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Kindle Reader Review

Updated on February 28, 2013

A personal point of view

Like many people I was used to reading paper books and somehow I resisted the fact of reading e-readers like the Kindle or another, although I do not deny the fact that I was attracted to try that kind of technology sometime. I use the computer very often so I'm not someone outside of technology but about books but my position was rather conservative. I like the feeling of having a book in your hands. I also like the atmosphere that creates a library near you, the same when you are in a public place as when you are in the comfortable environment of your home and family. The books become in a sense a kind of confident and you establish ties of friendship, affection with them. But that all changed when I had to move of country for some time to continue my graduate studies. Of course I couldn't take with me all the books I wanted, nor fiction, even the non-fiction that were so necessary to me. In my new home I had to adapt to the fact of having to ask for borrowed books in the library, in addition to consulting various works online.

Kindle(c)2012 TommyPotter - all rights reserved
Kindle(c)2012 TommyPotter - all rights reserved

Deciding to buy a kindle

For a while I take care of my technical readings only, however as I settled in my work place and began to take shape and routine suits me, I had the need to read different fiction stories. During my commute to work and in the afternoon back to my apartment I could see how people read either on their cell phones which seemed so uncomfortable, in their ipads what I thought was an exaggeration or on e-readers more common as kindle. Of course I could still see many people carrying their paper books, which I liked but the idea that these small devices looked less bulky and easier to carry from one to another movement of the train, the bus or the subway made me tended to try them. At first I turned to my own phone because there had kept idle for some reason some books, including Study in Scarlet, The Sign of Four and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Around the World in 80 days of Jules Verne and the time Machine by HG Wells.

I couldn't believe it but I finished all of them and then I realized that reading on an electronic device was not as bad as sometime I thought, then I decided to buy a kindle and try reading for first time on it

Kindle will convince you

I bought the cheapest Kindle. I still had my reservations about using this technology. However I found many more advantages than initially thought.

Kindle advantages

  1. It is a very light device
  2. As the sama manufacturer says, is designed in a way that disappears from your sight, both by its color and its discreet design, allowing you to concentrate just on reading
  3. Puede almacenar mas de 1000 libros! lo cual es mucho mas de lo que una persona promedio puede tener en una biblioteca y al no utilizar papel, podrías decir que estas contribuyendo a la ecología. Esto es un gran punto!
  4. You can connect Wi-Fi in an easy and fast way wherever there is a network of this type

It's smaller than a laptop!

It's smaller than a laptop!
It's smaller than a laptop!

It's even smaller than an small book and lighter too!

It's even smaller than an small book and lighter too!
It's even smaller than an small book and lighter too!

Kindle props

And you can also have various accessories that make it easy to manipulate your kindle, as covers of various types for protection and aesthetic well as accessories, plug to charge for electricity and the ability to download a multitude of books that are very affordable prices including many of them you can get for free. You can also use this technology to borrow books to public libraries and download pdf documents that you have stored elsewhere.

I would appreciate knowing your experience with the Kindle

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      6 years ago

      I have a Kindle keyboard, and it's perfect for travelling. I don't have to carry heavy guidebooks with me!


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