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iPhoto: Apples Verson of Adobe Bridge

Updated on May 4, 2010

Taking digital pictures nowadays is easier than ever. People who couldn’t afford a digital camera are now getting their chance as they drop in price. The main problem people then have, saying they learned how to use the camera is how do you organize the pictures after you take them on your computer? Most people don’t know how to or want to take the time and effort in making a ton of folders and rename all the pictures. The solution for apple users is iPhoto. iPhoto 09 is a fully functional feature packed gallery that helps keep track of your pictures.

iPhoto in itself calls up pictures just as well as adobe bridge, but offers more features for naming and locating. It also allows editing of the pictures right within the program. iPhoto slideshows are also available within the program, making it easy to view all of those great pictures of Fido.

New Features in iPhoto 09 really make a bunch at all other gallery type softwares. These features are what will make iPhoto more user-friendly to the soccer mom then bridge.

Example of the Faces feature in iPhoto
Example of the Faces feature in iPhoto


This feature is really cool. Iphoto will analyze your photos as you import them and try its best to match people in photos and group them by their FACE! This face recognition could really come in handy to quickly find someone’s picture when you need it. The basic setup is a breeze, just get a nice face photo of each person and give their name, iphoto will then give you a list of matches to put into them, its that simple.


Places, just like faces, attempts to organize your pictures for you. Places works by recording a small part of data in GPS enabled devices like the iPhone and will throw the photo in that town or city on a map! This will show were you taken the pictures, what time they were captured, and will even help name pictures. This feature isn’t for those lucky enough to have a GPS enabled camera, you can manually add photos to places and label them yourself, so you will never need to search for hours for those pictures you took in Italy last year.

Online Sharing

Who’s got a facebook? Who has a Flicker? Who wants to upload pictures to either place without having to enter log in info and not need to create an album to organize the uploaded photos manually?(What a mouthful)  Well if you want to do any of those things, iPhoto will do it. Just by clicking on what photos you want then naming the album and hitting share your photos will be sent to Facebook or Flicker without even leaving iPhoto. Epic. Its like a text, but pictures…and to a website instead of another phone.

Enhanced Photo Editing

Yup, I know not everyone can have the outrageous photoshop skills I do, so lets make it easier for people who don’t to at least make their shots of the puppies look good. With enhanced editing you edit with easy guided tools to crop, remove red eye, retouch, and many other features. There is even an auto red-eye tool for people who are too lazy, or who have so many red eye shots that they cant draw little boxes around there pupils.  Yeah…Click…Save…Done!

iPhoto Travel Map book example
iPhoto Travel Map book example

Travel Maps

Now, personally I don’t know how often this would be used. I never seen a friend with one of these or anything in my life before, but Travel maps is an add-on to photo books to print out. What travel maps does is take a map of where you took the picture and it makes your route for you into a nice little book. This is defiantly worth it if you win the lottery and go all around the world (and take thousands of pictures).

Apple iPhoto is the cutting edge way of organizing your images. Now you can’t just copy iphoto and paste it onto your mac, im sure you wish you could – iphoto isn’t a lonely traveler ether. iPhoto is in a box set called iLife. iLife will cost you about $79 + tax yeah w/e and can be bought from the Apple Store online or in your local mall. You could get it for less, just click to the right of here.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Hub. If you have a friend who has a mac or you just like this article make sure to share it on Twitter and other networking sites. If you have to send an email to your co worker who takes lots of pictures. To see other works of mine Click Here.


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    • ddayse888 profile image

      ddayse888 7 years ago

      Apple products are so cool. That's why I bought an iPad the same week it came out. I don't own a Mac but the iPhoto product looks great. I'll have to see if something similar is available for the iPad. Thanks for the great article.

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