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Kindle Fire - the perfect tablet for a Luddite like me!

Updated on December 31, 2013

When some of my friends bought iPhones and iPads I considered whether I would ever want one. Truth be told I work from home and if I go out I want to get away from it all for a bit so a PC was enough technology for me. I have used an iPad and do think they’re pretty cool but it seemed liked an unnecessary expense and something that was not wise to own with a toddler in the house! I have a basic cell phone that a friend gave to me (before that I didn’t have one at all for about a year) so I may not be the best person to ask about the most recent gadget!

However, a couple of months ago my mother bought me a Kindle Fire HD and I have fallen in love with it.

I have the Kindle HD 7”, 8GB with “special offers” as it was the cheaper one to go for. As I said before I’m not a huge gadget fan so I wasn’t fussed about finding out what “HDX” meant over “HD”. So far the 8GB has been more than enough but I figure that if I was more interested in storing movies on my Kindle it might become a problem. But I’m not. I have lots of books and hundreds of PDFs already stashed on my Kindle and there’s way more than half of the storage space left. The “special offers” are basically adverts but they’re easy to ignore so I chose not to spend the extra £10 (I’m from the UK) to remove them (well, not to spend £10 extra of my mother’s money). The Kindle HD also doesn’t have a camera but I have an actual camera for taking photos so that’s not a problem.

I can do pretty much everything with my Kindle Fire that I’d want to do with an iPad – surf the Internet, read e-books, read PDF files, check my e-mail.

Of course the downside to owning a Kindle Fire HD over an iPad (or more expensive versions of the Kindle) is that I can’t check my e-mails when I’m out and about or check something on the Internet but seeing as I rarely take a cell phone with me anywhere it’s not an issue for me.

I only had my Kindle Fire for about a week before I dropped it. It was fine but the very first thing I did after my heart rate slowed again was to order a case to keep it safe.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Standing Leather Origami Case (will only fit Kindle Fire HD 7"), Black
Amazon Kindle Fire HD Standing Leather Origami Case (will only fit Kindle Fire HD 7"), Black

I don't have this Kindle case - I got a really cheap one on eBay that came with a free stylus and screen cover but this one is is way more classy looking!


I do have a huge love of actual physical books but I already had Kindle for PC so I could read the free books and books that are only published for the Kindle. I’m looking forward to not taking so much with me the next time I go on holiday – I usually have a bag full of books I never actually get to read. Also I’ve been able to declutter my home and get rid of a few physical books – I downloaded Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park onto my Kindle. I used to own it, it’s not my favourite Austen novel but I’m a huge Austen fan so I might want to read it again someday.

Other than having the books, I love, love, love that I can stash my many PDF files onto the Kindle Fire and take them with me wherever I go. I have a huge library of knitting patterns in PDF form so it’s great for me to be able to sit in another room and knit or take the patterns to knitting group without having to print them out.

There are some great Apps on the Kindle Fire and my toddler has a range of favourites already – like the Duplo Train app, a “Storybook” app for Noah’s Ark and an app where you can make your own pizza. I’m not sure I’d be so willing to let him play with an iPad – although I hear they have some childproof covers available.

Another use I’ve found for the Kindle Fire is that I can search the Internet for recipes and take them with me into the kitchen. The downside to this is that my Kindle often ends up with a fine dusting of flour.

I haven’t used the Kindle for music or movies yet but maybe I’ll do that when I’m on holiday.


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    • ItayaLightbourne profile image

      Itaya Lightbourne 

      4 years ago from Topeka, KS

      I just inherited a Kindle and I'm having so much fun with it! Nice review by the way. :)

    • MisterRoo profile image


      4 years ago

      Love mine too!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Nice. I might as well consider saving for one for my own :]

    • susanholland10 profile image

      Susan Holland 

      4 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      I bought my college-aged daughter a Kindle Fire and she loves it. She uses Pinterest and Netflix on it almost daily. She has many books stored on it. It was money well-spent! Nice lens!!

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 

      4 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      That looks like a great reading machine (and more!).

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      4 years ago

      My daughter treated herself to a Kindle Fire, recently and she loves it. She downloaded some videos from the BBC iplayer to keep her toddler amused on a 4 hour holiday flight. She also downloaded an app that I had on my tablet, with various "noises" on it, such as rain, thunderstorms, traffic, etc, that I use to help my granddaughter sleep (so the house isn't too quiet) and it helped her toddler sleep on the plane. I must see if I can get the duplo train app, it sounds good for toddlers. I might enjoy it too!


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