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Kobo Vox eReader Tablet Case Bag

Updated on January 19, 2016

Kobo Vox's case and bags protects the Vox eReader from damage while making it look more stylish!

The Kobo Vox 7 inch color eReader tablet has a lot of unique cases designed to protect the Kobo Vox eReader from damage like scratches, dents, dirt, and light water spills while making it look more stylish, and unique compared to eReader tablets with no cases.

I personally feel that a eReader Tablet case and bag for the Kobo Vox is the best accessory for the Kobo Vox since a case and bag protects your 200 dollar Vox for 30 dollars or less in most cases, and it keeps your eReader Tablet clean, so you won't have to clean your screen as often because the cover on the case shields the screen from dust, and dirt when close.

There are two main types of cases for the Kobo Vox which are hard zippered case or a folio binder style case.

The Hard zippered cases for the Kobo Vox offer the most protection because when you are not using the Vox, the zippered case fully protects your Vox from damage since it is hard, and zipper, so even your sides are protected. Plus, most hard cases also have more padding.

A Folio binder style case is like a book which just protects the back, and front of the Vox, but the sides are not fully protected from damage from the Vox, so your sides are not protected from damage from the side, and thin objects like rulers, knives, etc may still be able to slip into your case which can cause scratches to the screen and the back. A Folio case is usually lighter, and easier to open, but not as secure as a zipper case.

A bag like a Neoprene bag is a inexpensive way to give your Vox some protection from scratches, or to use to protect your cases from stains, scratches, and other damage to its outer shell. A Bag also makes it easy for you to carry around other objects like a stylus pointing pen, paper, headphones, and other things with you all in one bag.

Kobo Vox Zipper Hard Cases - A Hard case for the Kobo Vox would give your Vox full bodied protection on all sides like the front, back, and sides from damage ca

A Full zipper case which zips the hard case together will protect your Vox from all sides like the front, back, and sides when you strap the Vox into your Kobo Vox's Hard Case with Zipper. When the zipper is zip up your Vox can't be scratched when in your bag, and protect the screen.

It also makes it more protected from light liquid spills then a Vox without a case, or a case which does not offer full bodied protection for the Vox.

Many hard cases also have pockets to give your case some storage for cards, paper, and other thin objects.

Case Crown Kobo Vox case is one of the best cases for the Vox

I like Case Crown Zipper Hard case because its zipper is easy to zip and unzip, and the shell is hard enough to withstand a fall, and protects my Vox from scratches, drops, dust when the case is zip up. It is simple to strap my Vox into the 4 straps which are 2 leather and 2 elastic. It also comes with a stand attachment to turn the Case into a stand, and let you stand up your Vox to watch a longer video, or to read. The inside of the case is also padded, and there is a pocket inside of it to carry paper, cards, and a cleaning clothe.

The circular design pattern embedded on the case is very nice, and I like the chrome zipper pull tab with the crown logo on the tab.

Kobo Vox Hard Blue Case Crown zipper with stand attachment - A hard case zipper for the Kobo Vox with stand attachment for using your tablet.

See a video of me using the Case Crown Case to protect the Kobo Vox from damage, and the stand attachment to use the Vox in a upright position rather then holding it upright with my hand.

I personally been using the Case Crown Case for over a month for fully protecting my Vox when it is zippered up. Strapping in the Vox to this case is very simple since there are 4 straps which are 2 leather and 2 elastic. The inside of the case also has a small pocket for carrying cards and thin sized objects. The inside of the case also has cushioning to give the Vox more protection. The Velcro strap is easy to use to turn the case into a stand for the Vox.

Most importantly, the zipper is easy to zip and unzip, and the hard shell case fully protects the Kobo Vox from most forms of damage like scratches, dents, and drops.

Kobo Vox Folio Binder Notebook style case - A Folio, Binder, or Notebook style case is good for protecting your Vox, but still making the case fast to open via

A Folio, Binder, or Notebook Style case protects your Kobo Vox eReader touchscreen, and quilted rubber back, but does not protect your sides in most cases like a zipper case unless there are side panels on the case like a zipper case.

It is also less tightly closed like a zipper, so it may swing open while it is inside your bag because most folio cases uses a magnetic, velcro, or elastic strap to lock the cover.

Folio, Binder or Notebook style cases are easier to hold, and open, and they are lighter. They also make your Kobo Vox look like a book.

There are generally some pockets on Folio, Binder, and Notebook style cases to give your case even more storage.

Tuff-Luv Embrace case for e-readers compatible with Kobo Vox - Red
Tuff-Luv Embrace case for e-readers compatible with Kobo Vox - Red

Embrace book-style case handmade in faux leather: red

Recessed band which allows you to hold and read your Kobo Vox one handed

Compatible with Vox

Available in a wide range of colours and styles - search "Tuff-Luv Kobo Vox" - and compatible with the Tuff-Luv Spark light for night reading

This Tuff-Luv product qualifies for our lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship / materials - conditions apply


Do you prefer a Zipper Binder Hard Case or Notebook Style case - Which type of case do you prefer on your eReader

What type of case do you prefer on your eReader Tablets?

See results

Neoprene sleeve bag Case for protecting your eReader for only a few dollars - See a video of me using the Neoprene case to protect my electronics for only a few

A Neoprene case is a case which you can use to easily protect your electronics when it is inside the Neoprene bag. Neoprene is also flexible, so it can fit thicker devices easily, and it is soft, so it won't scratch your devices when place inside of it.

Read my post on Neoprene Cases to protect your Tablet eReader devices

Neoprene bag for Kobo Vox eReader Tablet - Neoprene bags are a cheap way to protect your Kobo Vox and other accessories.

Neoprene cases can cost as little as a few dollars, and is a cheap way to protect your Tablets, eReaders, Netbooks, and other devices from damage when in the bag. Neoprene cases are also stretchable, so you can fit slightly thicker devices in it as well.

What type of cases do you mainly use on your eReaders and Tablets?

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