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Top iPod Touch Apps for Guitarists

Updated on June 12, 2013

The Top iPod Touch Apps for Guitarists

When was the last time that you got a new app? Today? Yesterday? How about a good guitar app? Ever used one? Well, if you're looking for one, or looking to tell people about a great app that you just found, this lens is for you. Check out some apps that I thought were great, and add your own if you want! Let the world know about that great app that you downloaded last week!

My Top 15 Apps For Guitarists

I Use Them All the Time

Click the App Names to Go to the iTunes Page

1. Pocket Guitar

A personal favorite for me, PocketGuitar allows you to play the guitar, add effects(distortion, chorus, wah, delay, all customizable with a wide range of settings), use a virtual amp(level, gain, reverb), use alternative tunings, and even use a Ukulele(or an acoustic guitar, or an electric guitar, or a muted guitar, or a bass)!


click here for the website

2. Guitarist

Guitarist is an app I use a lot. You can play the guitar in one of four ways at a time: manual fret(you strum the notes), hammer-on(you just press the frets to play), tab(enter tabs, and play them with your strum pattern), or scale(slide your finger across the neck to play a scale). You can also add some effects, bend notes and use a whammy bar. Also has a variety of guitar sounds, though not the best sound samples. Good to use if you get some inspiration and need to write it down.


click here for the website

3. Guitar Pro

This is a nice app. It allows you to view guitar pro tabs on your iPhone or iPod touch. You can also favorite different tabs.


click here for the website

4. Boss Pedal Sketch

Boss effect pedal users, UNITE! This app allows you to take note of different orders and settings of Boss pedals that you use. Good to have on hand during a practice. Even allows you to take notes, pictures, and sound samples of your signal chain!


5. ChordMaster

A Planet Waves app, need I say more? This app is awesome. It is a complete chord library. In each chord, you can play the notes individually, and slide them around to find different places that they can be played. It is part of a series of apps that Planet Waves created that include Chordmaster, Protune, Scale Wizard, and Protempo. You can buy them all in Planet Waves Guitar Tools.


click here for the website

6. AmpliTube

This is great app, but I highly recommend that you buy a connector to connect your guitar to your iPod or iPhone before getting this app. This app has a variety of amps that you can use, including amps modelled after the Fender Blackface, a Vox amp, and a Rectifier. It also has a variety of pedals available for purchase, such as chorus, phaser, and fuzz(you automatically get distortion, delay, and a noise filter). Also, Fender amps are available for download.


click here for the website

7. AmpliTube Fender

I highly recommend you get something to connect your guitar to your iPod before getting this app. This app has everything that the original AmpliTube had, but it focuses more on it's Fender products. There are Fender amps and pedals available for purchase.


click here for the website

8. AmpKit

This is basically Peavey's version of AmpliTube. But a little better. with this app, you can download a wide variety of pedals, amps, heads, and microphones to use. All of these are adjustable. This app also also allows you to create presets, and use backing tracks. You can also set pedals anywhere in the signal chain; even after the amp!


click here for the website

9. iShred Live

Get something to connect your guitar to your iPod before getting this app. This app is a fairly good. This app starts you out with 3 pedals: a noise filter(can set itself), delay(has tap tempo), and a phaser(a fancy one). All of the pedals have very amusing animations too. There are 9 other pedals available for purchase like fuzz, distortion, and chorus. You can also make presets, use a tuner, and a metronome. It also has a recorder, and a very limited digital amp.

Free(pedals are $0.99 each)

click here for the website

10. Tun-d Free

I use this app almost every day. If you are looking for a simple, accurate, easy to use tuner with a lot of tuning options, Tun-d Free is for you. Some of the tuning options include: standard, chromatic, half and whole steps down, 7 string, and even a banjo!(there are many more of course). It also helps to have something to connect your guitar to your iPod.


click here for the website

11. Gibson Learn & Master Guitar

This app has everything you need. A chromatic tuner(with different settings), a metronome, and a chord library. It even has video lessons! Not to mention, it keeps you up to date on all of Gibson's latest news.

Picture Featured


click here for website

12. Planet Waves Guitar Tools

This app includes everything: a chord library(over 7,000 chords!), a chord finder(ya know, when you don't know what you're playing, but you really want to know), scales(thousands), a Tuner(strobe), and a metronome. It even locates teachers and stores near you!


click here for the website

13. Scale Wizard

This app has a library of thousands of scales and arpeggios, need I say more? It was developed by Planet Waves along with Chordmaster, Protune, and Protempo. You can buy them all in Plant Waves Guitar Tools.


click here for the website

14. PolyTune

This is basically an app adaption of the PolyTune guitar pedal. tune all six strings at once with this great app!


click here for the website

15. Stupid Deal of the Day

A great app if you buy a lot of equipment or just like to look at deals. In case you didn't already know, Musician's Friend has a daily deal called "The Stupid Deal Of the Day". Get this app, an you'll never miss another deal on!


click here for the website

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What Are Your Favorite Apps for Guitarists? Got Any That I Can Check Out?

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    • Lynne-Modranski profile image

      Lynne Modranski 

      5 years ago from Ohio

      I was actually looking for a metronome, but really appreciate all the other suggestions! I downloaded SilverDial - seems to work really well, can get a few different sounds, select which beats you want accented and go crazy with the 1/2-1/4-1/6th beats (maybe more, I didn't even try to go past that)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      There is an app/book called Kasey's Music Jams for Kids on the itunes store. It is a book or young beginners 3 and up designed to help teach them to play along with music. It is made up of 17 songs with vibrant illustrations and quirky song lyrics.

      Promo video-


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