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Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 Blue Waterproof Digital Camera

Updated on August 9, 2014

The Best Affordable Underwater Camera

I purchased this camera last May. I take a lot of pictures of my family and now that it is summertime we are spending almost all of our time in the water. I usually take pictures on my cell phone but I was always worried someone would splash water on it. I found this affordable Kodak camera and it takes amazing pictures above and below the water. I can now capture all of my families moments at the beach, pool or waterpark without worrying about water damage.


My Favorite Features

I love how easy this camera is to use. I have an active three year old and I don't have time to fumble around adjusting the settings. The automatic focus takes a great picture of a face. It also has red eye reduction. There is a dial on the top that allows you to switch from picture to video capture instantly. If you like to take great pictures quickly and easily this the camera for you.

I own the blue camera

Problems I've Encountered

I have only encountered one issue with this camera and that is you to really need to use a good quality battery. I have tried to use inexpensive batteries and sometime the camera won't even turn on depending on the brand I am using. I now use a name brand AA batteries and I have had no further problems.

Update August. 2012

I have dropped my camera a few times since I purchased it. The inside door that protects the batteries and memory card doesn't close all the way anymore. Because I figured it would leak and not work I took it to the lake to try it out. The camera was used underwater and above and the pictures turned out great. No leaking!

Camera Specifications

KODAK Alkaline AA Batteries or equivalent

Wrist strap

USB cable

User Guide

This camera is waterproof to up to 10 foot which makes it perfect for using around the pool. It has a color screen on the back that makes it easy to view the pictures that you have taken. The flash is automatic so I don't have to remember to turn it on.

Social Media Accessibility

I have family and friends that live far away. We keep in touch through pictures via email and social networking. This camera is the easiest camera I have ever used for uploading pictures. I just plug the cord into my computer, turn my camera to review mode, choose where I want to upload my pictures to, tag them and I'm done. It is very quick and easy which is great for someone like me who isn't very tech savvy!

Photo Tip!

Get into the pool. Place your camera at water level. Take shots of your child as they jump into the water for great picture of them jumping in the pool.

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