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Sony class action suit for SXRD 2 Rear Projection Model set 2

Updated on June 22, 2010

Sony KDS50A2000, KDS55A2000, KDS60A2000, KDSR60XBR2, KDSR70XBR2 distorted picture recall

This is the second set on models that are included in the recent Sony class action lawsuitIncluded here are the KDS50A2000, KDS55A2000, KDS60A2000, KDSR60XBR2 and the KDSR70XBR2. The time limit to have the optical engine replaced is set for August 31, 2010, so you will have to act quickly. This end date is much sooner than that of the other models involved in the class action suit. If your television has any of the symptoms of a distorted picture listed below, contact Sony immediately. The recall does not cover lamp problems and does not cover replacement of the optical engine if you are not actually experiencing a distorted picture.

Signs of a bad optical engine and who to contact

Any of the picture problems listed would indicate failure of the optical block.

1. Green blobs
2. Yellow stains
3. Green haze
4. Yellow lines
5. A softer and washed out picture
6. Lack of color uniformity
7. Poorer rendition of dark colors
8. "Blotchy" rendition of the color black
9. Problems with "grayscale"
10. Convergence problems

*Hint* Sony will cover parts and labor if the problem occurs. If the problem is not occuring call Sony anyway and tell them the problem is intermittant. This way if you begin to notice picture distortion after the warranty extension has expired you are on record saying it was occuring prior to expiration. Make sure they give you an e-file number when you call. If you have an affected Sony KDS50A2000, KDS55A2000 OR KDS60A2000, KDSR60XBR2 or KDSR70XBR2 you can call Sony at 1-888-649-7669. Have your model number, serial number, and purchase date ready. (The optical block warranty extension is regardless of purchase date but they will still ask you for it. An estimation of the date is fine.) The Sony representative will give you an E-file number as well as the name and phone number to your closest authorized service center. If you have any of the above pictures issues with your television the service center should not charge you anything. If they try to, call Sony immediately.


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