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What's So Great About The "Dell Latitude E6400" Laptop Computer?

Updated on January 7, 2014
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Christine, a wife, mother and homemaker for over 30 years, has an NVQ3 in Childcare & Education & loves cooking, music, health & nutrition.

After years of making do with computers that my husband put together for me, I at last received this lovely, shiny Dell Latitude E6400 laptop computer for Christmas. I was immediately able to start using it, happy to find it user friendly and yes, I'm using it now to write this review.

The Dell Latitude E6400 was inspired by customer feedback.

It's strong and durable magnesium construction gives it a professional look, which I love, yet it is simple and reliable to use. It's easy to take on the train or to the office, as it's light and portable at 2.3kg. At its thickest it's only 31mm. The metal hinges are robust and it's easy enough to unlock and lift the lid to use. I have used others which have been a real fiddle!

With its brushed metal design and 14.1 inch matte screen, it doesn't have a problem with reflection in an office environment. The broad back light adjustment makes it easy to type in a dark room and can be turned down when convenient to save the battery.

The keyboard is great

The keys are where you'd expect them to be and give a firm and responsive performance. It even has a smartcard reader on the touchpad! At the top of the keypad are dedicated buttons that raise or decrease the volume, which comes out clear and strong from the stereo speakers that flank the keyboard.

Overall, this smart laptop computer has not only been given the appearance of quality, but with a long-lasting battery I feel I can confidently take it with me and carry on with my emails, online writing and browsing wherever the in-built WiFi is connected.

Talking of connectivity

It is most user-friendly with 3 USB 2.0 connections, a digital display port and an analog monitor port, Firewire and an eSATA port for connecting your external hard disk.

The great thing is you can buy it reconditioned now at a low price.

The Dell Latitude E6400 is certainly worth checking out!

Dell Latitude E Series PR03X Docking Station E-Port With PA-4E 130 Watt AC adapter
Dell Latitude E Series PR03X Docking Station E-Port With PA-4E 130 Watt AC adapter

New and improved with an extra USB port on the side and new DisplayPort connections.


Check out this short video for more about the Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop Computer

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Hello! Thank you for reading this review. What do you think about this laptop computer?

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    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      I use Fujitsu laptop though three years ago I borrowed my elder brother's Dell laptop for few days. No doubt Dell laptop is good, well you have got the right one :)