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Kids TV DVD Combo

Updated on August 21, 2014

Buying a Kids TV DVD Combo Set

If you have young children, you may decide at some point to buy them their own TV. It can be wise with young children to monitor and perhaps restrict what they view of course, but on the other hand, allowing them to enjoy some shows and their favorite DVDs on their own TV can provide a lot of entertainment and a sense of independence. A kids TV DVD combo unit can help meet both needs.

Your childs need for entertainment and independence and your need to protect them from inappropriate content.

On this page you will find kids TV DVD combo units for children from todders to tweens.

Photo by Stuart Mudie.

About Kids TV DVD Combo Sets

A TV/DVD combo for kids can be an excellent choice. They allow young kids to have their own TV to enjoy the programming they want, but it can allow parents to control the programming they watch. Parental controls can help block out unwanted programming, but for the very young, parents can restrict viewing to parentally approved DVD's only. This also means that you don't even have to have a cable or satellite connection in their room so installation is easy and it's affordable too.

These kids TV/DVD combo units tend to have smaller screens, for instance 13" -19", which are more suitable for kids bedrooms. For the youngest kids, there are designs that appeal to their interest. For kids that are just a bit older, there are flat screen models have a more mature appearance.

The primary choice when deciding on which kids TV/DVD comb unit you want, is the screen type. There are the traditional CRT tube TVs and also flat screen LCD TVs. Each offers advantages and disadvantages.

The flat screen models will save space and kids may enjoy them well beyond age twelve as they look more modern. On the other hand, the CRT models will often be lower priced and because they are bulkier, tend to be more sturdy and won't be knocked over easily. In addition, if you are choosing the set for a young child, the CRT models will offer more design choices to appeal to your child's specific interests.

Finding Good Content

Young kids in particular can be influenced by what they see on TV. Most conscientious parents are careful about what they allow preschool and grade school age kids to watch. Finding the content you want may require a bit of research if you want to avoid negative images, adult content, violence, and so forth. Even the advertisements can be a problem.

To help parents, there are a number of websites online that can help in making good choices. Common Sense Media is one example. On the site you can find recommended shows, reviews, advice and much more.

Of course sometimes you know exactly what you want and all it takes is the right station. However, if you're wanting to provide limited programming in the form of DVDs, then you can find those in brick and mortar stores or online at sites like Amazon or Netflix.

Kids TV Sets with Compatible DVD Players

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