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Portable Laptop Tray Tables - Adjustable Bed Desk Caddy For Computers

Updated on July 10, 2014

Bed Trays For Laptop Computers Are The Ultimate Lazy Day Accessory

If you take your laptop to bed then you stand to benefit from a laptop tray table. Notebook computers are not really meant to be used on anything other than your lap or a firm, flat surface and it's easy for a pillowy comforter or blanket to block up the vents and cause overheating issues or potentially shorten the life of your computer. Portable laptop trays are designed to make working or playing with your laptop computer from bed a safer and more comfortable experience. After all, who doesn't appreciate those lazy days where you can do your homework from bed, catch up on emails, or check out a movie online all without leaving the comfort of your own bedroom? Laptop computer desks resemble a breakfast tray but with a tilting tray and other additions which make it ideal for performing computing tasks. They often feature a mousing area, places to store papers and media like CD-ROMs and are most often adjustable for the most comfortable viewing angle. They're not just for computers either at these function just as superbly as a tablet computer holder or iPad stand and they're great for eReader devices too making them ideal as Kindle, Nook or Kobo reading racks. There are numerous styles and types to suit any budget or d├ęcor style and you can see some great examples on the rest of this lens.

Portable laptop bed tray tables are designed to be large enough to fit all kinds of laptop, notebook and netbook computers with space to spare. The most basic just offer the flat stable surface of a tray to fit over your lap and these are also generally the cheapest most affordable laptop bed desks. If you are willing to pay a little more you get much improved features which, in terms of comfort and usability, are well worth the extra dollars.

Most are designed to be easy to store and move around. Lightweight laptop tables can be used all over the house or even outside of the home as, for example, a portable lectern or other form of a easy to carry desk for holding books, lesson notes or a pre-written speech. Folding laptop bed tables like these have foldable legs so you can easily fold up the tray and store it under your bed, in a closet or even in a bed drawer as they fold down flat which makes storage simple.

Laptop trays come in a wide variety of different styles to suit the various purposes which these portable computers can be used for. There are ergonomic stylish wooden laptop desks, or versatile adjustable metal portable computer tables, or lightweight plastic models all best suited for a number of different purposes and locations The products featured on this page are aimed at anyone looking to find a suitable laptop bed desk but they can just as easily be used in an armchair or anywhere else you can think of where a tray table might be more comfortable and convenient than plonking a computer directly on your lap.

Whilst some might argue portable computers, notebooks and netbooks are designed for your lap in the first place and therefore a bed tray for laptops is unnecessary, there are some great reasons why those who buy them love this accessory quite so much.

Portable computer manufacturers recommend you do not use your machine directly on the bed in the first place as this can lead to damaging laptop overheating issues. Most laptops, notebooks and netbooks vent their heat out through a fan located in the side of the computer which can easily be blocked, either partially or completely, by blankets and duvets. What happens is the weight of the machine causes it to sink into the plush material covering the venting and leading to overheating problems. A bed tray for laptop computers has a solid, flat surface which prevents this from happening by allowing the exhaust fan to remain clear from obstruction at all times.

Laptop desks with a built in light attachment make it easier to work on things at night without having to disturb your partner with a nightstand table lamp or wall light. Laptop storage trays have a small storage drawer in the side, usually big enough to store a couple of CDs or a notepad and pen for example and some have basket attachments to the side for magazines, books etc. which makes it easier to access these while you are working (or playing).

Cooling fans are found built in to some of the best bed desks and tray tables for notebook computers. Laptop bed desks with cooling fans help prevent overheating issues whilst at the same time offering all the extra convenience of the desk for yourself. Some laptop computers run hot compared with others and this kind of accessory can greatly enhance your user experience by stopping overheating issues from impacting your usage of the machine.

Laptop Bed Tray Desk With Cooler Fan - Internal Cooling Fan Desk Tray

Laptop and notebook desks with cooling fans built in give you extra protection against overheating and the problems this can cause. Some computers are more prone to heat issues than others and these extra coolant fans give added cool down effects to reduce heat and help your computer last longer and perform better.

The really nice thing about laptop bed trays is they are also excellent for using for a wide variety of other purposes. They make great book holders for bed so you can sit up comfortably and use it as a book rest, especially if you have a desk with a lip. They also make great writing desk tables, especially the adjustable laptop desk trays which can be adjusted to the most comfortable writing position. Or you can use it as a mini crafting table for bed or for watching movies in bed as a portable DVD bed holding table. If you need an bedroom ipad holder or an armchair ipad stand then these are idea for that too. In fact, there are probably hundreds of useful purposes to which these can be put in addition to their originally designed purpose.

Laptop Tray Table WIth Lip

If you are buying one of these accessories then you are advised to find one with a lip attached to the the tray top as this makes the table much more multi-functional. It enables you to tilt the tray to a more comfortable levels and also acts a book or magazine holder for hands free reading in bed. It's great too as an ipad holder as well.

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  • Phillyfreeze profile image

    Ronald Tucker 

    5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

    I like the Cooler Master NotePal U2 Laptop Cooling Pad w/ 2 80mm fans...$18.81 is a fantastic price!

  • i Dia1 profile image

    i Dia1 

    6 years ago

    This would be a really good gift item. I wish someone would buy me one.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    A cooling feature is certainly a plus for a portable laptop desk.

  • DANCING COWGIRL profile image

    Dancing Cowgirl Design 

    7 years ago from Texas

    I sure do like these. Didn't know you could get them with the cooling feature. Thanks for pointing out these great bed tables.

  • MCB2011 profile image


    7 years ago

    I can't keep my computer on my lap for long. But my daughter does. I like this idea.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I don't have one....yet, but I'm sure I'll love it when I do get one! It's on my list. You really have some great choices here!


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