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Ipod Touch 64GB - New Ipod Touch From Apple

Updated on October 24, 2012

Now, with the new improved Apple iPod Touch 64GB, your favorite music, movies, games and more can fit in your hand. It is that small and that useful! The multimedia reactor is all-in-one gadget device. 

Great iPod Touch. iPod Touch 64gb running up to 40 hours of audio playback - all your favorite music will always be with you. Imagine how far you can travel with just one charge. 

Great PDA. New generation iPod Touch is almost 50% faster than its predecessor. Programs run faster, and Web pages load almost instantly. Ipod touch 4g is really a step forward and a great gift for its users. 

Wireless network. If you're in range of a wireless network, your iPod T instantly recognizes it. If it is a free network of Wi-Fi, you can directly go to the Internet. Run any program that supports the Wi-Fi, e.g., Safari or iTunes - and surf the web with no limits and borders. Some wireless networks require a password, but with this iPod it is not a problem. Simply enter your password and your device will remember him. The next time you find yourself within range of the network, it connects to it automatically.

Safari. Safari - an innovative web browser for Mac and PC, - is also installed at the iPod Touch 64gb, 32 gb and others. Safari lets you feel the richness of the Internet in your hands. Simply connect to a wireless network and use Safari in almost the same way as the web browser on your computer. On-screen iPod Touch the web pages look exactly the same as on a computer screen.

Mail. Email looks and works just as well as on the computer. Messages can be viewed in HTML, including attachments. Mail program recognizes these file types like DOC, JPG, MP3 and many others. A very easy to set up Mail as iPod Touch automatically enters the setup for the accounts of popular services, Google Mail, MobileMe, Yahoo!, AOL and Microsoft Exchange.

Maps. In Maps on your gadget, you always know where you are and in what direction are going. If you are connected to a wireless network, you can always determine your location and get detailed step by step routes. Maps can also find items by keyword. For example, you and your friends decided to eat pizza. Tap the search button and type "pizza" - and the Maps application will find restaurants nearby.


Excellent video game console. A new generation of iPod Touch has improved performance and supports OpenGL ES 2.0. Because of this, developers can create games with superb graphics. Games are loaded much faster, but the gameplay is richer thanks to a set of realistic details and textures.Games for iPod Touch 32 gb and 64 gb are designed with all the advantages of its embedded technologies: Multi-Touch, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So they are always exciting, whether you play alone or with other players.

Multi-Touch. What distinguishes the iPod Touch from conventional portable gaming device - it is an innovative user interface Multi-Touch. With it you can not only play the game - you interact with the game. Manage skateboarding turning your fingers. Check out its reaction, beating rhythm of the song. You can even turn your iPod Touch 64 gb into a musical instrument - for example, drums or guitar. And all this thanks to the stunning technology of Multi-Touch.

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