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Kindle Cover with Light

Updated on July 28, 2017
Craftymarie profile image

I've been a Kindle user since the very first one came out. My ereader comes everywhere with me so I can dip into my favorite books anytime.

Different Gadgets to Light Up Your Amazon eReader. Essential for Nighttime Reading!

Here's 15 big reasons why you'd benefit from a light for your Kindle. A lit case is a brilliant innovation because some ereaders like the Keyboard, Touch and the basic Amazon designs are not backlit, i.e. they doesn't work like a bright screen computer or mobile phone. The e-ink device is designed to look like paper, so you still need a light when you read in dim and dark conditions, just the same as a real book!

If you try to read an unlit device in dim areas, you'll be in for an uncomfortable and unpleasant reading experience. This can easily occur while traveling around (by tube, train, as a car passenger) and also if you're a night owl and like to read in bed at night. I still have my old Keyboard design which has the convenience of a cover to protect it as well as a pull-out light all in one.

Reading the Kindle on a cruise
Reading the Kindle on a cruise | Source

An eReader That Requires NO Lighted Case!

Did You Know that the new Kindle Paperwhite has an inbuilt light? The paperwhite is a revolution in ereading since this is an amazing device that Amazon have created that can be read in the dark and in bright sunshine too.

If you've ever tried reading a smartphone or a tablet in bright sunshine, you'll know that they suck. This is where an e-ink device like this excels best - and now you can read it comfortably at night time with its new inbuilt and adjustable light-source. No need to buy a separate cover.

Why I Love My Keyboard Case

I still love and use my old KK (why change when it still works perfectly well) and the cover with inbuilt light (both still available to buy) and here's what is good about that particular case:

1: A Stylish Cover with 7 Snazzy Colors

Choose from the original colors of: Black, Burnt Orange, Chocolate Brown, Hot Pink, Steel Blue, Apple Green and Burgundy Red. The real leather design is extremely well made with a pebble-grained texture and very nice detailing including the Amazon tag. You may not find all the color options available now.

2: Protection from Bumps and Knocks

The cover is solidly built and provides excellent protection for the vulnerable part of the e-ink reader which is the screen. If you take your device anywhere, or even if you or someone else at home is prone to be clumsy - you need a good sturdy cover.

3: Scratch Proof

The super-soft microfiber fabric lining the inside is designed to protect your reader from getting scratched. The screen does not scratch that easily but accidents can happen. How annoying would it be for you to read from something which had scratches over it!

4: Read One-Handed

You can read using just one hand by folding back the front of the cover. Amazon put a great deal of thought into this cover and wanted people to be able to read in comfort.

5: An Always-Ready Light

This is the great part of the cover. A built-in LED which neatly pulls out from the right corner of the case to flood the screen of your ereader with brightness. The LED is cleverly hidden until you want to use it.

You can still find my Favorite Lit Case for the Kindle Keyboard. I have the Hot Pink design!

More Things I Love on My Case

6: It Just Works On Auto

No need to press any buttons because the light turns itself on as soon as you pull it out. Simple.

7: No Batteries Required

Batteries are a nuisance. First you've need to buy different kinds to power different devices, then you've got the hassle of fiddling about to fit new ones. Because the LED is powered by the actual device, that means you don't need to hunt for batteries in the middle of the night or when you're traveling.

8: No Falling Out

Some covers are poorly designed and your ereader could be in danger of just slipping out and breaking - especially if it lands on a hard floor. This one has a unique, gold-plated hinge system which keeps your reader held securely inside.

9: Keep it Closed

When you're not using your device, a thick elasticated cord helps to ensure your screen is fully protected by keeping the cover closed.

10: On the Button

With a closed case, you help to prevent buttons being pressed by mistake. So your ebook stays on the correct reading page or wherever you were when you closed it.

This is Me Reading in My Back Yard with My Feet Up. My Kindle Goes Everywhere!

11: Read Anytime, Anywhere

You are getting the luxury of sheer convenience and you never need to hunt for an external light to read by.

12: Off or On?

Once you get the hang of the unique hinge system, you can attach and detach the devicewhenever you want. So if you only want to use a cover to protect the gadget and read under any lighting condition, you can still take the cover off to also benefit from a lighter device.

13: Auto Off

Worried you'll go to sleep while reading? Well that happens to me too but luckily the light automatically turns off after about 10 minutes of you not pressing any page buttons. This helps to preserve the excellent battery life.

14: Cool, Comfortable and Convenient

As well as a premium quality cover, you're also benefiting from the sheer convenience of a light that's always ready and waiting to be used. And, for once, batteries are not needed!

15: Travel Light

Pack up and go fast. You no longer have to waste time hunting for those extra accessories like batteries or a separate clip-on Kindle light when you take your book collection out with you. You've now got everything you need to enjoy your read! I hope you've enjoyed reading this hub today, thanks for your visit. Enjoy reading.

If you're not sold on buying a cover, share your reasons and let Amazon know why! Perhaps they can improve the product to suit more Kindlers.

What is Stopping You from Buying the Kindle Cover with Light?

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Keyboard Version Video

A complete demonstration of how it all works: what it looks like, how it attaches to the Kindle and how the light operates.

Which Kindle Do You Own?

Which Kindle Do You Own?

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© 2011 Marie

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    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @indigoj: Ahh yes that fault affected a lot of people but Amazon handled it very well from what I read. Thanks for your comment.

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 6 years ago from UK

      An excellent overview of the Kindle lighted cover. I had the one without the light but sadly those were faulty and I had to get a refund... I'd have been fine if I'd gone for a lighted one! :)

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @garrekds: Thanks so much for your comments. If you have any other questions relating to the cover, just ask away. Happy Kindling, Marie

    • garrekds profile image

      garrekds 6 years ago

      I also like this lens on the lighted cover. Great work!