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How to deal with laptop running too hot?

Updated on August 3, 2008

I recently bought a fancy Dell XPS M1730 laptop to replace my 4-year old Dell Inspiron 1000. With a chock-full of cutting-edge technologies, its speed and configuration does satisfy me. However, I soon find a problem that seems common on both of my Dell laptops, i.e. it runs pretty hot even for short periods of time.

Having searched on the Internet, I found that this is a common problem of all laptops. There are four things you can do to cool your laptop if the temperature at its bottom bothers you.

1. Go to a hardware store or crafts store, purchase some adhesive sponges or rubber feet for furniture. They are usually about 1/4 inch in diameter and about 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch in height. That will give you more spacing underneath the laptop so the table surface is not in contact. Somebody even uses egg crate which can do the same job.

2. Spend a couple of quid (£20) on one of those sweet laptop stands. They tilt the bottom part of your laptop in a way to let your fans 'breath' freely. Work pretty good.

3. Buy a laptop cooler that sit under your laptop that have fans inside them that help circulate air and keep your laptop cool if you like to actually keep it in your lap, but they're not practical for travelling.

4. Use a fan control software

Dell has set the fans to go off on very high temperatures so the laptop will be very quiet. You can use a fan control software (I9kFanGUI v2.3) in order to take control over the heat and fans, e.g. set I9KFanGUI to run the fans when your CPU goes above 30 degree and GPU goes above 40.

Other common sense of using laptop includes not sit it on fabrics, blankets, pillows ect. as these simply hold in heat.


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