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Kid Proof iPad mini Cases

Updated on June 11, 2014

Safe iPad Mini Cases For Children

There are so many great uses kids can get from the iPad Mini. From Entertainment to Education. From Games to Movies and more.

But let's face it... the iPad Mini is far from being a "cheap" device, even though it is less expensive than the full fledged iPad. And anyone who has ever been around kids for a wrong time, knows that they can be a bit rough on fragile gadgets.

Kid Safe Case Example

So anyone who wants to give their kids an iPad Mini, or allow them extensive use of THEIR iPad, is going to want to take some steps to prevent the possible damage and breakage that a child could innocently cause to the expensive electronic device.

The iPad Mini Kid Safe cases on this page go a long way toward that level of comfort and protection. These cases are all double layered, so the protection is stronger and denser than many traditional cases, that are designed solely to be as "thin" as possible.

All of these child safe iPad Mini Cases are also designed with "grip" in mind. They are made to be easy to hold, so there will be a decreased likelihood that the tablet will ever be dropped in the first place.

So if a Child will be having excessive use of a new Apple iPad Mini, it only makes sense to take the steps to protect the gadget with one of these Kid protective iPad Mini cases.

i-Blason Kids Proof iPad Mini (Series 1)

i-Blason ArmorBox Stand Series For Apple iPad Mini 7.9 Inch 2 Layer Convertible Hybrid Kids Friendly Protection Kick Stand Case (Multi Color)

i-Blason is one of the leaders in creating strong, and bright protective cases for the iPad. They have 3 different series of iPad Mini Cases, all designed to give maximum protection for your iPad, keeping it as safe as is possible from the wear and tear of children.

This Series of iPad mini cases comes in many Colors:

Black/Black kids Proof iPad mini CasesBlue/White kids Proof iPad mini CasesPink/White kids Proof iPad mini CasesWhite/White kids Proof iPad mini CasesLime Green/White kids Proof iPad mini CasesMagenta/Black kids Proof iPad mini Cases

Examples of these Sturdy Kids iPad Mini cases:

i-Blason Kids Resistant iPad Mini (Series 2)

Hybrid Protection Case to Keep your iPad Mini Safe from kids abuse

The Second series of cases from i-Blason is just as good as the first. It has all the same features, and just as good as a protector for your new Apple device. It just has a different color scheme. Rather than two-tone color, there is just a single color, and the design of the rubber case simply looks a little different. Above you can see all the color choices for the i-Blason Kid Proof iPad Mini case.

The Colors of the Kid Safe iPad mini CaseCHECK PRICE

Well Protected, Kid Safe, iPad Mini Cases from iBlason

"Handle" Cases to Protect your kids iPad mini

These may be the Strongest and most kids proof case. With a huge handle to make carrying the case easy, the same double protection (two layers) as the other iBlason Cases above...these cases are about as good as you can get to help prepare n ipad for the wear and tear that a kids will give it.

These iPad Cases come in a handful of colors to ensure you find one your child enjoys.

Here are the Color Choices:

BLACK Kid Safe iPad Mini Case

BLUE Kid Proof IPad Mini Case

PINK Kid Protected iPad Mini Case

==>>Discover: KID SAFE iPad "Handle" Cases

ArmorBox Heavy Duty Protection Cover Case with Stand for Apple iPad Mini

KAYSCASE ArmorBox Heavy Duty Protection Cover Case with Stand for iPad Mini (Red)
KAYSCASE ArmorBox Heavy Duty Protection Cover Case with Stand for iPad Mini (Red)

This case is a very strong protection for the new iPad mini. It looks fantastic, and gives some awesome protection. It also comes in a large collection of colors:



Otterbox Defender Ipad Mini Case

The Otterbox is a bit more expensive than some of the options above, but it is a well regarded cases that simply gives some of the best protection for your new iPad mini

OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad Mini 1, 2 & 3 - Black
OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad Mini 1, 2 & 3 - Black

6 Reasons to like an Otterbox:

1) Perfect Fit: Fits like a Glove!

3) Great Grip: Comfortable to hold, and has a great grip in the silcone, which particularly is great for gaming

2) Buttons work great- Some cases and cover make getting at all the buttons and connectors a bit difficult. This is not so with the Otterbox, It fits perfectly and allows complete and easy access to all buttons and controls,

4) Case fits securely over the screen, the slightly inset of the screen means that if the iPad mini is dropped on its is still protected by the silicone case of the Otterbox

5) Built in screen protector!

6) All Cameras 100% unobstructed..


Kid Safe iPad Mini Cases

What is your favorite Design for a Kids Safe IPad mini

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Please leave a comment.

- Do you have an iPad Mini?

- Do you have an iPad 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation?

- Did you like them?

- Did you hate them?

- Do you have any of these with one of these strong, "kid safe/kid proof" covers exist?

- Is it even possible to "Kid Proof" an iPad mini Case?

- Do you have another favorite type of cover for your tablets?

- Do you think that a cover for an iPad is superfluous?

- Do you think that a good strong cover is important?

Let me know you thoughts on the Apple IPad mini, Kid Safe covers, or even about kids using the iPad for learning

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

What do YOU Think of Kid Safe iPad Mini Cases and Covers? - Let me know YOUR thoughts on getting some of these kid proof ipad mini cases

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