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Kindle Fire Cases for Kids, Tweens and Teens

Updated on September 10, 2014

Kindle Fire Cases for Girls and Boys

Lots of kids are enjoying their Amazon tablets and need a case that is practical and fun. This collection includes our favorite Kindle Fire HD and HDX cases that will appeal to kids and protect the tablet too.

I've included cases that will work well for younger boys and girls as well as tweens and teens.

My six year old uses our Kindle Fire HD most days. His most important criteria for a case is that it comes in red, his favorite color! Read on to see which case we ended up choosing.

Make Sure You Pick the Right Model

The 7" HD 2012, 7" HD 2013 and 7" HDX models are different shapes and need different cases. There's also an 8.9" HDX. Check you are buying the right one!

Top Kindle Fire Cases for Kids

A selection of top-selling Kindle Fire cases for children. These cases are proving popular with readers of this page.

Different styles and designs will suit different ages of child. For really little kids most people are concerned about protecting the tablet from toddler and preschooler mishaps.

For older kids it's about being useful for the tasks they want to perform and also having a design that appeals to them.

Toddlers and Little Kids

For young children you want to make sure that the Kindle Fire is well and truly protected. It's no fun if everyone is nervous of an expensive gadget getting dropped.

It's definitely worth teaching little kids to be careful with technology, but they're still learning so a solid case like the Fintie is a good idea.

What we really like about this case is the carrying handle. In our experience a lot of accidents with tablets do happen when kids are moving around, so providing a safe way to do that is a good idea. (Alternatively you can enforce a no moving with the tablet rule.)

We also like the ability to turn this case into a stand. Very handy when you want to set a small child up to watch a TV show wherever you happen to be, say, when you're making dinner.

Kindle FreeTime Kid-Proof Case

Kindle FreeTime Kid-Proof Case for the Kindle Fire HD, Pink (will only fit 3rd generation HD model)
Kindle FreeTime Kid-Proof Case for the Kindle Fire HD, Pink (will only fit 3rd generation HD model)

Comes in a choice of colors. See also the FreeTime case for the Kindle Fire HDX.


Official Amazon Kids Case

Amazon have created their own Kindle Fire HD and HDX cases for newer models of their tablet.

The FreeTime Kid-Proof case is designed to protect from bumps and even extreme knocks.

The case gets excellent reviews. The case works well on the tabletop or sitting on the couch or in the car.

You can choose from a range of colors depending on the model of Kindle Fire you have.

Fun Case for Older Kids

For older kids you want a case that protects the device pretty well but is still cool! You also want a case that fits well and is highly functional.

The Fintie Folio case fits the bill nicely. It can be used as a stand for watching movies and has a magnetic strip to provide auto-wake and sleep functionality.

We think the purple giraffe design is pretty awesome but there are lots of others to choose from if that doesn't fit your kids style, including plain colors and other patterns.

A Keyboard Case for Older Kids

Learning to type is a very useful skill and we don't think it's going to disappear any time soon. On screen keyboards are find for some things, but a physical keyboard becomes really useful if children want to use their Kindle Fire for typing stories or doing their homework.

The physical keyboard means that the whole screen is available for their writing, it's not squeezed into a little area because of the on-screen keyboard.

A case with a fitted but removable keyboard works really well. The keyboard can just be added when you need it and left behind when you don't.

Things to Consider - When Choosing a Case for Your Child

  1. Are they young or clumsy (some kids just are!)? If so then a protective case makes sense. It's no fun for anyone if you're terrified to let them use the tablet in case they break it.
  2. What will they use the tablet for? If they'll be watching videos some of the time then a case that has an upright position is useful. Many of them do.
  3. Will they be reading on the tablet? It can get quite heavy to hold so a lighter weight case makes sense.
  4. Will they want to use a keyboard with their tablet for homework or other writing activities? If so, it makes sense to get a case with a keyboard built in so that it stays with the tablet.

An Outdoor Waterproof Case

Another option you might want to consider for kids is an outdoor, waterproof case. This is handy if you have a child who loves to be outdoors, or a teen who might be using their tablet in the rain while waiting for the bus.

The Atlas Waterproof case protects from dirt and wet while enabling the tablet to still be used. It is a more expensive option that others, but will enable a tablet to be better protected in a wider range of scenarios.

Our Keyboard Case

Kindle Fire HD Keyboard Case
Kindle Fire HD Keyboard Case

This is the case we went for. It's a keyboard case with a bluetooth keyboard that attached magnetically to the case. It can easily be removed to position it conveniently or when you won't need it for a while.

My nephew also has a Kindle Fire and when I showed him what he could do with the keyboard he was very pleased.

Image: Author's own

A Keyboard Case in Bright Colors - Kindle Fire HD

This is the case that we choose because my son likes to be able to type (and it means I can use the tablet to get a bit of work done when we're traveling too.)

The keyboard works very well. I can easily type on it and my son is learning to type and a small keyboard is just right for smaller hands.

Poetic KeyBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Kindle Fire HD 7.0 Red (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)
Poetic KeyBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Kindle Fire HD 7.0 Red (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)

A case with a built in keyboard makes a lot of sense for older kids. It means they can get a bit of homework done on their tablet too.

Most of the keyboard cases are boring and black (or not very good.)

This Bluetooth Keyboard case from Poetic is a good choice and comes in red and purple.


New Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX Models

Note that there are now new Amazon tablet models which I look at in Kindle Fire for Kids. This means that close fitting cases need to be specific to the new models.

Many sleeve-style cases are loose-fitting and are fine for the new Kindle models but please check the product pages carefully when choosing a fitted case.

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Need More Ideas?

How about designing your own Kindle Fire case at Caseable. You can chose from a range of designs and options, or even create your own design.

Top Kindle Fire Cases on eBay

You'll find a wide variety of cases for sale on eBay - just check carefully that you're buying a case that fits the model of Kindle Fire that your child has.

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Kindle Fire Cases for Kids

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