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iphone4 :Things You Need To Know About It

Updated on July 26, 2010

Iphone-4the latest sensational iphone has been launched & most of you must have already made plans to buy it. Now before going out there in the market and buy it I strongly recommend you to read this article.

Iphone-4 has great looks with a stainless steel body, all glass front cover and a slim design which makes it the sleekest smartphone till now. It is almost 25% thinner than the previous iphone.Unlike earlier iphones this one has side volume controls. The phone has got an extra microphone for noise cancellation that means crystal clear sound!


Retina Display: Iphone-4 has got a retina display with a fourfold pixel density to a conventional LCD at an unbelievable 326 pixels per inch that is far denser than till now anything in the consumer electronics market. The final result is a 3.5 inch display with an actual resolution of 960by 640 pixels that is actually much higher than a normal human eye(at a distance of 10 -12 inches) can perceive .

iPhone 4: C.P.U and Gyroscope

The iPhone 4 has a A4-C.P.U designed by Apple. The new A4 processor has improved power management. iPhone 4 can manage forty percent more talk time on 3G networks i.e.(up to 7 hours), or up to 6 hours of 3G Web browsing along with 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing. The device has an excellent power management so that it can play up to 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, and has a standby time of up to 300 hours. The iPhone 4 also has a gyroscope (3-D motion sensor), which enables six-axis motion sensing…just like a game controller.

Camera: The iphone-4 has got a terrific 5 megapixel camera with a backside illuminated sensor, resulting in improved clarity in the photographs. The camera can also record photos at 720p resolution and 30 frames per second and the LED flash can als be used with the video recording as well.

iBooks: Apple has declared that a version of iBooks will be available for iPhone, with characteristic parity to the iPad edition. The applications will be able to contemporize across devices, so users will be able to read a same book on both the devices. Users will be able to download purchased books to all their supported devices at no extra buck.

Pricing and Availabiliy: The iPhone 4 are available two colors: black or white, with a price tag of $199 for a 16 GB model and $299 for a 32 GB model. . Initial availability will be the U.S.A., France, Germany, Japan, and the UK. Apple plans to begin offering the iPhone 4 in 18 more countries in July, followed by 24 additional countries in August and 40 more countries in September.

Problems & Issues: Since the launch of iPhone 4, some problems have been reported with it for instance when you touch its antenna band it loses reception. It also has a display discoloration trouble but Apple says it will go away with time. It also has a proximity issue which are causing the phone to hang during the calls. 


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    • ankitkaulmachama profile image

      ankitkaulmachama 7 years ago from Pune ,India.

      Thanks :D

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      hubpageswriter 7 years ago

      This is a very good review on the iPhone 4. Thumbs up.