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KALQ: Smarter keyboard for Android phones

Updated on September 9, 2014

KALQ Keyboard app by Vardhaman Infotech, Jaipur

QWERTY and KALQ keyboards

The new KALQ Keyboard has started replacing older QWERTY keyboards from Android smart phones. People are habituated of using old QWERTY keyboards since 1870. They are using QWERTY since last century in type writers. Computer desktops and laptops and have also adopted this keyboard for typing in mobile devices and smart phones with slight modifications. It was easy, user friendly and simple for finger based typing. People use all their fingers while typing in this keyboard. However, innovation of smart phones has changed the scenario.

More and more people have started using smart phones. Spread of internet and advancement in technology has increased reach of these smart phones. Android applications are playing a major role in spreading smart phones tablets and fablets.

Older finger based typing keyboards are not user friendly in these small phones which have smaller keyboards. It is easier to type with both the thumbs in these phones. Smart phones users were looking for an advanced keyboard suitable for their smart phones.

Researchers at St. Andrews University came out with a design suitable for thumb based typing. This design splits keyboard into two parts."computational optimization techniques" used to develop this thumb based keyboard. Dr Per Ola Kristensson, lecturer in Human Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science is the main hand behind this research. All the vowels are placed in the right side of the keyboard, whereas Y, a semi vowel is put on the left side.This design speeds up thumb based typing.

Different versions of QWERTY keyboards

LM-2 Lisp machine space-cadet keyboard
LM-2 Lisp machine space-cadet keyboard | Source
Cherry keyboard with German layout. 105 keys.
Cherry keyboard with German layout. 105 keys. | Source

KALQ keyboard app at Google play store

Jaipur based Indian Technology Company Vardhaman Infotech quickly developed a keyboard application for Android phones based on this research. They launched it in Google play store on April 30 for free download. It was the world's first KALQ keyboard app. Initially it was working only in tablets and other higher versions of Android phones. However, very soon they made it compatible with most of the smart phones using Android applications. While writing this article, they have already launched version 1.4. This new keyboard app is much smarter than its older counterpart.

One needs to practice few hours in this new smarter KALQ keyboard to get habituated in this new app. One has to get rid of old habit of typing in Qwerty keyboards. Researchers say that one can achieve an average speed of thirty seven words per minute in this new keyboard app. There is an average speed of twenty words per minute in older QWERTY keyboards. It is an amazing increase of 85%. It means that KALQ keyboard will almost double your typing speed while typing in smart phones based on Android.

The QWERTY keyboard

Layout changed for efficient typing

Lay out of the older QWERTY keyboards was designed for finger based typing that reign the world since its inception in 1870. Several other layouts such as Shape Writer, Swype and Dvorak came further. However, none could replace the old QWERTY.

The new KALQ keyboard has an altogether different layout. It is promising and researchers and academicians believe that it will replace the older one from smart phones. People type using both their thumbs in smart phone keyboards. Looking into the pattern, this app has two space bars. Emoticons are most used signs nowadays, hence, these are placed in the center. .com and @, frequently used word and symbol have also find their place in the center beneath emoticons. Center keys are much bigger than the side ones for comfortable typing. Few keys such as P, R and D are slightly bigger than the others and placed in the extreme left. All the vowels are in the right side. Rupee sign introduced in the new app is an added attraction. All these changes in layout is based on research process that had an input data from thousands of users.

It is better to approach to the next one with thumb while using your one thumb to type a letter or sign. It will increase your efficiency in typing and up your speed.

KALQ keyboard in Android smart phones

KALQ keyboard quiz

view quiz statistics

How developers team developed the app?

It is interesting. Darshan, the team leader at Vardhaman Infotech, Jaipur got news of a new research about keyboard. St. Andrews University published their research findings. It was April 25, 2013. He quickly decided to develop an app for Android phones. His team members were also enthusiastic in launching such an app. They worked hard to understand research findings and decided their goal. They developed KALQ keyboard app suitable for Android tablets and fablets in just five days and launched it in Google play store for free download! Does it seem amazing?

"This was a thrilling experience, Our team have developed world's first KALQ keyboard app for Android phones", said Darshan. However, the real challenge had yet to come according to the team. The app could work only on tablets and other bigger phones. It was not suitable for smaller smart phones. They brought an updated version compatible with smaller phones. It then hit the web. Thousands of people all over the world downloaded the free app.

" There are thousands types of Android devices in market. It is really challenging to make it workable in all these devices", according to Darshan. However, they are not dismayed and working hard to make it best in the world keyboard app. This app will change the typing scenario in the mobile phones, according to team Vardhaman.

How to change keyboard for android smart phones

KALQ keyboard in News

Several news sites in European Union reported this feature. Famous website CNET has recommended it for download. Several other sites also put it in their sites with a link to download it from Google Play Store. These created a rush for downloading KALQ keyboard app.

Vardhaman Infotech, Jaipur launched an updated version that includes Re. Sign, the fifth most used currency in the world. Rupee is Indian currency and no other keyboard app had this sign. We know that most of the keyboards have Dollar, Pound Sterling, Yen and few other currency signs inbuilt. This added feature help increasing free downloads.

Management Guru N Raghuraman wrote a detailed story about KALQ keyboard app and its development. This story was published in all editions of the Dainik Bhaskar, highest circulated Hindi daily (May 13, 2013).

Darshan, head, developers team is only 20 and pursuing his bachelors degree in computer application. He has also established his own IT Company which has got reputation in very short period, according to Management Guru.

Large numbers of Indians came to know about the app and started downloading from Google play store.

Google play store version 4.0

Rate KALQ Keyboard app by Vardhaman Infotech

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Free downloads worldwide from Google play store

There are thousands of downloads worldwide from Google play store in last few days. Initially, maximum downloads were from Netherlands and Belgium. Gradually it spreads globally. Currently, highest number of downloads is from India followed by Netherlands, US, UK and Belgium. There are several hundreds downloads from Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and other Asian countries. Approximately ten thousands people are started using this new KALQ keyboard in just fifteen days of its launching. Developers believe that it will have millions of downloads when people discover its benefits.

However, there are lesser downloads of this KALQ keyboard app from Australian and African content. developers are hopeful about these continents in near future.

How to get and install new Google play store on Android


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    • JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

      Jyoti Kothari 3 years ago from Jaipur


    • profile image

      Beetel 4 years ago

      I liked the hub and installed KALQ keyboard in my Jellyneen. It works fine. Now I am accustomed with it and my typing speed is rising.

      Thanks for a nice hub. Thumbs up!

    • profile image

      Samuel 4 years ago

      It is an excellent hub. I came to know about this new KALQ keyboard and downloaded free version by Vardhaman Infotech. I have got updated one recently. It works very good and I am now used to in this new board.

    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 4 years ago from Global Citizen

      You have described well all the details of KALQ keyboard. The people who have used the older keyboards would find a bit difficulty typing in it. However I think that this would be used commonly in future. Nice hub!

    • profile image

      john 4 years ago

      It is wonderful. I used this app and find very useful. However, I require to practice in the new keyboard.

      Thumbs up for useful article.