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Smart Phones, The Best Gifts for Teens

Updated on January 29, 2016

Latest Smart Phones: Best Gifts for Teenage Boys

Choosing the best gifts for teenage boys aged 16 can be fun if you interact with them in your daily life. Sweet sixteen's are easy to please and their gifts are affordable. This is the 'show off age' and has been used by manufacturers to turn adorers to consumers hence availability to tap the potential of the age group. It is therefore easy to get trendy gift for a 16 year old. Smart phones and accessories are the best gifts to put a smile on a young boy aged sixteen. Let us sample the best gifts for teenage boys aged 16 in no particular order of the gift's popularity. Teens love browsing on the go and smart phones come in handy.

Latest smart phones Gifts

When choosing the latest smart phones gifts, you have to balance between a great design and modern features. Tens are hooked in social networking, smart phone games, sharing and uploading videos, music and pictures. A phone with these features and a dual SIM are a hit to any teenage boy aged sixteen. Multi tasking smart phones will keep the teen occupied while keeping in touch. Go for big screen smart phones which come with inbuilt cameras and a Bluetooth function which enables music, video and picture sharing easy without spending a dime. Here are some teen smart phones which make all time teen gifts.

Phone Memory cards

This is a cheap way of upgrading a teen's smart phone; memory cards size determines its storage capability and enables teens to capture memorable events and share them real time online through social network like Facebook and YouTube. With a good memory card it is easy to run smart phone applications hence saving time. Here you can sample some smart phone memory cards to go with your gift.

Head phones

Comfortable ear buds are the features to look for but the outer appearance of the headphone that you choose as a gift matters too. This should be friendly to the inner ear and ear canal to make listening to music easier. Most teens spend most of their time listening to music and hats why you need to be very keen on smart phone headphone comfort.

Smart Phone Cases

Teens are an active lot and smart phones are delicate gadgets and they need to be protected and choosing the right smart phone case for a smart phone gift is equally important. Matching the smart phone color to that of its case should not be a big deal. Teenage boys love black leather or synthetic phone cases; these are affordable, stand out and are easy to clean.

If you are looking for the best gifts for teenage boys aged 16, the latest smart phones are readily available in your local electronic store or you can order one online. This is a smart gift which offers value for money and keeps the teen busy when out of school or college. Get one today and make a teen smile. Always keep in mind smart phones are the future of browsing.

Targeted Buying

When buying smart phones for teens always remember this is a targeted purchase and the age group is quite particular on the color, size, shape, make and the overall phone performance. On the other hand, features like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter are very important to these young people. Care should be taken lest you get your gadget being rejected or kept aside due to peer pressure and the quest for the latest smart phones in the market.


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