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Laptop overhating fix for HP, Dell, Asus [All in one guide]

Updated on September 9, 2012

Laptop going crazy hot ?

Any company you name it whether it is HP, Compaq, Apple, Dell they all are the same. After 6 or 7 months you eventually cannot call your laptop a "Laptop" because the heat from your laptop will burn your shorts :D.

All these companies are in a rat race for producing High end laptops but no one cares about the customers. The reason is quality and testing. The stress test is not a part of laptop testing. Moreover every hardware whether it is CD drive your keyboard or your motherboard are of different companies. In order to produce cheap laptops with specifications that lure you to buy these laptops, quality of some parts are reduced to decrease the cost.

So lets cut to the chase and let's see how we can make things work...


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>If you don't know much about heatsinks, CPU, GPU how heatsink works and all that stuff I suggest you to read this page thoroughly . Otherwise just click on the ""THE Solution for your problem"" the '5th' option ..check below links<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Check your Core Temperatures

Normal temps(45-75) degree celsius

First of all you have to check the temperature of your laptop's core(the sub parts of your processor). For that you can download any system utility from the web just search google for it. Here are the search results Temperature monitor utilities

Two utilities that i would like to suggest are:

1. Core temp


Idle temperatures of your laptop should be 40-50 degree celsius and while watching a 720 p movie or 1080 p blu ray movies or playing games, it should not cross 75 degree celsius

Check this pic.. All done? now scroll down to understand it

Check this pic.. All done? now scroll down to understand it
Check this pic.. All done? now scroll down to understand it

A larger picture of motherboard

Pic. of motherboard after replacing heatsink

A little bit of knowledge



If your laptop is overheating there can be two reasons for that:

1. Your heatsink(the hardware that cools your laptop) fan is dirty and clogged with dust particles and needs cleaning

2. Your thermal compound/or thermal pads(a paste that is applied on the processor to make good contact with heatsink and transfer as much heat as possible) is/are expired..

Now the explanation:--(check the above the image for <1,2,3,4>).. I took apart my laptop and clicked some pics...

1. Is the dirty fan. Can you see the dust particles wrapped around the fins ? This makes it run slow and produces a very bad noise.

2, 3. Is a pic showing you the two main parts of your laptop. 2 is your GPU that runs all your games and HD movies and 3 is your processor that manages all your processes

--- the grey withered cream on the processor is thermal compound --- It looks old dry and needs to be replaced

4. Is the picture of my main board/ motherboard...In this pic can you see the system of copper tube(yellow one). this tube is your heatsink(fan included). Its is placed over processor and GPU (see the green arrows). Being a good conductor of heat these copper tubes absorb the heat and the heat is then pushed outside with the help of the fan.

"THE Solution for your problem"

~~Feel good already ?? ~~


Just in case if you dont want your laptop to shutdown while you are reading this page, do this:

- go to power options > Select a power plan that you work in mostly(eg: balanced or power saver) > click Change advanced power settings > scroll down to Processor power management and expand it > in the Maximum processor state change the value to a lower %.

This is CPU undervolting i.e you are supplying less voltage to your cpu so that it does not heat up. This will decrease the performance of your laptop because you are restricting it to perform. But Temperatures will come down. This medthod is very effective. And you can always change it back once you have fixed the overheating problem.

Wondering what is the image that you are seeing on the side? check 5th point in the permanent solution paragraph or check this >>>VIDEO<<< out and continue reading afterwards....


(1). Clean your heatsink Fan. you can do it without opening your laptop by blowing compressed air into the heatsink vents. But this will only push the dust particles away from your vents and will not clean the fins of your fan. So, I say open it and clean it. Dont know how to disassemble your laptop ? No worries check youtube for this . Here i narrowed the search for you disassembly of various laptops

(2). Applying thermal paste As you saw above the (labelled <4> in the above pics) old thermal paste was dry and coming off. So get a new thermal paste and apply it. I suggest Artic silver 5 or Cooler master HTK -002. Worried how to apply therma paste ? no problem there are tons of videos on youtube that tells you how to do it. Here are the search results

(3). Get a Laptop cooling pad A pad that blows air into your laptop or the one that withdraws air from your laptop. Most cooling pads can create a temperature difference of 2-7 degrees celsius(that's what i have seen). But these are quite costly and they will work perfectly only if you perform the above steps

(4).Change your thermal pads: Some companies uses thermal pads instead of thermal paste to cool down your laptop. These pads works fine for about 7-8 months. I will explain how to replace them

(5). Last but most effective way is giving extra airflow to your laptop. Most of the laptops doesnot have proper vents for proper airflow. That's why I drilled holes under my laptop fan and the temperataures dropped to a certain 7 degrees.

Already worried where to get all this stuff ? Dont worry look for the links below:-

After the ebay links check how to replace the thermal pads:

Get thermal paste from eBay

Here are some of the thermal paste I would like to suggest:

How to replace thermal pads

Thermal pads makes a tight contact between the heatsink and your GPU so that no heat should spread inside the laptop. These are like tapes you can paste them on your heatsink they stick to it just fine and then there is no need to apply thermal paste. Pads work much better than paste in case of GPU.

OR you can order a sheet of thermal pad and you can cut it yourself as needed. When you open your laptop you'll see the pads. they are pink in color. Sadly in my case they were old dusty and sticky. Check the pic above, the circled one are thermal pads

Just remove the old ones and apply the new one.Check the amazon link(3rd one) with a sheet of thermal pad its good

Which brand of laptops heats up the MOST ?

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