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Review of Kindle Fire HD

Updated on October 13, 2016

Kindle Fire HD is the latest greatest in kindle tablet series. This gadget excels in many aspects. Starting from the display screen on the outside right down to each and every feature and function on the inside of Kindle Fire HD is mind blowing.

There are so many extra features that come along with Kindle Fire HD, some are totally free. This tablet is great as a whole and definitely is a wonderful gift idea. Starting from children to adults of all ages. Kindle Fire HD will be enjoyed by one and all.

Kindle Fire HD, helps, educates, entertains and enthralls. Soon you will find that this gadget will be your constant and steady companion. Let us walk through the features of Kindle Fire HD.

All Image Credits - Amazon

A Powerful HD Processor

The powerful HD processor makes the kindle fire perform with accuracy and speed. This processor works with lightning speed along with Imagination Power VR 3D graphics core which makes your gaming experience fantastic - with games responding faster, the graphic images stunning with clarity and the games running very smoothly without any delays or glitches. The screen comes alive as soon as your touch it and responds with lightning speed and accuracy.

Kindle fire HD offers eleven hours of battery life to do whatever you want to do without interruption or worries. Graphic images need a lot of storage space, Kindle fire HD offers storage options of 16 GB or 32 GB, now you can save movies, pictures or any document without worrying about storage constraints.

Display features of Kindle fire HD

High Definition 1280 x 800 Touch Screen that displays vivid pictures and clear text contents. Your pictures will seem real and comes to life on kindle's fire HD screen. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of photos leaving memories to last a lifetime.

The air gap between the LCD and touch screen is eliminated in Kindle Fire HD, by laminating the touch screen directly onto the LCD into a single piece of glass. This feature reduces glare in the overhead light.

Kindle Fire HD has an advanced polarizing filter attached to the LCD screen that helps to display colors as vivid and original in any angle that you see. Lying down, reclining, standing up the pictures have the same intensity and brightness.

audio kindle fire JD
audio kindle fire JD

A mind blowing sound system - Crystal Clear

Dual Drive Stereo Speakers that offer powerful and clear audio features. There are two stereo speakers on either side of Kindle Fire HD tablet that gives a home theater feeling and sound. You can use this tablet to provide powerful, clear music even at high volumes.

Kindle fire HD features Dolby Digital Plus audio to enhance sound and clarity. You can listen without wondering what was said in a movie because of lack of clarity.

The sound is crystal clear and amazing. Kindle fire HD adjusts the volume and quality of sound based on what you are doing. If you are watching a movie or on conversation in Skype or listening to music this tablet optimizes the quality of sound without you doing anything at all!! When you put on your headphones the volume is adjusted and optimized for the headphones automatically.

Wi-Fi and Band Width

Dual Wi-Fi Antennas and Mulitple In/ Multiple Out technology in Kindle Fire HD offer seamless connections in Wi-Fi without any disturbances. This provides for faster transmission or reception of data through your wireless connection.

Dual Band Width in kindle fire HD tablet supports dual Wi in two frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Many people will be using 2.4 GHz Wi frequency; this will result in slow speed and a lot of interruptions. In this tablet, you can switch over to 5 GHz for faster speed and clarity.

Kindle Fire HD Special Features

1. Prime Kindle Owner's Lending Library - There are 180,000 books to choose from, free with no due dates. In addition, to this, there are current and former New York Times bestsellers, including all the seven Harry Potter Books.

2. Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of popular movies and TV shows.

3. Kindle Free Time just for kids. In this time, you can select the kid appropriate movies and limit the screen time. The best part is this feature is totally free.

4. Free Skype video calls along with front facing camera.

5. Kindle Fire HD supports Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo.

6. Exchange calendar, contacts, emails.

7. Over 22 million movies, TV shows, magazines, audio books, popular apps and games.

Extra Special Features - Whispersync

Whispersync for books allows you to continue reading when you are on the move doing some other task. You can switch between reading and listening with audio books.

Whispersync for movies remembers the exact place where you left off. When you stream a movie through Kindle Fire HD and you have to stop in between, Whispersync remembers the exact place. You can watch it later on from the exact spot on any of your devices or apps.

Whispersync for books uses Amazon's Whisper sync to streamline your books across all devices. Kindle Fire HD - bookmarks, remembers the last page you read and any notes that you have written, across all your devices. Kindle apps are available for PC's, Mac's, tablets and phones so you can keep reading from where you left off from any one of the devices you use.

GamesCircle with Whispersync remembers the exact place and the progress of your game and stores it on a cloud. You can still get back to your game even if you accidentally delete it from your device. Now, you will never lose any unsaved game!!!

The Cover - A perfect fit for your Kindle Fire HD

The cover for the Kindle Fire HD fits snugly over the gadget. It is made of leather with fine nylon on the inside. There is a magnetic clasp that keeps the cover closed even when you place it in your laptop bag or a handbag. The cover brings Kindle Fire HD to life when you open the cover, you need not do anything. When you close the cover the Kindle Fire HD automatically shuts off.


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