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Laptop Pad

Updated on October 4, 2011

Introduction to Finding the Best Laptop Pad

Not many people have heard of a laptop pad, but with notebooks getting more and more advanced, and much hotter, a laptop pad is essential for even basic laptops. The good news is that laptop pads and even notebook coolers are cheap and effective laptop cooling solutions.

A laptop pad can come in many forms, some are really simple, and help increase airflow and distribute heat away from the hottest areas of your notebook with and without fans.

Over the coming article I will be showing you how to find the best laptop pad for your needs, and what kinds of laptop pad you will need for particular notebook types.

Laptop Pad for Portable Laptop Cooling
Laptop Pad for Portable Laptop Cooling

What is a Laptop Pad?

Strictly speaking when you are looking for a laptop cooling solutions you will be looking between a laptop cooler and a laptop pad. They provide different things, and each is better in thrr own area.

A Laptop Cooler is generally a laptop accessory that uses fans to increase airflow. A laptop pad on the otherhand will simply aid in airflow, or provide another source of passive laptop cooling.

A Laptop Pad generally comes in one of two varieties. The first kind of laptop pad simply creates a flat surface to guarantee unobstructed airflow. Some laptop pads such as the Xpad Slim take this one step further, and design it to seperate the incoming cool air from the expelled hot air.

Other laptop cooling pads use heat absorbing crystals to help draw heat away from your laptop. These can help for the short term, but can actually hinder cooling performance after an hour or two.

While Laptop Pads may have limited cooling power, especially when compared to the best laptop coolers, they do have the benefit of requiring no power, and being highly portable.

The Best Laptop Pads

To help make your decision easier, I will be giving you some of the very best laptop pads, to help you keep your laptop cooler, and your data safe!

Belkin Cushdesk Laptop Pad

The Belkin Cushdesk Laptop Pad is a simple laptop cooling pad. It is very similar to the Belkin Cushtop but much more shallow, which a lot of people find more comfortable. This simple laptop cooling pad provides a stable surface that allows you to use your laptop around your home with ease.

The Belkin Cushdesk is perfect for up to 17 inch widescreen laptops, and it's simple design is perfect for lap use and for use around the home!

To add to the personal touch, the Belkin Cushdesk laptop pad comes in several different colors, so you can pick something that suits your style.

Kensington Lift Off Laptop Pad

The Kensington Lift Off laptop pad is an adjustable height laptop cooling pad that can support laptops up to 17 inches wide screen laptops. it is incredibly lightweight, and it's folding form is perfect for portability. The downside is that this makes it feel a little bit flimsy.

The adjustable frame of the Kensington Lift Off laptop pad is surprisingly useful. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you use your laptop in bed, or around the home it really does help a huge amount!

Belkin Cushtop Laptop Pad

The Belkin Cushtop laptop pad is a fantastic 17 inch widescreen laptop pad that provides a steady elevated laptop cooling pad. The unique feature that I absolutely love about this laptop pad is that the inside can be used as a 'slip-in' accessory pouch, perfect for your laptop mouse, and the wires.

The large height of the Belkin CushTop is both a blessing and a curse. it really does make it ideal for lap use, however soem people may find it a little bit too high when it comes to using your laptop on a desk.

As with the cush pad, you get plenty of colors to choose from so you can get a laptop pad that suits your home decor.

LapGear Deluxe Lap Desk Laptop Pad

The LapGear Deluxe Lap Desk Laptop Pad is not so much a laptop pad as a 'Lap Desk'. This new breed of laptop pad has no consideration towards laptop cooling, and instead focuses on providing a stable working status on your lap.

While this laptop accessory does look good, it doesn't really do much else. I have still kept this on my laptop pad list for the sole reason that sometimes all you actually need is something to place your laptop on, and this helps you do it while looking both business like and professional.

Belkin Laptop Cooling Strip

Okay, so first off the Belkin Laptop Cooling Strip is also not technically a laptop pad. However it is incredibly portable, simple, and does the job. Rather than providing a laptop pad to work off, the Belkin Laptop Cooling Strip is used on a desk to lift your laptop and give it a little elevation. This helps to increase airflow for improved cooling capabilities.

The best part is that the simplicity of this device helps keep the cost down, so you can snag one of these nifty little laptop accessories for less than $10!

ThermaPAK HeatShift Laptop Pad

The ThermaPak HeatShift Laptop Pad is one of the first laptop pads to provide crystal cooling. This literally draws heat away from laptop, and it is absorbed by the crystals.

This is extremely effective for short term laptop use, however the crystals can only hold a certain amount of heat, and extended use of an hour or two will soon show a loss of effectiveness.

The other benefit of the ThermaPAK heatshift laptop pad is that it's slim form and ease of use make it a fantastic portable laptop pad.

Logitech LapDesk N315 Laptop Pad

The Logitech LapDesk N315 laptop pad is without a doubt one of the best laptop pads available. it doesn't really provide much more than a flat surface, but a slide out mouse pad makes this functional and useful for home, business and gaming use. Of course if you really want to keep your gaming machine cool, you will need a laptop cooler!

In true Logitech form, the Logitech N315 laptop pad avoids complicated designs that can easily break for a more simple, but efficient design.This simple design does not mean it is cheap. While it is light weight and thin, it remains strong and sturdy, with an anti slip stop to keep your laptop safe.

When I am on the move this is now my laptop pad of choice thanks to it's amazing portability and sleek professional looks.


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