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Kobo Vox Color eReader Tablet Review Kobo Arc Information

Updated on March 12, 2017

Kobo Vox Color eReader Tablet is a great inexpensive eReader for anyone interested in color eReader Tablets

Kobo which is famous for their Kobo Touch e-ink eReader in Canada has released a new color eReader tablet called the Kobo Vox eReader Color Tablet. The Kobo Vox is a 7 inch tablet which can read eBooks which you buy from Kobo online eBooks store.

THe Kobo Vox now have the Google Play App store as of June 2012.

The Kobo Vox features a 800 MHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, a 7 inch capacitive screen with 1024 x 600 resolution, 8GB of storage, Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11N internet networking, a speaker, MicroSD memory Card which supports a memory card up to 32GB in size, volume up and down buttons, headphone jack, 7 hour battery life, and uses the Google Android Gingerbread 2.3 operating system which is compatible with Android Apps like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope, Adobe Flash player, Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer, and more.

I have been using the Kobo Vox for about 6 months, and it has work great as a eReader Tablet. The screen is very sharp and easy to read text on websites, and eBooks. I think reading eBooks in color is also awesome since it allows me to see the color of a picture instead of just black and white like a eBook reader. I like using the Vox for reading ebooks because it takes less then a minute to start up, and It is always speedy, so I don't have to defrag the hard disk, run computer maintenance softtware, or update it because the Vox is a eReader and not a computer. Plus, the Vox is silent, and fanless, so it does not get noisy and super hot like a laptop or desktop which fans distract me from reading.

Plus, I feel more free to read anywhere with my Vox since I can bring it outdoors, or to a different room without the need to plug in the charger to keep it fully charge like a laptop, and the Vox is light, and portable so I can easily carry it around anywhere I go.

The performance of the Vox is fast enough to play casual games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Cut The Rope, and to use almost all Android Apps like Opera Mini/mobile web browser, File Expert, Video and Music Players, and Photo viewers.

Reading, casual gaming, watching video, and listening to music on the Vox seem like a more personal experience compared to doing the same tasks on a computer, laptop, or smartphone because the Kobo Vox is silent, rarely interrupts me with pop-up windows, text messages, etc while you are using it, and it is simple to use.

Video of the Kobo Vox in action! - My video demonstration showing me reading, playing video, games, and using apps on the Kobo Vox.

Buy the Kobo Vox Color eReader Tablet at Amazon - Kobo Vox eReader Tablet also comes in different colors like Black, Pink, and Green

7 "inch Color Multi-Touch capacitive Screen that is optimized For reading outdoors in bright sunlight with the FFS optimize ant-glare touchscreen.

800 MHz CPU

512MB of RAM

8GB of storage

MicroSD Memory card slot which supports a Memory card up to 32GB in storage size

802.11 B/G/N Wireless Wi-Fi internet

Battery life up to 7 hours

Lightweight and portable design

Volume button controls

Capacitive front lighted buttons.

Headphone Jack

Quilted rubber back

Kobo books store

Free bundled eBooks

Google Play App eBook Music Movie store

USB connectivity with Vox's USB cable

Read, buy, and download free e-books or listen to audio books from the Vox.

Surf The Web, go on social networks, watch YouTube by connecting to the internet with the Vox 802.11N Wireless Wi-Fi connection.

Send Emails, watch video, listen to music,watch video, view photos, draw, type, and use thousands of Android Apps made for Google Android.


Lime Green Side accent color

Kobo Arc Tablet
Kobo Arc Tablet

The Kobo Arc would be the next big eReader Tablet Kobo will release in 2012

The Arc will be faster, easier to use, and more feature rich then the Vox

The Arc will have a 1.5 GHz dual core Texas Instruments TI-OMAP 4470 processor, 1 GB RAM, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and would soon be upgraded to Android 4.1 Jellybean, 364 grams weight, 1280 x 800 HD resolution 7 inch IPS durable screen, PowerVR SGX544 3D Graphics Chip, front dual SRS loud stereo tablet speakers, 16GB, 32 GB, and 64GB of storage depending on the model you buy, 10 hour battery life, 720P 1.3MP Front Web Camera, Microphone, Wi-Fi wireless internet 802.11 B/G/N Reading Life, Kobo Pulse, and Facebook Timeline.

The Arc tablet can survive a drop of 1.5 meters or 4.9 feet drop.

The Arc would have Full Google Play access to Play's Apps, movies, eBooks, music, games, and more.

The Kobo Arc got released on November 2012, and is available at, Best Buy Canada, Futureshop Canada, Chapters Canada, and other stores in other countries.

The 16GB version of the Arc cost $199.99

The 32GB version of the Arc cost $249.99

The 64GB version of the Arc cost $299.99

The Arc is case comes in Black, or White, and features removable backs to change the back lid to a different color back.

All the things you used to be able to do on the Vox could be done on the Kobo Arc, but faster, and there is now tapestries which let you organize your ebooks, searches, and topics on things you are searching for. The Kobo Arc also has a website converter which makes websites easier to read on the Arcs screen.

The Kobo Arc now supports apps like Skype, Instagram, and other video, photo and audio apps which uses a camera and microphone.

Most apps which you used on the Kobo Vox or other Android tablet would work on the Arc, but it would be a lot faster because the Arc has a Dual Core 1.5 GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 3D capable graphics, and you can store more apps and files with the Arc because the Arc comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage sizes which is enough storage space to install many apps, eBooks, songs, and video.

Advantages of eReader Tablets vs. reading on other electronics
Advantages of eReader Tablets vs. reading on other electronics

Advantages of using a color eReader to read instead of eink ereader, computer, laptop, and Smartphones

The advantage of using an eReader color tablet to read is it is in color, simple to use, and fast!

A Color eReader Tablet like the Kobo Vox is in color, and backlit, so you can enjoy your eBooks in color, and in a dark room without the need for a lamp, or light source compared to a E-ink black and white eink eReader. You can also easily download ePub and PDF color eBooks online from eBook websites.

You also don't have to maintain a color eReader like a computer, or laptop which needs anti-virus scans, disk defrags, scandisks, disk cleanups, and cleaning your computer of dust off your keyboard, mouse, cooling fans, and other parts. An eReader tablet only requires you to use a clothe to wipe fingerprints off of the touch screen, recharge the battery with the charger, and occasionally update an eReader tablet operating system and its software/apps via the Web like Windows Update, but for your eReader tablet via Wi-Fi internet. Most importantly, eReader Tablets are lighter more portable, and easier to use for reading then computers and laptops. eReaders are also more durable, and can survive being dropped better since you can buy a padded hard case for it, and there are no moving parts inside an eReader since it uses flash memory like the type of memory found in SD cards, and USB flash drives. The designers of eReader also design eReaders to still work even when they are drop to the floor unlike laptops and desktops which might not withstand drops to the floor as well because of mechanical hard drives, fans, and CD-Rom drive.

With a 7 inch screen, it is easier to read on an eReader Tablet then on a 3-4 inch screen found on many Smartphones. Most eReader Tablets are also faster with a 800MHz-1GHz CPU, 512MB-1GB RAM, and 8GB-16GB of storage then a lot of smartphones.

The startup time of an eReader Tablet is under a minute in most cases, and launching eBooks only take a few seconds. Turning off an eReader tablet also takes only a few seconds, and waking it or putting it to sleep only takes a few seconds compared to minutes with a computer or laptop.

eReader Tablets are also inexpensive at 179.99-199.99 or less compared to computers and desktops which can cost thousands if you include the price of the monitor, antivirus subscription, system utilities, speakers, and other accessories, and high end cell phones like the iPhone are not cheap either for a device with such a small screen compared to the 7inch screen you get with eReader Tablets. Losing an inexpensive tablet is less devastating then losing an expensive laptop or Smartphone which can cost $500-$1000 which is a lot more then $179.99.

Kobo Vox Front
Kobo Vox Front

Using the Kobo Vox for Reading eBooks, newspaper, magazine, dictionary, and taking annotation book notes

The Kobo Vox is a good entry level tablet ereader for reading color eBooks, notes and annotations.

The Kobo Vox is a very good eReader for ebooks, and color magazines since it has a bright color screen. The 7 inch screen is big enough where you don't have to squint your eyes to read a eBook, and the Tablet is not so big that it is hard to carry around when you are out. The user interface for the Kobo Vox is very easy to use since you just tap on icons to launch, and use apps, and if you previously use a Google Android, Apple, or modern smartphone or tablet there is almost no learning curve since the Google Android theme is used on the Kobo Vox, so you don't need to learn how to use a totally different user interface if you previously used the Google Android OS. The quick learning curve of the Vox makes it easy for users to adjust the Vox for the best reading settings based on a users needs like bigger font, brighter screen, etc.

I can easily launch the library of eBooks which I bought and downloaded by clicking on The Kobo App on the first homescreen when I turn on the Vox.

The eBook software for the Vox also automatically bookmark your page when you exit a book, so when you open it to read again you'll automatically be taken to the last page you read.

The Screen also has an FFS coating on it to make it easier to read outdoors, and the 1024 x 600 resolution makes pictures, and text very sharp and easy to read. The Kobo Vox eBook software is very stable, and does not crash. Turning pages in eBooks is easy. All you need to do is swipe my fingers to the left to turn the page forward, and right to go back a page. Changing the font size, font type like serif, sans serif, screen brightness,and page style is also very easy in the Vox eBook software. There is also a night mode which makes reading eBooks in the dark easier on the eyes.

You can also sideload other eBook stores to buy from other eBook stores and apps on the Vox, so you are not only limited to the Kobo Vox eBook stores.

The Vox also comes with PressReader, and Zinio which are newspaper and magazine apps which let you read magazines, and newspapers from around the world in color. You can also download 3rd party newspaper and magazine apps, and install them on the Vox to read even more newspapers and magazines in color on the Vox.

If you have the Adobe Acrobat installer file for Android, or could find it, you can use the Vox to read Adobe Acrobat PDF files as well on your Vox. The Vox can also read TXT text files, ePub ebooks, and HTML files.

The eBook software for the vox has a social sharing feature called Pulse which let you post comments on the eBooks, and read other peoples comments. You can also share your comments on Facebook via the web. The Vox also gives you badges, and achievement points for using the Vox, or finishing a book.

Finding eBooks, and buying or downloading free eBooks with the Kobo Vox is simple since it is point, and click. The Kobo store excepts Paypal, and Credit Cards as payment options.

The Vox also let you look up words with its built-in English dictionary app, and type annotation notes with the built-in on-screen keyboard to your eBooks and PDF files which can make it helpful for you if you want to make a note of high lighted text. You can also copy and paste text in the Kobo Vox.

There are also a lot of third party note taking apps.

Have you ever read a book on your computer, eReader, Tablet, Smartphone, and other electronic device

Do you read eBooks?

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Kobo Vox Hardware
Kobo Vox Hardware

Kobo Vox eReader Hardware specifications and performance/speed

CPU, Amount of RAM, Video, Speaker, MicroSD, USB Cable, charger, and buttons the Vox comes with, and how well it performs doing daily tasks

The Vox has been a very stable, fun, simple to use, and inexpensive tablet eReader, and I would recommend it over other eReaders because it has a high resolution 1024 x 600 pixel screen which is also capacitive and multi-touch, so you can use two fingers to use it without the need of a stylus pen. The screen is also FFS+ optimized screen, so you can read books out doors comfortably, and the screen is bright enough to read at night even on low brightness settings. It is also easy to turn up the brightness when the sun or bright light source is shining on the Vox's screen, or if you want a brighter picture at night/

The Vox has a 800MHz CPU, and has 512MB RAM for the Kobo Vox, so it is fast enough to smoothly browse the web, read ebooks, pdf files, and play most casual games like Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja. The Kobo Vox starts up in less then a minute because of its fast hardware, and lightweight Google Android operating system

The Vox comes with 8GB of storage, so you can store thousands of eBooks, a lot of apps, and some media files like pictures, music, and video.

You can also insert a MicroSD memory card with up to 32GB of storage into MicroSD memory card slot, so you can store a lot more eBooks, and your personal files like documents, pictures, music, and video with you.

You can use a MicroSD memory card to sideload apps from your computer or other Android devices to your Vox by using a file manager app like File Expert which you can download from the GetJar marketplace. You can also use a MicroSD card, and a file manager app, or the internet to sideload files.

Sideloading Apps, music, eBooks, and other files on the Vox is easy with the bundled USB cable which you can connect to your computer, or laptop which runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

The sound quality of the speaker of the Vox is pretty good in a quiet room since I can hear my music, and sound pretty well, and there is no crackling or distortion even when the volume is set to the max. The headphone port sound quality is very clear and loud to listen to music, and audio with headphones or external 3.5mm portable speakers. The volume up and down buttons are easy to use to adjust the volume level of the speakers, and headphones audio.

The on screen capacitive buttons like back, menu, and home on the front bezel of the Vox are lighted, so you can see them easily, and press on them even in low light conditions. The Power On and Off button is also pretty nice since you need to hold it down for 3 seconds to turn it on, so your vox won't turn on accidentally rubbing inside a bag or purse, and turning off the Vox is easy. I just need to hold the power button until you see a pop-up window where you can choose to put the Vox to sleep mode, off, or airplane mode (Wireless is off, but Tablet is still on). I can also quickly tap the Vox's power button to put it to sleep mode.

Charging the Vox takes about 2 hours or more, and the charger is as small as most cell phone charger, so it is easy to carry around. The Battery Life of the Vox is up to 7 hours.

The Vox only weighs 14.2 ounces,is thin, and have a quilted rubber back which makes it easy to hold with one hand in landscape and portrait mode.

The Kobo Vox cost 179.99 Canadian dollars, and it is worth the cost because I use it everyday to read, use apps, web browse, game, video, and music when I am at home, or on the go.

Performance of the Kobo Vox

It generally takes about 50 seconds to start the Kobo Vox from power off. It takes a few seconds to put your Vox in Sleep mode by clicking the power button, and wake from sleep by pressing the ON button again. Powering off the Vox only takes a few seconds after you hold the power button for a few seconds, and agreeing to power it off.

Most Apps usually take 1-10 seconds to launch on the Kobo Vox, and the Vox is fast enough to run most casual games like Angry Birds Space, Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope 1-2, Krazy Karts, and a lot more. Closing the apps also only take a few seconds.

The internet is also pretty fast on the Vox since the Vox uses 802.11N which is faster then 802.11G internet, and the Vox is also compatible with 802.11B and G. It only takes a few seconds for the Vox to connect to your wireless router, and the speed and performance of the internet is pretty fast on the Vox. Scrolling pages up and down, and watching YouTube and online video on the Vox is also very fast. Tab browsing on Opera Mini, Dolphin Browser, Dolphin HD Browser, Maxthon Browser, Boat Browser, etc is also pretty fast and easy to use on a touch screen.

The Kobo Vox can do some multi-tasking without slowing down to a noticeable level like opening up a web browser or eBook while listening to Music with the Vox music player.

The MicroSD card slot is pretty fast. I can playback HD 1080P video on the Vox without any slowdown problems because MicroSD is flash memory which has faster instant read speeds.

The Capacitive screen is responsive to my fingers touch and capacitive sylus, and the screen is viewable outdoors and in dark rooms because of the back light.

The Speakers are loud enough to hear in a medium loud room, and the headphone jacks volume is pretty good when I use a pair of inexpensive JVC Gumy headphones on my Vox's headphone jack.

The volume up and down buttons, on/off button are also very easy to use.

Google Android Gingerbread 2.3
Google Android Gingerbread 2.3

Kobo Vox Google Android Gingerbread 2.3 Operating System, and Installing Google Android Apps on Kobo Vox

Kobo Vox uses the Google Android Operating System, so you can install thousands of apps on it.

The Kobo Vox uses the Google Android Gingerbread 2.3 Operating System which is used on smartphones, tablets, eReaders, and other electronic devices, so you can install and use thousands of free and paid Apps like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Dolphin Browser, third party eBook apps, and stores, and other types of apps from the GetJar marketplace which comes bundle with the Kobo Vox or third party app stores like the Amazon App Store.

The Google Android Operating system on the Vox has been very fast, stable, and easy to use. Kobo also pre-install a lot of apps on the desktop/home screen to make accessing your Apps, eBooks, and programs a lot easier by simply clicking on the Kobo App, or All Apps icon on the Vox.

Adding and removing homescreen widgets like a search box, or clock, folders, app shortcuts, music and video playlists, and other icons on the home screen is simple by using Google Android visual wizards.

It is also easy to change the Vox's background image to another static background, or even an animated background by taping on an empty area of the desktop.

If you want to change the animations of Android, you can do it very easily in the animation setings for the Vox, or install a 3rd party launcher like GO Launcher EX for Android to change the way the homescreen and animation behaves on Google Android.

Kobo also occasionally releases bugfixes, and updates to the Vox to make it more stable, and run better, and you just need a reliable wireless internet connection to update the Vox. Updating the Vox is automated. All you need to do is agree to let Kobo update your Vox, and your Kobo Vox will automatically update the Vox software on your Vox.

Installing Apps on the Vox is very simple. You just click on the GetJar Get Apps icon, and it will launch the Vox's web browser to go on to download, and install Apps by opening the App installer, and agreeing to install them. After you install the App, you can open up and use them. You can access your Apps by clicking the All Apps button on the homescreen bottom toolbar. After clicking on the All Apps icon, you would be presented with all your Apps you installed, and came pre-installed when you bought your Vox. Most Google Android Apps I have tried for the Vox like Opera Mobile Web Browser run fast on it, and rarely crash when I use them.

Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread videos - Watch videos related to the Google Android Gingerbread mobile operating systems

See what other Google Android Gingerbread 2.3 users using Google Android, and their thoughts on it. Google Android Gingerbread is the operating system which the Kobo Vox uses, and Android is installed on a lot of SmartPhones, Tablets, Smart TVs, and other eReader tablets.

Google Android has a lot of compatible apps for it, and new apps are being released for it all the time, so you can do a lot of tasks you do on a desktop like e-mail, chat, games, etc, but in Android.

Google Android is a secure operating system which is less vulnerable to Viruses then Windows and Mac because Google Android is based on Linux and Java which are both very secure.

Android is also very fast and use less RAM, and CPU cycles then full fledge operating systems like Windows, and Mac, so Google Android is one of the best operating systems for eReaders, phones, and Tablets.

Google Play Logo
Google Play Logo

Kobo Vox now has Google Play/Android Marketplace for more apps, eBooks, Movies, music and content!

The June Update for the Kobo Vox operating system gives the Kobo Vox access to the Google Play marketplace. All you need is a Google Gmail account to use it.

As of June 15 2012, the Kobo Voxcan access the Google Play Marketplace formerly known as the Google Android Marketplace after you agree to download and install the latest operating system update for the Vox.

Google Play gives you access to over half a million apps for Android, movies, ebooks, and other content on the Google Play store, so you don't need to sideload apps anymore from Amazon App Store, other app store, or your MicroSD card since you can now directly download apps from the Google Play Marketplace which has the largest selection of free and paid Apps for Android, Music, Movies, and eBooks.

If you have a Google Gmail account, you can just sign in directly to Google Play with Google play by launching the Google Play app on the Kobo Vox, or you can use the Kobo Vox's Google Play app to create a new Google Accont for using as your Google Play/Gmail account .

After you sign into the Google Play app, you can now download and install apps, music, movies, and books.


Kobo Vox GetJar App Market

Kobo App store is a free app store which lets you download all the Apps on the site for Android for free

Kobo App marketplace is run by GetJar. It is not as big as the Google Play/Android marketplace, but all the apps on Kobo Store is free or trial based, so you won't need to pay anything, or have a credit card to download and try out apps. I can find most free and popular apps like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope, Opera Mini, Dolphin Browser, Facebook App, media players, and other apps on the marketplace.

There are a lot of different category of apps like Games, Entertainment, web browser, internet, chat, e-mail, educational, and more. Finding and installing apps from Getjar is simple since Getjar is nicely organize into categories, and also shows you the most popular apps. You can also search Getjar for popular apps like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope, and more.

The download speeds for downloading Android install files from Kobo for apps is fast on a high speed internet connection like Cable, DSL, or Fibre, and when I am done downloading the APK install file for an App, I could go to the downloads folder of my web browser to open the install file, and agree to install the app by clicking ok in the install Window. After install, I just click open to open the newly installed app. The app shortcut is also available on the All Apps section of Google Android home screen.

Sideloading Apps, ebooks, media files, and pictures from other apps stores, phones, tablets, and websites on the Kobo Vox - Learn how to install apps, ebooks, m

Sideloading is the task of using a third party app store, app, website, web browser or offline storage like a MicroSD memory card to download and open installer files, media files, documents, pivtures and other file types on to your Vox Tablet eReader to install apps or view media and document files.

You will need a file manager app like FileExpert if you use a USB cable, or MicroSD memory card to sideload files onto your Vox because Google Android does not come with a File manager app pre-installed. MNT/EXTSD is the folder location for your MicroSD card, and SD is the location for the internal memory which the Vox comes with.

A File manager is like Windows Explorer which is used to visually (point and click, drag and drop) explore your Vox's internal memory and your external MicroSD memory card which you inserted into the Vox's MicroSD memory slot.

The Amazon App store is a good app store if you live in the US for downloading and installing Apps. All you need to do is download the Amazon App to download install apps.

You can also use Google and other search engines to search for apps to download and buy from third party app stores. All you have to do is download the APK installer file, and agree to install it by opening it to install it on your Vox.

If you plan on transferring installer apk files for apps from your pc, phone or tablet, you would need a MicroSD card and a file manager app for your Vox to transfer and install apps in Google Android. FileExpert is a good file manager for opening apps files on your microSD card. You just browse to your MicroSD folder at extsd with a filemanager.

If you want to read MicroSD card on your PC, you would need an USB MicroSD card reader for your PC. The Vox supports a MicroSD card up to 32GB in size.

You can also use the Vox's USB cable to transfer APK installer files to your Vox's SD card via the USB, and use a File manager app installed on the Vox to open it.

FileExpert also has a built-in app store which makes it easy for you to download and install apps on your Kobo Vox from the File Expert App store.

FileExpert, MicroSD Memory card, USB cable for the Vox, and the internet can also be used to transfer your other files like ebooks, video, music, pictures, documents, bookmarks, etc from your computer, phone, tablet, and other devices to your Vox's internal memory. You may need to install an app like a office suite app to view and edit some of the files like documents, excel spreadsheets, PDF, etc.


onscreen keyboard typing and texting on theKobo Vox touch screen keyboard

The Kobo Vox comes with an Onscreen keyboard for typing text to search the web, or type notes

The Onscreen keyboard is pretty easy to use. It is like typing on a Google Android Smartphone, and it's key layout is similar to the keyboard on a regular keyboard with keys A-Z, space, and enter. It also supports numbers 0-9, special characters like !,@.$% and more. The autocorrect and word completion is also very useful. The color of the Vox's keyboard is white with black font, and the keys are pretty easy to tap on because they are pretty big in both landscape and portrait mode.

If you know how to text on an iPhone, Google Android phone, dumbphone, Tablet, or other eReader Tablet, typing on the Vox will be easy, and fast since you can use 2 thumbs to text at the same time.

You can also install third party keyboards like SlideIT, and Swype to make typing on the Vox faster by swyping the screen, or typing faster with their custom user interfaces for keyboards, better auto-correct, and auto-correct. Swiftkeys also make typing faster with word prediction.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

Playing Casual Touch Screen Games and Drawing Apps on the Kobo Vox

You can play Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Cut the Rope on the Vox!

Playing Games on the Vox like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Cut The Rope is pretty good because of its high resolution 1024 x600 resolution screen, so games look very sharp and colorful. Playing games outdoors is also pretty enjoyable since the Vox's screen is optimized for outdoor viewing with the FFS anti-glare coating.

The screen is capacitive, so it is more responsive compared to screens which are resistive like PDAs and cheaper tablets where you need to get a Stylus to use the screen while the Vox does not need a Stylus. The screen is also multi-touch, so you can use two fingers to play your games on the Vox.

Most casual games for the Vox also do not stutter or slow down when I play them because the 800MHz CPU, and 512 MB of RAM can keep up with the graphics and gameplay on most games like Angry Birds.

The sound for games are also loud enough where you can hear the music and sound effects in the game clearly.

With the Vox, 8GB of storage, you can install almost hundreds of games on it which you download from GetJar or other App marketplaces.

You can also use the Vox's capacitive touchscreen to draw pictures with a drawing app which are available from the GetJar marketplace, and other 3rd-party app stores like the Amazon App store. Drawing on the Vox is similar to using MS paint on a Windows computer, but you use your fingers to draw, switch colors, and add special effects to your drawing. You can also save your drawing to share online, or transfer to your computer via e-mail, USB, or MicroSD memory card.

Favourite Mobile Game

What Game do you play on your eReader, Smartphone, or Tablet the Most?

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Browsing the web, social networking, e-mail, instant messaging, on the Kobo Vox

What is the web browsing experience is like on the Vox?

Browsing the web on the Kobo Vox with its WiFi Wireless 802.11 N adapter built-into the vox is very fast at up to up to 300 Mbps depending on your home internet service and wireless router or hotspot speed.

It is easy to connect the Vox to a Wireless signal since once I set up your Router or Wi-Fi hotspot at home to my Vox eReader, it will automatically connect to your wireless connection every time I start up your Vox. Connecting the Vox to different wireless signals at school, the library, etc is easy. I just need to go into the Wireless App, and select the connection I want to connect to, and enter in its password if the connection is password protected.

The Wireless adapter on the Vox connects to a router in seconds after the Vox turned on, and it rarely drops the connection in my experience. The range of the Vox wireless connection is pretty far. I can detect connect to Wi-Fi signals from far away like 3 or more floors up, or other houses in my neighbourhood with my Vox.

The web browser which comes with the Vox is fast, and easy to use with an address bar, windowed browsing, back and forward button, bookmarks, and address bar.

You can also install the Opera Mini, Dolphin Browser, Dolphin HD Browser, Maxthon Browser, Boat Browser and other Android compatible browsers. Tab Browsing is also supported with most third party browsers like Opera Mini, Dolphin Browser, Dolphin HD Browser, Maxthon Browser, and Boat Browser while the Default browser for Android supports multiple windows instead of tab browsing like Firefox, Google Chrome, Maxthon and other browsers. Tab Browsing is also pretty fast in most cases.

Browsing websites on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, most big websites and blogs on the Vox are also pretty fast, and easy to use because their website has a mobile version of the website which is optimized for smartphones, Tablets, and eReaders.

You can also sideload apps for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other popular websites on the Vox to use a website as a Google Android app if you can find the App on Getjar Marketplace, and other apps store.

It is also possible to connect your Kobo Vox for e-mail notifications via the built-in E-mail and Gmail App, so you can use the Vox to reply to e-mail, or write e-mails. You can also use the Vox's Web Browser or a third party web browser like Opera, Dolphin, Maxthon, etc to login to a webmail account like Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo mail, aol mail, or your ISP e-mail to check, send, and reply to your e-mail.

There are also a lot of instant messaging apps for Google Android which can be installed on the Vox, so you can chat on MSN, Skype, AIM, YIM, ICQ, IRC, and other text based internet chat programs.

The onscreen keyboard on the Vox is pretty easy yo use for typing e-mails, and chat messages online. You can also use third party keyboard apps like Swype, SlideIT, or Swiftkeys to make typing better with better auto-correct and word suggestions then the default keyboard on the Vox.


Video, Photos and music multimedia file playback on the Vox

Playing back videos, photos, music, and other multimedia types on the Vox

The Vox can playback standard quality to HD video and Online videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, Crackle and other video websites very well on the Vox . There is no slow down and stuttering problems when playing videos both offline, and online with a cable broadband connection. The Vox's high resolution 1024 x 600 screen makes video, and photos look very sharp, and the brightness can be adjusted for a brighter, or lighter colored pictures. The color quality of the screen looks great, and you can still view your screen when you are outdoors since the Vox has a FFS optimized screen for better outdoor viewing.

The Video and music player are easy to use with play, pause, stop, next track, and other buttons like on a MP3 or video DVD player on the Toolbar for the media player apps, and the Gallery App makes it easy finding your video, photos, and music files to display and playback on your Vox.

You can also install third party media player apps made for Google Android on the Vox for a more custom media playback experience.

Using the Vox for listening to music and audio books is loud and clear in a quiet to moderately loud room, but if the room you are in is very noisy, you would need to use headphones, or plug your Vox into a pair of 3.5 mm jack speakers or computer portable speakers since the volume of the speaker is not very loud when there is a louder audio source like TV, Radio, etc running in the background of the TV. The Headphone jack audio quality is nice. When I plug in a pair a headphones, I can hear the audio loudly and clearly.

The Vox also comes with the Rdio App pre-installed, so you can use it to listen to online music on the Rdio app.

I can also download, and install the Crackle, Crunchroll, and other movie, TV, radio and internet video or audio streaming app to have an endless amount of media to listen to or watch on your Vox.

I can also use a MicroSD Card up to 32GB on the Vox's memory card slot to load even more videos and music files on my Vox to play.

32GB MicroSD Card for carrying more files with you on your Kobo Vox - The Kobo Vox can use a MicroSD Card up to 32GB for carrying your files like ebooks, music,

The advantage of using your MicroSD to carry your files is it is easy to use since you just slide it into your MicroSD memory card slot to add more storage, and you free up space on your internal memory on your Kobo Vox, so you can install more apps, ebooks, and other files onto it.

You can also re-use the MicroSD card on your phone, other tablets, pc, and other devices for adding more storage, or to move files to and from your devices with your MicroSD card.

It is also inexpensive to buy a MicroSD card which had 32GB of space since you can get one for under 20 dollars.

Case Crown Blue Hard Zipper Hard Case for Kobo Vox Video - The Case Crown Hard Zipper Case will protect your Kobo Vox from drops, scratches, and other damage wh

I have been using the Case Crown Blue Hard Zipper Case for protecting the Kobo Vox. The hard case is hard enough to protect your Vox from falls. I like the Zipper it is easy to zip, and unzip.

Strapping in the Kobo Vox to the Case Crown Case is easy because there are 4 straps ( 2 elastic and 2 leather). There is also a pocket on the case for holding small objects like a cleaning clothe, cards, and paper.

The Case Crown Case Also comes with a Velcro stand attachment to turn the case into a stand, so you can use the Vox upright without holding it.

Read My Review of Case Crown Blue Zippered Case with Velcro Stand Attachment for Kobo Vox on my Blog

I also use a Neoprene bag to carry my Accessories, The Case Crown Case, Stylus, headphones in one convenient and inexpensive durable flexible bag.

Cleaning the Kobo Vox eReader screen and sides - Learn how to clean the Kobo Vox eReader Tablet and similar Tablets.

I mainly use a Microfibre Clothe to clean the screen, sides, back, and button on the Kobo Vox because it is soft, and won't scratch the screen, sides, and buttons on the Vox. I also use a special glass cleaner which is safe for LCD screens, and other displays with anti-glare coatings.

I lightly dampen my clean Microfibre clothe with the cleaning solution then use the clothe to gently wipe my screen on my Vox.

You can also use those LCD cleaning kits for LCD TV and Plasmas which come with special cleaning liquid which won't damage the LCD screen on the Kobo Vox.

I don't recommend Windex or other Window cleaners since they have harsh chemicals which may damage your screen, and the chemical have a stinky odour to them.

Comment on the 7 inch Kobo Vox eReader Tablet - Comment on the Kobo Vox eReader Tablet to share what you like about it.

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