tougher than it looks and will hold an iPhone 4 securely even at speed. The clips that hold the phone are padded and allow for easy loading and removal- whether you use a case or not.

On the downside the corner clips will block some ports and controls.

Amzer holder
Amzer holder

Amzer Swiveling Air Vent Holder

Not every car has vents that are suitable for vent mounting a holder but most do. If your vents are typical and they are within reach vent mounting is a good option.

The Amzer is affordable and practical. It was specially designed for the iPhone 4 and the side holders mean you can reach all the ports and controls. Charging your phone as you drive couldn't be easier.

You cannot use this mount with a cased iPhone.


Bracketron Universal Cup Holder Mount

Cup holder mounts are one of the easiest and most stable mounts available. They will also be within easy reach and won't block your view.

The Bracketron holder is especially solidly made and will resist a few kids tugging at it or even climbing over it. It will also adjust to fit even big cup holders.

It will certainly keep your iPhone steady and ready to use at all times. The only question is- where will you put your drink?


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      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Thanks for this run-down on iPhone holders. Voting this Up and Useful.