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9 Best iphone 5 armbands for running and other sports

Updated on March 30, 2013

Get yourself a Safe Sweatproof Sports Armband to keep your Iphone 5 in Great Shape

When you are regularly working out, you will need a iPhone 5 armband for running, biking or lifting that is safe and sweatproof. If you push yourself to the max you don't want to be thinking about the safety of your phone or later finding it in a puddle of your sweat.

The solution is a sports armband case that will hold your smartphone secure so you can still play your motivating music and you can be reached when necessary. This is a shortlist of the 9 best armbands for running, biking and others, but not swimming or American football, that's just a bad idea.

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#9. Sports Armband iPhone 5

This is a flexible neoprene armstrap where you can strap in your iphone 5 securely but leaving space for a key, credit card, gym membership card or cash. There is a full frontal screen protector and it won't make your touchscreen go off which is great. Adjustable between S/M and M/L. To fit the phone comfortably you'll need to take it out of it's regular case though. If you own an otterbox or lifeproof kind of big case that is a lot of work to remove you don't want this arm strap. The neoprene is very light and and the iphone is kept very snug by the holder so it doesn't jump or rattle around which is something I hate. Overall this armband comes highly recommended.

#8. Belkin Sports Strap iPhone 5

Truth be told this is not the best case in this line-up. I included it because some people love Belkin as they have some great case accessories available. This particular model is just not one of their finest works.

Belkin made a comfortable to wear and low profile armband for the iPhone 5. It's made out of lightweight neoprene that's also very breathable. A big plus if you are sweating and then there is some lycra added in for elasticity. That makes sure your armband stays on tight. It has a long customizable strap so even if you have been working out a lot lately you'll like this case. There is also a small storage space for a key.

It gets the job done but it's not excelling in any way and other cases just offer more of everything and sometimes for less money.

#7. Sweatproof iPhone 5 Case

Take your case of and this sports armband for iphone 5 will fit your device like a glove. The velcro is very sturdy and keeps it tight on your arm. It keeps the phone sweatproof so you avoid damaging it when you are sweating profusely. It's not meant for running in the rain but it will keep it dry from a few drops but then again who likes running in rain anyway?

#6. iPhone 5 Sports Armband for Running

It has to be said that I thought this one was a little bulky. If you don't mind some size on your case though: You can get either the Velocity I or the Velocity II. The Velocity I fits your IPhone 5 as it is. While ti Velocity II fits it with a case. So you can chose whatever you prefer with the Splash. Made out of neoprene that absorbs your sweat and keeps your phone dry. The armband looks well made and will last a good many runs or workouts. The strap is adjustable to your arm size of course. A well made and quality case.

#5. iPhone 5 Armband for Girls

Great iPhone 5 sports armband for running or whatever activity you prefer to stay in shape. It has a nice girly look which is really hard to find, so if you like that it's a big plus on this one. The band is also designed for girls so not a good pick if you take your arm workout seriously. The phone feels very secure and you can still easily change songs through the see through screen.

#4. Sweatproof High Performance Bracelet Iphone 5

Both Griffin and Adidas are trustworthy brands when it comes to gear and sports gear. I've walked on many pairs of Adidas in my life and they took years to wear out. This is a high performance bracelet. Made out of ultra lightweight performance nylon. This will keep your time/lap very good while you can still take your phone. The armband is designed to keep your smartphone safe and sweatproof. In the pocket you can hold a house or gym key. The pocket is touch through screen protecting so you can still access your devices functions.

#3. Otterbox Sports Defender iPhone 5

This armband was originally designed to fit the Otterbox iPhone 4 / 4S Defender Series Case and was redesigned (lengthened) in October 2012 to fit the Otterbox iPhone 5 Defender Series Case. This case is specificially designed to hold your phone while it's inside a case! So perfect if you already own an expensive case. It works with many models, read on Amazon about the specific models.

The neoprene iPhone 5 armband is tight and secure so the phone is not going to bounce around.

The case has a clear protective window cover which is very useful if you are looking at the maps or want to look something up during your run, bike, etc. It also stores the earphone cord away easily if you aren't using it to blast some motivational tunes.

Great case if you want to store an iphone 5 that is already inside another case!

#2. Sweat Proof Armband iPhone 5

he Incase was designed to hold your iPhone 5 snug without another case on it. So be aware of that when ordering. If you already have a very solid case that's hard to remove this is not ideal.

The Incase Armband is a very good armband to hold your iphone 5 while excercising, running, biking or performing other high intensity activities. The sweatproof iphone 5 case will keep your smartphone dry and safely protected but still close enough on your arms to listen to music or answer phone calls even.

The straps are adjustable making it easy enough to adjust to the size of your arms. T Otherwise a fantastic case that comes higly recommended.


#1. Running Armband iPhone 5

This iPhone 5 armband for running and other sports is again not ideal when you already have a solid case around your phone. You will need to remove the other case to get the perfect fit. Having said that this is a light and comfortable armband which was designed specifically for the iPhone 5.

Actually it's also possible to use it on the 5th generation iPod touch which is extremely similar in size.

The design is pretty minimalist for a running armband and the neoprene material feels secure around your arm and the phone is held tight. It's not going to bounce or anything.

It feels good on your arm and is made so your arm pushes back the phone into the case instead of the case pushing the iphone into your arm.

The case is closed with a covered during workouts so you feel never insecure about the safety of your phone. Openings in the bottom make it possible to access your phone to make use of the functions you might want to.

The front is a clear, protective window with full navigational control. There is a flap to securely store and hold the earphone cord too which is really convenient in my opinion.

The armband is machine washable and adjusts between 9" to 17". If you have huge arms because you are a bodybuilder or lumberjack there is the EX3 Armband Extender (sold separately) which increases the maximum arm size by 6.5 inches.


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