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Latest Blogging Tools

Updated on March 14, 2015

Blogging Tools

Blogging is one of the best ways to improve your online presence. There are many free blogging platforms online which are used by top bloggers. Blogging not only helps you in building your credibility, but also helps in earning an online revenue. There are many bloggers who earn online through blog. This hubs helps you in identify some of the best blogging tools available in web.

Blogging Tools are very useful for bloggers to bring more visibility to their content. Using these blogging tools, users generate a large amount of revenue and also bring traffic for their blogs.

This lens is especially designed to provide the next generation blogging approaches and latest blogging tools in web. Do share if you know about any blogging tools which benefits you in bringing visibility to your blog.


#1 Google Webmaster Tools

Best Blogging tools

Google is not only the number one search engine provider but also one of the best in providing the latest blogging tools for bloggers online. No matter whether you have your own domain or have domain ( which is provided by blogger), you can access webmaster tools through Google account.

Google webmaster tools help your blog to easily start indexing and also know about your keyword popularity, how your website is being searched in recent days and a number of internal and external links to your website or blog.

I personally recommend every blogger to have their Google Webmaster account verified regularly for any errors or broken links to their blogs and getting about the +1 likes for their blog. You can get started with Google webmaster in the link Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools Poll


Now to know more about Google webmaster tools, here is the poll on how many webmasters and bloggers use Google Webmasters tool

Do you use Google Webmaster Tool

See results

#2 Bing Web Master Tools

Top Blogging tools in web

Like Google, Bing also provides some of the best Blogging tools for bloggers. To get indexed in Bing, you need to submit your site and get it verified in Bing webmaster tools. Bing is not so popular but helps you to get your blog indexed quickly.

You can even submit xml sitemap of your blog to Bing

Bing Webmaster tools


Do you use Bing Webmaster tools?

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#3 Yahoo Site Explorer

Blogging Tools from Yahoo

Yahoo also provides Yahoo site explorer where you can submit your blog sitemap and also verify your blog with Yahoo. All the three major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo provide their own webmaster tools which are very important for bloggers.

Yahoo Webmaster Poll


Do you use Yahoo Webmaster tools?

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#4 Google Analytics

Top Blogger Tool for Analytics

Do you want to know about the visitors of your blog? How many people visited your blog? How many came from Mozilla, Internet Explorer or from Mobile. Or which article is making your blog popular. Then you should be using Google Analytics by now. It is one free tool which can help your blog grow to different heights. You can understand which is the best topic to blog about and which interests your readers.

Google Analytics is free to use. Thank Google for some tools like these.


#5 Feedburner

Well I like Feedbuner, it is with me all the time adding new posts to my xml sitemap. If you have a valid rss feed for your blog or website, then can give options for your readers to subscribe your blog and that is possible through Feedburner. And guess what Feedburner is a free blogging tool.

You can integrate feedburner with blogger and wordpress, two most used blogging platforms online.

#6 Top Blogging books - Best Tools for your knowledge

I know many must be surprised when I added this module in the Blogging Tools lens. Well what I feel is, books written by experts are the best tools any blogger can find.

These contain similar experiences as my blogging experiences. There are many new bloggers who contact me through Sriram Raj Contact Page to get information related to blogging contests, tips on writing articles and earning money online

Facebook fan page poll


Do you have Facebook fan page for your blog.

See results

#7 Word Count Tool

Word Count tool helps you in identifying the number of words your article contains. Google and other web search engines calculate the priority of article based on content and number of words in the article. There are many free word count tools available online. One I use frequently is wordcounttool

#8 Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools help you in identify the right keywords to use when you are blogging online. There are many blogging tips that provide you information on how to use long tail keywords and short keywords.

Keyword research tools helps you understand the best keywords to use when you are blogging online. Keyword research tools I feel are one of the powerful blogging tools when you are writing articles online. My hub Top Keyword research tools will help you in identifying the best keyword research tool for you

#9 Blogging Experts

Blogging experts help you in improving your blogging skills and thereby improving chances for earning money online.

In web, you have blogging experts in every niche. Many new bloggers contact me through Sriram Raj contact page for information about earning money online, blogging tips and freelance jobs online.

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