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Laptop Leg Burns

Updated on July 25, 2013

How to Avoid the Dangerous Effects Laptop Leg Burns

If you use a Laptop for an extended amount of time, you've probably had to endure the dreaded "Toasted Skin Syndrome". Your laptop can cause leg burns due to the heat generated by the overheating of the machinery, however Trabasack have a nifty solution to this problem - the Trabasack lapdesk bag, a laptop bag that also features a lap desk built in to one side, which helps to protect your skin whilst in use and provides extra comfort, too.

Laptop leg burns
Laptop leg burns

Why are Laptop Leg Burns Dangerous?

We recently received feedback from one of our Trabasack users, that brought to our attention the dangers of laptop leg burns and how they've been using their Trabasack laptop lapdesk bag to eliminate this from happening.

Of course laptops by name are designed to be used upon your lap, however there is increasing research highlighting the dangers of using a laptop upon your bare legs. Even just using a laptop for an hour or two upon bare skin can significantly increase the chances of being affected by Toasted Skin Syndrome.

Much of the US-based research has revealed that children are especially at risk of this condition, where delicate skin will become blotchy and sore due to the heat of the infrared radiation transferring via the usage of the laptop directly upon the lap.

Although in most cases this blotchiness and soreness will eventually disappear given time, there have been a number of cases that show that the skin discolouration doesn't fade and users have been left with permanent skin damage on the thigh. Surprisingly, the temperature generated between the lap and laptop base can rise as high as 52 degrees centigrade, and having anything that hot against the skin for prolonged periods of time is really quite dangerous.

There are a number of cases that have also indicated that although the initial effects of Toasted Skin Syndrome are mostly aesthetic, the longer and more frequently you allow your skin to suffer this type of radiation, the higher the chances are of developing serious skin cancers and melanomas.

ABC News Report

ABC news report on Toasted Leg Syndrome and lap top leg burns

Avoiding toasted skin syndrome

Despite the fact that many manufacturers of laptops include warnings on their products about not using a laptop against bare skin, it is still a little known fact that Toasted Skin Syndrome can occur so easily.

A number of highly esteemed dermatologists have tried to raise awareness of the conditions, especially as far as children are concerned. Although adults are clearly at risk of laptop leg burns, children's skin is far more delicate and sensitive, and the burning can happen in much shorter periods of time when a laptop is in use. This is why it is so important to provide a barrier between the leg skin and laptop, especially for children.

What do you think about this issue?

Is there really a danger of harming your skin or even getting cancer with prolonged laptop use on bare skin?

Do you think there is a real danger from harming your legs with a laptop?

Trabasack in use
Trabasack in use

Using a Trabasack to protect you from laptop leg burns

The solution to stopping laptop leg burns is really quite simple; try a Trabasack!

The Trabasack is an innovative laptop bag that includes a lap desk surface built in to one side. Inside of the bag is a removable bean bag cushion that has been designed so that the lapdesk bag sits comfortably and steadily upon your lap whilst in use.

The unique design of the Trabasack provides comfort and the practical design provides functionality you can't find with any other laptop bag on the market. Each bag has a spacious internal compartment for storing not only your laptop, but all your other daily bits and bobs (such as keys, wallet or lunch) and the firm tray surface will hold your laptop sturdy and steady meaning you can work or play on the go, no matter the location, without fear of laptop leg burns.

Laptop Overheating

How to combat the problem?

By definition, a laptop is basically just a very compact version of a larger desktop PC that you would otherwise use. A laptop of course offers you mobility and freedom to work or play without the restraints of hauling a huge computer around with you. However, the processing power needed for a laptop is just as powerful as the average PC tower, therefore this processing entails power usage, and with that heat is created.

Each laptop will be designed to deal with the eventuality of overheating (such as the inclusion of vents and fans) however these safety features can only work in certain conditions, and their functioning depends upon how you use the laptop and the location, as well as other environmental factors.

The overheating of a laptop can be of great annoyance, especially if it causes the machine to stop working. Although this may be inconvenient and possibly ignored on occasions when it does happen, the fact of the matter is that when the components do overheat, they will be subjected to temperatures that will eventually cause your laptop to stop functioning permanently.

Recently Sony were forced to recall a specific model from their laptop range due to serious overheating issues, and the danger of skin damage this could cause the user. It is important that you make sure you position your laptop in a safe way that allows the vent to have plenty of air to avoid overheating. Although you can find a number of tips and tricks online for ensuring your laptop always remains cool, the most simple and straightforward way to stop the problem is to use a Trabasack lapdesk laptop bag.

The Trabasack is known world-over for creating unique and practical, multi-use lapdesk bags. If you use a Trabasack lapdesk bag for laptop work or play, the tray surface provides the perfect setting for allowing your laptop to breathe whilst also protecting your legs from unsightly and most importantly, potentially dangerous skin burns on your legs.

The Trabasack laptop lapdesk bag will considerably cut the chances of your laptop overheating and will add years to the lifespan of any electronic equipment you love to use on the go, such a laptops and netbooks.

The Main Signs of Possible Laptop Overheating

The overheating of a laptop is really quite common and most users will have had to endure it happening at least once during their time as a laptop owner. Although the overheating can be annoying due to not being able to use the laptop, there are far more significant and dangerous effects, too. The heat generated could cause irrevocable damage to the internal components of the computer and also to your skin. Overheating laptops will damage the skin tissue on the leg causing burns, and potentially increases the risk of skin cancers.

Below we have listed some of the most important early signs that may be symptomatic of an overheating laptop:

- Does your laptop feel hot to the touch?

Although the bottom of the laptop will become very hot during use, if you feel that it is warm all over it is a definite sign of overheating.

- Do you find that memory/processing-hungry programs cause your laptop to crash?

If you edit video or use design programs on your laptop, they can cause your laptop to work harder and thus create more heat, especially if you have not positioned your laptop in the correct way.

- Do you suffer laptop crashes when playing games?

Many graphics-heavy games, or those that are online (such as MMORPGs) are RAM-hungry and will force your laptop to have to process information much quicker than usual. This will often cause your laptop to overheat.

- Is your laptop left on for prolonged periods of time?

Not allowing your laptop "downtime" to cool off will of course cause it to get too hot and overheat.

There we have a few of the main causes and signs that should be taken into consideration if you want to stop your laptop from overheating. However, by using a Trabasack laptop lapdesk bag you can entirely eradicate the chances of your laptop overheating. Each Trabasack bag features a built-in tray surface which when used with laptops, can avoid leg burns that occur when laptops overheat, whilst also allowing your laptop to receive the correct ventilation it needs to "breathe" and keep cool, so that you can continue to work or play.

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Have to be very careful. I did not realize such danger.

    • Anime-e profile image

      Anime-e 6 years ago

      ouch... that must really hurt.. I have a little desktop thing for my laptop!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      enjoyed my visit to your lens about laptop covers, I always use a cover so I don't get burned and to let my laptop breathe properly, squidliked ya!

    • whoisbid lm profile image

      whoisbid lm 6 years ago

      Well done my friend. Nice to see you here again


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