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Kudoso Router Motivates Kids to Finish Chores Before Going Online

Updated on July 9, 2014
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Let's face it. Both adults and kids tend to spend way too much time online. We tend to lose track of what we need to accomplish because we update our social networking statuses or surf websites longer than expected. If online time management serves as a challenge for grown-ups, what more for youngsters?

Fortunately for parents, Rob Irizzary developed the Kudoso Router. This new system allows mom and dad to input chores and goals for their kids to accomplish. It can be from finishing a page or two of homework, brushing teeth, or football practice.

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Once the child finishes the assigned chore, the parent can then unlock available minutes for the child to spend online. Through parental control settings, mom and dad can also determine which websites are safe for their kids to visit.

Currently, the Kudoso router expects to gather more pledges for funding via Kickstarter. Right now, those who purchase the Kudoso system can also gain free access to Khan Academy, an online educational portal which provides helpful study and research materials for students.

Moving forward, Irizzary and the Kudoso team aim to collaborate with public schools to include the router in their teaching methods. Kudoso will also eventually merge with FitBit, the app that monitors kids' physical activities and exercise.

Do you think parents need the Kudoso Router to motivate kids and to monitor their online time?

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