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iPod Touch 5 vs. iPod Touch 4

Updated on December 11, 2012

Shall I get the new iPod Touch?

You want to buy an iPod Touch, and you don't know if getting the new one is worth. In short, if you have the money take the new one, if you are on a restricted budget, the iPod Touch 4G is a great choice. As of writing this page, you can save around 50-100$ but if you can afford it, don't look back, the iPod touch new release is a great improved version. If you need to know what makes the new iPod generation better, read on.

Photo Credit: By DeclanTM via Flickr

Cases for The New iPod Touch 5

With Chargers and Screen Protectors

iPod Touch 5G vs. iPod Touch 4G - Comparing Ipod Touch Generations

  • The camera on the new model is a huge improvement compared to the iPod Touch 4. 5Mp versus 0.92 MP. And believe me, some pictures on the old iPod Touch were really crappy.
  • The CPU in the iPod Touch 5 is a much powerful one, it is a dual core compared to a single core on the old model. This translate in more speed, the new iPod is much faster, than the old one, and the possibility to run new applications.
  • The old model is slightly thicker, and with a smaller screen. The fourth generation is 0.28 inch thickness compared to 0.24 inches the new model.
  • One of the greatest things about the iPod Touch 5 is that it comes in colors. Many people were put off by the lack of color choices. Now the back of the device is brightly colored.
  • The newer generation has doubled the amount of RAM, from 256 to 512 MB.
  • The screen is larger for the newer models, which translates in a better video and display experience and easier regular operations. It fits more buttons on the same screen.
  • With all these hardware improvements, Apple was still able to make the new model lighter, compare 3.56oz to 3.1oz.
  • The biggest advantage of the old model over the new one is the price. If the price is something to worry about, the you will find the old version much more attractive.
  • The new model of the iPod Touch comes with Siri, which is a great application, allowing you to dictate text and messages, make reservations, etc...
  • Uptime

    Audio 40 hours on both

    Video 8 hours on iPod Touch5 vs 7 hours on the old model, (the iPod Touch 4).

iPod Touch

iPod Touch
iPod Touch

Video - iPod Touch 5th Generation - iPod Drop and Scratch Test

The new iPod is very resistant to drops, scratches, and other mechanical abuse. See this video...

Will You Buy a New iPod Touch or the Old Generation One?

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    • ErikAlexander LM profile image

      ErikAlexander LM 5 years ago

      @Christmas-Gifts-Ideas: The difference in speed is big! My friend got one and it's so fast!

    • profile image

      Christmas-Gifts-Ideas 5 years ago

      I think I will go for the newer version. I'll sell then the old one on eBay.The camera is so much better on the new one, and the cpu is a dual core. This must make a big diference in speed.

    • Ahdilarum profile image

      Ahdilarum 5 years ago

      i will never buy iPhone 5 version..