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Keyboard Protector Cover

Updated on March 3, 2013

Keyboard Protector for Laptops - PCs and Macs

Keep dust and minute particles at bay with keyboard protector for laptops. For something so inexpensive, this nifty accessory may save you money and heartbreak in the long run.

Hairs, cloth fiber, morsels of food, spilled liquids and anything that can go in between those tiny spaces could potentially cause damage to your precious/pricey laptop. Using these protector could keep your keyboard as pristine and dirt free as possible - and maybe squeeze in years of productivity with your investment isn't a bad proposition at all!

Ease of typing shouldn't be impeded while using such cover since material is basically made of soft, jelly-like silicon --won't sacrifice the tactile feel of keyboard at all. In addition, those looking to personalize their laptops, there are keyboard protectors that also comes with a bevy of colors to choose from. Do check out available colors for both MacBook and PC Laptops below.

Image: a cheap keyboard protector that I use for my notebook. Admittedly, aesthetics isn't it's strongest suit but it gets the job done.

Keyboard Protector for Macbook

Moshi Keyboard Keyguard for Macbook

Since Macbooks mostly have uniform keyboard layout, you can find such accessory that are form fitting and complement Apple's notebook quite nicely.

Albeit on a pricey side, Moshi clearguard is among the better keyboard cover out there for it's thinness and "barely there" see through layers - it manage to retain nice tactile typing based on positive feedbacks.

Moshi ClearGuard MB US Layout (99MO021901)

TopCase® Keyboard Silicone Cover Skin for Apple MacBooks - for Macbook 13" Unibody / Macbook Pro 13" 15" 17" with or without Retina Display

See More Color to Choose From
See More Color to Choose From

If you like to add a touch of individuality to your MacBook, these funky colored protectors should do the trick. Compatible for some models of MacBook Air and Pro (refer to the manufacturer's description to see if this fit yours), this should offer some sort of defense against dust and might have save you tears down the road as latte isn't your keyboards best friend.

Yellow ColorGET IT HERE

Purple ColorGET IT HERE

Green ColorGET IT HERE

Black ColorGET IT HERE


Light Blue ColorGET IT HERE

GTMax Aluminum Unibody for Apple MacBook, Pro, Air

Pros and Cons

+Another great choice to consider especially if you want a cheap cover

+Protect keyboard and surface as well from dirt and spilled liquids.

-Non transparent keys may dull the light of illuminated keyboard

Hands On (and Dust Off) - See How These Keyboard Protector Fit In

Keyboard Protector for Notebook PC

Universal Laptop Keyboard Skin Protector

For Screen Size 15.6" - 19"

This may not be the most elegant solution out there, but if you are having hard time finding the right fit for your laptop, this should be the next best thing - This is the same type that I'm using (not this product though) and quite satisfied because it doesn't hinder typing at all.

KaPlur Laptop Keyboard Skin Protector FOR Screen Size 15.6" - 19"

Keyboard Cover for Top PC Brand

Below You Can Find Keyboard Protectors Tailored for Brand-Specific Notebook Such as Dell, HP and Acer. Make Sure to Check the Product Description Which Indicates the Laptop Model it is Compatible With .

Dell Inspiron Keyboard Skin CoverVIEW COMPATIBLE MODELS

HP Pavillion Keyboard Skin Cover VIEW COMPATIBLE MODELS

Acer Aspire Keyboard Skin CoverVIEW COMPATIBLE MODELS


Toshiba Keyboard Skin CoverVIEW COMPATIBLE MODELS

Samsung Keyboard Skin CoverVIEW COMPATIBLE MODELS

Heat Issues Caused by Keyboard Cover?

This heat issue seems to be more pervasive on the unibody design laptops. Apparently, some keypads MAY have been utilized for ventilation. But some also said that they have detected slight uptick in temperature but the effect is negligible.

Have You Experience Noticeable Spike in Temperature Using Keyboard with Cover/Protectors

See results

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