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Find the Best Kindle Paperwhite Cover

Updated on June 11, 2014

Areyou taking the appropriate steps to protect your new eBook reader

There are a wide variety of Kindle Paperwhite covers. I know it can sometimes be a bit hard to find just the right cover for your new tech toy. That is why I created this collection of some of my personal favorite covers for the newest Kindle eBook reader. I hope you will enjoy this small collection of the best covers.

If you have purchased one of the new Kindle readers, then one of the things that will be on the top of your list, if you are like me, is finding a way to protect your new device and keep it in the tip-top and pristine condition you received it in. I feel that all of these

The primary purpose of a Kindle paper-white case can be many different things. You may want one that looks professional. You may want a paper-white cover that is fashionable and elegant. You may want something inexpensive. You may want something just to transport your device.

These kindle covers make great gifts, either for yourself or others, but, since this new reader is a "touch" reader, it is important to keep the screen free of dust, blemishes and the wear and tear of life. It doesn't need much, but it does need some sort of cover and protection.

But that does not mean that EVERY cover fits all these readers. All the options on this page are either sized to fit ALL the eBook readers or are sized to fit JUST the Kindle paper-white.

So check out some of these good looking covers to help protect your new device and find the one that will be perfect for you or your loved ones and give a little protection to the new eBook reader.

Leather Kindle Paperwhite Cover
Leather Kindle Paperwhite Cover

Leather Kindle Paperwhite Covers

Strong and great looking protection

Most of these leather Paperwhite covers are folio covers; the type of cover that wraps around your Kindle like a book.

These covers actually make reading your Kindle easier, as well as making a fantastic looking classy oover, with their different styles of designs.

One of my favorite parts about the Kindle Paperwhite Folio covers is that you are never caught unaware. Your kindle will be held in place by these covers 24/7. I am a clumsy guy so this is a great benefit for me. Having a case, where your eBook goes in and out, would not be optimum for a guy like me. Soon enough I would drop it, spill something on it, or place something heavy on top of it without looking.

With these covers, that never happens, and your Kindle is protected at all times. Plus some of these leather covers just look great in my opinion.

Multifunctional Protection for your new Amazon eBook reader - A great tool to keep your new toy safe and secure

Kindle Paperwhite Cover
Kindle Paperwhite Cover

This Kindle Paper-white cover is an extremely useful one. In one package it can become a stand, designed for hands free viewing. It has a strap to securely hold your new reader in an upright "reading" position.

I like this cover a lot, it has all sorts of room that can be used for storage of all of those little Kindle accessories that can be quite useful for your new Amazon gadget. There are all sorts of little accessories you might want to stash away in these little nooks and crannies

Finding the best Kindle cover will vary a large amount due to your preference for from or function, but I like this little cover a lot. I hope you will too. It is very versatile and gives you a lot of uses for the money you spend. Plus.... it looks great, it has some awesome color combinations and of course it provides some top notch protection.

A Multifunctional Paperwhite Case/Cover - Useful protection fr your Kindle paperwhite

Timbuk2 Kindle Dinner Jacket with Viewing Stand and Hand Strap, Black/Grey/Red (fits Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, and Kindle Touch)
Timbuk2 Kindle Dinner Jacket with Viewing Stand and Hand Strap, Black/Grey/Red (fits Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, and Kindle Touch)

This great looking and functional Kindle Paperwhite Cover also comes in Grey/Blue and Black/Grey/Red. Some fascinating and cool looking color combinations. Check them out!


"Official" Leather Kindle Paperwhite covers - The Kindle Paperwhite cover from Amazon

Best Paperwhite Covers
Best Paperwhite Covers

Above you see some of the different views of the "Official" Leather Kindle Paper-white Covers. These are designed by the good folks who work for Jeff Bezos for Amazon. Therefore they are designed, from the ground up for the protection of these devices.

These covers stay on your Kindle Paper-white all the time. They act just like a book cover in this way. They give you a good, "handle" on your book in addition to looking quite classy.

They are made from premium stitched leather, as you can see from one of the closeups above. When not in use the cover is held closed by a magnetic clasp. Shutting this cover will automatically put your Kindle into, "sleep" mode, and opening the cover will automatically awaken your Kindle to the last spot you read. This ends up saving you a lot of battery life and charge time.

These are high quality covers and made specifically for the Kindle Paperwhite, while others covers will do the job of protecting your new purchase, and perhaps do it quite well, this cover was designed specifically for that purpose by the Amazon engineers.

This choice also comes with quite a few choices. You can see some of the "color flavors" this Kindle cover comes in below:

Leather Kindle Paperwhite Cover (Official Amazon Release) -PersimmonBUY NOW

Leather Kindle Paperwhite Cover (Official Amazon Release) -FuschiaBUY NOW

Leather Kindle Paperwhite Case (Official Amazon Release) -Ink BlueBUY NOW

Designer Protection

Kate Spade, Verso and other top notch designers are also in the protection business

If you are looking for something a little bit, "extra special", you may want to look at some of these fancy eBook covers. These fancy designer models look simply awesome and are a great way to protect your new electronic device while also looking unique and original.

Below are a few of my personal favorite options, I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Fancy Kindle Paper-white Designer Covers:

Kate Spade Kindle Case, Jubilee Stripe

(fits versions of Amazon devices)

Verso Case

(fits all versions)

Versailles Case

(fits all verions)

Kate Spade Kindle Paperwhite Cover, Normandy Dots

(fits all versions)

Kate Spade , Pride and Prejudice

(fits all versions)

Verso Prologue Case

(fits all versions)

Marrakesh Kindle Paper-white Cover

(fits all versions)

Artistic covers for your new Kindle Paperwhite - Cover your electronic device with classy artwork

Verso covers for paperwhite
Verso covers for paperwhite

Sleeves: perfect for moving your Kindle from place to place

Kindle protective sleeves
Kindle protective sleeves

Kindle Skins - A way to make your new electronic device look fantastic

Kindle Skins Collection
Kindle Skins Collection

Most things on this page are primarily about protecting your device. Not so with the skins. While a skin might provide a very minimal form of protection, the stress has to be put on the minimal. You will still want some form of protection for your reader, at least when transporting your device. But if you want to make it look fantastic, then I think that these covers are the thing for you.

I picked out a few of the ones I thought looked great for this picture. Let me tell you -it was a tough job. Not because there were not enough of them, but for the opposite reason... there were far too many great ones to choose.

These skins come in all colors, styles and have a ton of "topics". You can even have them use your own artwork or pictures. The sky is the limit and these skin really make your device something special and personalized to you and your tastes.

Multiple choices for your new Kindle Case
Multiple choices for your new Kindle Case

A whole lot of choice

Colors, colors and more colors

This is another option I like a whole bunch. You can see from the picture that this option is not only reasonably priced, but it also has a huge array of colors to choose from.

The price for this protective case is perfect and as you can plainly see from the color palette below the picture that the assortment of color is incredible.

Whether you want solid color, two tone color, colorful leopard skin print, giraffe skin print or any of the other great options, the choice is all your for this cool and affordable choice.

What Do YOU Think?

What is YOUR favorite Kindle Paperwhite Cover

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Do you have a Paperwhite cover on this page you particularly like?

Do you have any type of eBook reader

If so, what do you think about them?

Thank You! and have a wonderful end to 2013 and a great 2014!

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    • kimberlyschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel, MLS 3 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      I carry my Kindle Fire in a crocheted bag. I plan to make a new cover for it soon.

    • ChillyHotDog profile image

      ChillyHotDog 3 years ago

      Just got a kindle for christmas. Didn't think I needed a cover until i read this lens. Thanks

    • DeborahDian profile image

      Deborah Carr 4 years ago from Orange County, California

      This is a very nice selection. Having the right cover makes it so much more enjoyable to use your Kindle!

    • zentao profile image

      zentao 4 years ago

      @bsalas lm: Thanks, I DO TRY to give a wide variety on my sales lenses and discuss the different options. Glad you appreciate it! :)

    • zentao profile image

      zentao 4 years ago

      @Jo-Jackson: Thanks! Glad you liked it!

    • Jo-Jackson profile image

      Jo-Jackson 4 years ago

      Nice selection.

    • bsalas lm profile image

      bsalas lm 4 years ago

      Good reviews. I love sales lenses that actually have some content. Thanks.

    • AstroGremlin profile image

      AstroGremlin 4 years ago

      Good reminder to get the power supply.

    • jamjar919 lm profile image

      jamjar919 lm 5 years ago

      I didn't know half of these existed! Thanks!

    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Very nice, indeed! Thanks for sharing!