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Laptop Computers

Updated on April 29, 2015

The Luxury of Owning a Laptop

Never did I dream that one day I would carry everything of importance around in a small box in a bag. As a writer it is so handy to take my computer into libraries where I can work on a book while having access to all the research material I need.

Neither did I dream that my children would learn the skills of talking to people worldwide, even putting up web sites and discovering the thrill of researching and doing their homework without pens and paper. The world has shifted with the introduction of the Internet and now everone in it is getting up to speed. The laptop is freedom, knowledge, convenience, entertainment and a great device that offers an extension of the brain with everything on board at once.

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Buy Your Laptop Online

Internet shopping is now the 21st Century thing to do and there are so many choices when it comes to buying electronic gear online. My last PC was bought this way and when researching the Company and then ordering it there was major satisfaction in dealing with those with whom contact was made.

They were courteous, attentive, answered all my questions and most important of all there was no rush. For some days of going back and forth from one company to the next it was easy to make a final choice with all the facts and figures in front of me. With many of the components of a computer foreign to me it was no big deal to ask questions and be informed of exactly what they are and the benefits of having them.

When the deal was finally struck the machine arrived on time, brand new direct from the factory, There was no stress on my part as I had not hiked around shops, waited for inattentive assistants to drag themselves towards me to answer questions, no stress about asking what does this do and what is that for, and no hassles over price. Neither was there loud music, often not even able to be called that, filling my ears and interrupting my thought processes.

The after sales service was also superb. Mostly direct through the computer if something was not working correctly and ordering ink or other things for the printer was quick and easy without me having to leave the house.

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Innovative Laptop-Rolltop

Work at Home with a Laptop

While I have a wonderful office with a large desk and a PC computer it is my laptop that I prefer to work with in another room. Relaxing in my recliner chair with my legs up and my back properly supported I find this is the most comfortable position for my body, My neck and back do not ache as they did when sitting in a normal chair and the special so-called ergonomic chairs were the most painful of all.

One of the main requirements for a writer is comfort. If there is the slightest hint of pain or of another problem then the distraction stops work, literally. While writing in this position my tolerance for long periods of working is superior and sometimes will extend for hours.

Making sure that a little walk every so often takes place so that my legs don't cramp and the risk of clots is avoided this working position is more than great for me. Now I can be near the heater in the winter and by the air conditioning during summer. The cats snuggle up between my legs or on the back of my chair and will stay there until I move. It makes for a lovely cost picture.

Laptops still Beat Tablets for Multi-Tasking

The Advantage of a Laptop

As a writer I love to sit with my laptop on my lap and type. They keys have back lighting and the screen is large enough to see what I am doing without straining my eyes. My fingers glide easily around the keyboard and when I am done it is easy to push to one side until the next time.

Because I flick back and forth between browsers the laptop is more convenient. The emails are also visible when I want to check them out while keeping my documents open. On one browser I have my Squidoo lenses and on Word I can be writing an article about one of them for publication, which is an important part of my work.

While I have a tablet I find it cumbersome to do anything other than check things one at a time, although in fairness I have not yet mastered the full use of it.

If one wants to read e-books then the tablet is probably the way to go but I write them and for me the laptop is the only tool used for that purpose now. Easy to use, comfortable and able to be readily seen the functions are best suited to my needs. For writers or those who run businesses they are most definitely better, as far as I am concerned.

First Computer Lesson

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    • StoveM profile image


      6 years ago

      It is now a decision between notebook and tablet.


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