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iphone or android (you be the judge)

Updated on November 22, 2012

Lets face it no one know for sure which Phone is better. We all decide based on many reasons. Some because of price so because of features hell some even chose based on looks. Personally my experience with apple has not been good so I don't trust apple any more. However Google is really popular and they own the OS for all android devices.

So when looking for your device let be real with ourselves and chose the one that better benefits us personally. Now we can talk about different features like copy and paste and screen shots as well a virus and apps. We will even break down the pros and cons of each device.



Iphone and apps

iPhone's are more expensive then most other mobile devices. Even the development of apps for the iPhone iOS is expensive. I guess that is the price to pay for security and self proclaimed no viruses right? Wrong I have had a few apple products and I was doing a few experiment and found out that the so called protect from viruses device can and will get viruses.



I can go on posted videos,photos,and even comments about these two smart phones forever yet that would never solve the problem. Everyone like mentioned earlier is entitled to their opinions. I am personally a Android fan and love my smart phone. For any feature my phone doesn't have that I may need or want there is usually an app in the Google app store to suite my needs. So i wouldn't trade my android in for any other smart phone unless it was to get an updated or upgraded android. So based on you needs wants and budgets you may want to consider one for yourself. I am not a spokes person for android and I am not here to bash the iPhone either I am sure there are many other feature I am not aware of for both devices but lets face the facts the Phones change as the times and technology changes. So what is here or in today can quickly be out or gone tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

Steve Jobs's Iphone Apps


Some would say Android

real time stats

Which do you prefer?

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