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Kindle Fire HDX Review

Updated on June 27, 2014

New Tablet Making A Splash!

The all new Kindle Fire HDX is making waves and getting attention. Not only does it offer Amazon's exclusive cloud and the best e-book reading experience, but the new Kindle Fire tablet has doubled down on hardware like the latest graphics rendering engine, double the memory of previous versions, and triple the processing power thanks to the most advanced 2.2 GHz quad-core processor! Yes, this is truly a game changer in the crowded field of high performance (yet affordable) tablets.

The upgrades to this newest Kindle Fire are more than just marketing hype or cosmetics, so much so that even owners of the previously hot Fire HD tablets may find themselves jumping into the fray to grab one of these. Even the largest Kindle Fire HDX (8.9") weighs in at a svelte 13.2 ounces thanks to a new magnesium uni-body construction!

The most popular tablet size, and the most competitive niche market, seems to be the 7" category. And astonishingly Amazon is making a statement by offering this new, leading edge tablet in the 7" size at a market crushing $229 leaving many Apple iPod Mini owners wishing they had believed in Amazon. The larger 8.9" starts at $379.

Even previous versions of the Kindle Fire HD out-performed the iPod Mini in relevant areas like true High Definition (HD) performance, which the iPod Mini doesn't deliver. So this new re-incarnation stands to set the market to blaze. It's mid-October 2013 release date stands poised for a massive Christmas sell-out so if you're thinking about getting or gifting one of the don't wait until the Christmas rush.

Let's dive in a see why this is shaping up to be the hottest Christmas grab of the year.

Kindle Fire HDX Features

Here are the top 4 features (of many) that many experts are truly excited about, and which have propelled this new tablet into it's own category of truly do-all devices. And considering the unheard of low level price point it's no wonder the industry is buzzing loudly about this.

1) With a lightening quick 2.2 GHz quad-core processor this is the fastest 7" tablet on the planet!

2) Mayday Technical support is just a button click away. Unlike others (lots of others) who charge for technical support, the Kindle Fire HDX offers free, anytime advice and help from the live video customer support through Mayday. See the video walk-through of Mayday support below.

3) The all-new Adreno 330 graphics engine is a beast and will render graphics displays and frame rates which were unfathomable before on a tablet... 4x the power of previous versions.

4) 11 hours of full-on battery life (up to 17 hours if just reading).

If you own one of the previous Kindle Fire HD tablets like I do, then you already know how comfortable they fit in your hand. As previously mentioned, this new model is truly light on it's feet and just as comfortable. After all, the Kindle line was built for hours and hours of use for people reading e-books, so you know they're comfortable to handle and hold.

Last Christmas I bought my wife the Kindle Fire HD, and this Christmas she'll be extremely happy to find a new HDX under tree. My wife has come to use her tablet every day for checking email, browsing the web, reading, playing games, and of course staying in touch with friends via social media and Skype. The HD camera makes sharing video and photos a snap.

I should also not that we opted for the 7" tablet because after reading hundreds of reviews we wanted something that was truly portable. The 7" size is perfect for stuffing in a purse or bag and light enough to take anywhere. Many full-size tablet owners complained that afterwards they regretted the larger size because it's just too large to take everywhere. And when we're watching movies at home we simply plug in the HDMI cable from the Kindle Fire HDX to the television and watch our favorite movies streamed directly from Amazon.

Video Review Of Kindle Fire HDX

It's one thing to "read about the Kindle Fire HDX review, but quite another to actually see it and to understand how the features will effect you, the user. Because of that I've included a couple of videos which I think will help you get a better feel for what you can expect with your new tablet, and see first hand how simple and powerful this incredible new tablet really is.

The first video is a quick "hands on" review (or look) at the new device and will give you an overview of what all you'll be able to do with this tablet.

The second video is perhaps one of my favorite and least talked about features of the new Kndle Fire HDX... Mayday video tech support. Every one of us can relate to the dilemma of getting a new device or gadget but then not being able to figure out how to perform some function or use some feature. As you'll see in the video, getting clear to follow instructions from customer support is now revolutionaized with the on-demand video Mayday support system. I absolutely love it, and combined with the dozens of other industry leading enhancements, the Kindle Fire HDX is simply the tablet to own and the one I'll be gifting for Christmas.

Here's a walk-around look at the Kindle Fire HDX and some of the features that set it apart from any other tablet, especially in this price range.

Say goodbye to trying to figure out your new gadget... Mayday video technical support is truly revolutionary and will become the new gold standard for electronic support, I'm certain.

All Kindle Fire Tablets At Amazon

If you would like to compare to the most recent version of the Kindle Fire, here are some quick links which will take you to Amazon where you can compare and review features and customer reviews.

You can review my full review of the previous Kindle Fire HD tablets here, where you'll see that even the older versions had features which out-shined the iPod Mini in many regards... the new Kindle Fire HDX is simply leaving the others in their own sub-tier... it's that good!

Please take a moment to share your thoughts on the newest Kindle from Amazon.

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