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iPod Watch Strap

Updated on February 24, 2013

Cool iPod Nano Watch Strap

Looking for the coolest iPod accesory in town. Then check out these iPod watch strap that turns your 6G ipod nano into a head-turning wrist watch. In just a few simple steps, you can convert your iPod nano into a sleek and sophisticated wristwatch.

Another practical use for watchband accessory for your Nano is during physical activity. So while you are running in a treadmill, it keeps the device securely while listening to your favorite tracks and at the same time track your workout progress via iPod's built in sensor.

So if you want a stylish way to carry your music then check out the collection below. They are made from different materials according to your style like there's a leather for classy look and multi-colored silicone for those who likes a more personalized look. More is in the pipeline such as carbon and stainless steel. Be sure to check out the list below for more cool looking wristwatch to choose from.

*image - a sleek iWatchz CLRCHR22BLK Q Collection

iWatch iPod Nano 6G Band

iWatchz Q Collection is one nifty solution if you want to convert your nano into a handy wristwatch. Blends quite nicely with the nano with it's sleek design. Attaching with your nano to the bracelet is hassle-free since you can slide it in or out just by snapping the built in clip of the nano. The iWatch generates positive comments on Amazon store for the following reasons.

* the watchband is designed in such a way that you have easy access because there is no obstructions to the buttons.

* pleasant design and the strap is comfortable to wear

Video Review of iWatchz

Wrist Jockey Watch Band - Elegant and Stylish Straps

If you are one of those who think that the watchbands available for the Nano is too big for your wrist, then Wrist Jockey is maybe the one you are looking for. You will notice that most of the their bands are just almost the same size of ordinary wristwatch.

You can attach the latest generation iPod Nano very easily using the built-in clip to clasp into the wristband. It is pretty secure because the metal cradle fits right into the nano clip which makes it hard to slide off.

There are wide variety of color, materials and styles to choose from.

Wrist Jockey Carbon - Black Carbon Fiber / Red Stitch (iPod nano watch band)
Wrist Jockey Carbon - Black Carbon Fiber / Red Stitch (iPod nano watch band)

the strap is made with carbon fiber accented with nice red stitch.

cradle design leaves buttons accessible

Wrist Jockey Professional iPod Nano Watch Band
Wrist Jockey Professional iPod Nano Watch Band

Elegant and Professional looking design


HEX Vision Metal Watchband

This cool HEX Vision Metal Watchband is made with top-notch stainless steel that is both durable and stylish. This wristband has a hassle-free mechanism that makes it easier to clip to your iPod.

HEX Vision on Metal Watchband on Amazon

The HEX Vision Metal watch band for iPod Nano Gen 6 is the premium watch solution for your Nano. Made of all stainless steel construction and using "Clip-In, Clip-Out" functionality this watch band is sure to turn heads. Comes with additional sizing links and available in Silver and Gunmetal finishes.

HEX HX1026-GNMT Vision Metal Watch Band for iPod Nano 6G -Gunmetal
HEX HX1026-GNMT Vision Metal Watch Band for iPod Nano 6G -Gunmetal

Made with stainless steel

Hassle-free “Clip-In, Clip-Out” mechanism


HEX Cable Keeper

One of the drawbacks of using your iPod Nano as wristband is probably the headset wires is a little concern during physical activity. You will be careful to flail your arm or make a broad swing or you will find the wires getting caught and knocking the plug off your ears.

A simple but clever solution by is an arm band by HEX that neatly keep those wires in place so you can have more freedom to move your arm while using the device.

iPod Nano Cable Keeper by HEX

iPod Nano Cable Keeper by HEX
iPod Nano Cable Keeper by HEX

The iPod nano 6G's built-in multi touch enables to orient the screen in order to wear them properly on your left or right wrist.

HEX Vision Leather Watch Band

This particular watch strap has sophistication and elegance written all over it. Made with a very nice combination of genuine leather and stainless steel makes this one a headturner indeed. Manufactured by HEX Watchbands which makes a plethora of premium bands for iPod 6th Gen. This also comes in black, red and white colors.

HEX Silicon Watch Band

This HEX Sport Watch Band is made from high-quality silicon and include it's signature "pop-in, pop-out" functionality. It also comes with dock access particularly tailored for accessories such as Nike+. Comes with different colors to choose from.

LunaTik Watch Wrist Strap for iPod Nano 6G

LunaTik Watch Band is a conversion kit solution that transform your iPod Nano 6th Generation into an elegant looking wristwatch. The wristband is crafted from aerospace grade aluminum with a design and feel that suits the top notch quality of an Apple device. The LunaTik iPod Nano Watch Strap securely house your nano with its stainless steel bolts.

LunaTik Unboxing and Review

Incipio iPod Nano 6G NGP Wristband

Here is a series of sporty and rugged Ipod nano wristband by Incipio - made with shock-absorbing Next Generation Polymer (NGP). The adjustable velcro strap make it sure that you have comfortable fit.

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