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Leather Laptop Bags for Men

Updated on December 12, 2018

Finding a Good Men's Leather Laptop Bag

If you need a good, hard wearing men's laptop bag, you are unlikely to get any better then a leather bag. Many of the leather laptop bags for men available are are not only stylish, but are also hard-wearing as well as practical.

Considering the prices of leather bags, when choosing a men's leather laptop bag, you will want to be sure not only that it looks good, but that it is practical and functional for your particular uses.

Men's leather laptop bags come in a variety of styles and different leather colors to suite anyone. Here we shall look at a variety of men's leather laptop bags to choose from. You can choose the type, style the different features and/or specializations built into each of these the laptop bags.

Being stylish and organized has never been easier.

Best Men's Leather Laptop Bags - Best Selling and Top Rated Cases to Consider

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business
Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business

This is is a solid well designed laptop bag made of authentic rich and soft leather.

Good for both casual and formal use


Leather Laptop Bags for Men

Can be Professional,

Smart and Hard-wearing,

Stylish and yet Masculine

Why Get a Leather Laptop Bag?

When a leather bag is made of good quality leather and crafted with good craftsmanship, the bag not only looks good when new, but will wear well and take on its own unique character as it ages.

Leather is known to age well, and last for years and years--you may even find you can bequeath it to your children. As any heavily used bag, a leather bag too, may start to fall apart, but because it is made of leather, it is much easier to get it fixed. In nearly every town there will be a shoe maker or leather worker who can fix it for a reasonable fee.

With a little care you can easily make your leather laptop bag last with little need for fixing. And because leather ages well, often older bags have a well loved look that is very attractive to look at.

Leather Laptop Messenger Bags for Men

STORIA - Italian Leather Messenger Bag

A gorgeous and well-crafted leather bag in warm rust brown


STORIA - Italian Leather Messenger Bag

The STORIA Italian Leather Messenger Bag is made by Dionigi's Fine Italian Leather Bags. The bag is a beautiful is a unisex messenger bag for grown-ups. Forget stiff attaches or boring briefcases - with this leather messenger bag you don't have to sacrifice style and comfort by going all-leather. Also popular as a bike messenger bag!

Comes in the Classic leather: 100% vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather with its unique surface and unmistakable aroma. Please note that wrinkles, tonal variations, and small blemishes in the leather are natural characteristics of this type of leather, as they are not buffed away to create an artificially even surface.

This is truly a beautiful bag! The relatively thick leather has a wonderful grain that adds to the bag's character. Well crafted and gorgeous, you are sure to enjoy both the look and use of this leather laptop bag.


  • Handmade with genuine Italian vegetable-tanned leather; cotton lining
  • Magnetized flap for easy access
  • 2 fully lined main compartments (2"x13.5"x9.5" each)
  • 2 small interior accessory pockets
  • Large zippered pocket in the front
  • Large zippered pocket in the back
  • Small vertical zippered pocket in the front flap
  • Comfortable strap, adjustable in length from 25"-46"
  • 2 pen pockets on the side
  • Small accessory pocket on the sides


  • Exterior: 10 H X 14.25 W X 4 D
  • Interior 9.5 H X 13.25 W X 1.5 D (each compartment)

Men's Distressed Leather Laptop Bag

Men's Brown Visconti Berlin Leather Twin Buckle Briefcase

The Visconti Berlin Leather Twin Buckle Briefcase is made by the popular Visconti brand. The bag is made from beautiful oiled, slightly distressed leather that has a stylish warm worn that still has a very professional feel.

Comes in brown and tan. Because it is made natural leather, the bag may come with wrinkles, scars, scratches that give it a unique character an a natural beauty.

Not only is the leather fantastic quality, but you will find that the overall construction of the bag is beautifully done resulting in a very durable bag especially for this price range.


  • Top quality oiled leather with contrast stitching
  • 2 antique magnetic brass snaps
  • A half flap fold over with 2 with two push lock snaps to hold it shut
  • 2 large pockets under flap
  • 1 external rear zipped pocket, card/pen and cell holders in the inside
  • 1 large spaced pocket for magazines, books and folders
  • 1 Internal zipped pocket
  • Dimensions: 15.6" Length 11" Height 3.9" Depth

Finding a Good Leather Laptop Bag

When looking to buy a good leather laptop bag for men online, it isimportant to look at the reviews that previous have left. As with anything, leather to comes in various qualities.

Some factors that affect the quality are:

  1. Tanning

    There are two common ways to tan the leather used in bags:

    • Chrome tanning: Also know as "pickling" among experts, is usually less expensive and usually the process only takes about a day.
    • Vegetable tanning: Uses a plant-based solution to soak the leather in. The process does not only create a more environmentally friendly leather, but results in a a leather with a more natural look. The vegetable tanning process also takes much longer than chrome tanning and results in a leather that usually last longer. Because of this, more often than not, vegetable tanning is used more commonly in expensive high-end leather products.

  2. Type

    There four most common types, listed here in order of quality:

    1. Full-grain leather: This is leather that has not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed even to remove any imperfections or natural marks it may come with. The grain remains allowing the fiber strength and durability as well as breathability. Rather than wearing out, this leather will develop a patina over time, but is not often used for bags, as it tends to be rather heavy.
    2. Top-grain leather: This is the most common type used in quality leather bags. The leather is prepared by separated the "split" layer, making it thinner and more pliable than full-grain, after which the surface is sanded and a finishing coat added to the surface which can results in a colder more plastic feel with less breathability, and it will not develop a natural patina. It is typically less expensive and has greater resistance to stains than full-grain leather, so long as the finish remains unbroken.
    3. Corrected-grain leather: This is leather that has an artificial grain applied to the surface of leather does not meet the standards for use in creating vegetable-tanned or aniline leather. The process corrects or sands off the imperfections and then an artificial grain is impressed into the surface after which the leather is dressed with stain or dyes.
    4. Split leather: This is a leather created from the fibrous part of the hide left once the top-grain of the rawhide has been separated from the hide. splitting off the top grain, the drop split left can be further split (thickness allowing) until no more layers can be got.

When possible try to get vegetable tanned leather, although some of the newer chrome tanned goods, can still be of reasonable quality. Also try to at least get top-grain leather if you want the bag to last, although corrected-grain leather can work for bags that will not be heavily used.

Leather Laptop Briefcases for Men

Latico Heritage Laptop Merger Briefcase

Excellent leather laptop bag for men

Latico's Basics laptop merger briefcase is as sophisticated as it is practical. All the compartments in this handy bag makes it almost impossible not to stay organized with; There's room for your files, cards, pens, books, and even a cushioned pouch for your laptop.

Whatever your work needs are, you can count on this stylish leather bag to handle the job.

The Latico Heritage laptop bag reflects the casual, down-to-earth styles of the company founder Latico's attitude -- mellow basics with laid-back comfort. His beautiful bags are of high quality leather, and vibrant seasonal colors are the hallmarks of the brand. There is great attention to details such as unique artisan linings, unexpected leather treatments, and extensive interior organization have become Latico signature features that turn heads from coast to coast. It is not difficult to see why Latico remains a boutique favorite.

David King & Co. Dowel Laptop Briefcase

An outstanding, quality bag for the money

This stylish, professional looking leather laptop bag is great quality. It is great for large files and laptop, etc as it expands easily. It has a magnetic catch on the back pocket which makes it great for one handed operation.

The David King & Co. Dowel Laptop Briefcase is sturdy, hard-wearing, able to take a lot of abuse, yet still keep its looks and quality. The leather is soft and the many pockets help you to stay organized.


  • Vacquetta Leather
  • Padded laptop section under flap
  • Organizer with card slots and pen slots
  • Cell phone holder
  • File separator under back flap
  • Adjustable removable shoulder strap

Royce Leather Large Laptop Organizer Briefcase

Men's black leather laptop case

This leather laptop bag is a well-designed product with a rich character and enduring quality. The elegant briefcase features a back pocket with a padded laptop compartment, a front organizer, plus inside and outside zippered pockets. Made from the finest Harness Cowhide (Top Grain Nappa Leather)

Each laptop bag is meticulously constructed with attention to even, fine stitching, and is tooled using only the finest techniques and materials.


  • Larger version big enough to accommodate new larger MAC and PC laptops
  • Elegant case features a back pocket with a padded laptop compartment - 11 3/4 x 13 1/2 x 2 1/2
  • Front organizer
  • Inside and outside zippered pockets

Samsonite Colombian Leather 2 Pocket Business Case

A wonderful leather laptop bag for any man

Click thumbnail to view full-size

There are so many storage areas in this briefcase that you couldn't begin to use everything. Also in the center pouch area are a couple of side areas to put a few smaller things in.

There is another pouch in the back of the briefcase where you could put a notepad binder. There are a couple of storage areas in the front with pen holders and a cell phone holder. There is also a strap on the back of the briefcase where you can slide it over the extended handle on a rolling suitcase and not have to worry about the briefcase falling making it very easy to transport through an airport.


  • Fully lined double gusset construction
  • Crafted of genuine leather
  • Front pocket organization for all your business needs
  • Padded, removable adjustable shoulder strap
  • SmartPocket slides over upright handles for easy mobility
  • Top carry handles

McKlein USA Morgan Leather 17" Litigator Laptop Brief


It's classy and definitely grabs peoples' attention. It has a real classic or traditional charm to it. It's just so well made and it's really nice looking. It just feels very good - the handles are really well-made and the leather case is very nice.

There are three sections. The middle one that is designed to hold the laptop, is padded. Another section can hold a few accessories but there isn't much room for anything else. The other section is about 1 inch wide and can hold a note pad and just a small amount of paper. The internal of the case is also very well made - the center laptop section is padded.

This is a great laptop bag if you have a large 17 inch laptop you need to haul around, but might be a bit over big and heavy if you have a small laptop.


  • Full Grain Oil Tanned Leather
  • Combination of elegant and modern functional design with dual handles
  • Secure 3 digit combination lock
  • Interior organizer section for PDA, cell phone, business cards and pens
  • Large 3 section construction with padded middle section that protects laptops up to 17and two divider sections for documents
  • Laptop interior dimensions: 17x2x12

Looking after Your Leather Laptop Bag

  1. Clean regularly and with a proper leather cleaner

    The most important thing for a long lasting leather bag is to keep your bag as clean as possible. This includes trying to keep you bag from getting stained. The most common stains are from oil and water splashes.

    Depending on the type of finish, here are the general methods of keeping your bag clean.

    Grain leather

    With a soft brush you need to dust or brush regularly. You can also wipe the bag clean with a slightly damp cloth.

    Patent leather bags

    You can clean the patent leather with a damp cloth and a dilute solution of delicate soap like baby wash if needed, but it is better to use a saddle soap if the leather is stained.

    Suede leather

    • Brush regularly with a soft suede brush or rub gently with a plastic foam block.
    • Minor stains and marks may be removed with a hard rubber eraser, or by touching up the surface with a fine emery paper.

  2. Condition regularly to keep the leather supple

    You will need to regularly condition your leather bag to prevent the leather from drying out over time and flaking or wrinkling.

    • To condition you will need to dab a dollop of leather conditioner on a soft cloth and rub gently all over your bag making sure to get into any hard to reach places too.
    • You can also use mink or neatsfoot oil in place of a conditioner or to supplement (not at the same time) to simulate and supplement the natural oils of leather. You should leave the oil for 10 minutes for it to absorb before wiping off the excess. Dry thoroughly in an airy room.

    You will need to condition every month or so to keep your leather looking its shiny best

Leather Laptop Backpacks for Men

SOLO Vintage Laptop Backpack

A great budget leather laptop bag

Never one to sacrifice style, you'll look professional and fashionable thanks to a richer quality that you can see and feel. Full grain distressed Colombian leather that's durable yet soft to the touch. Buckles made of polished antique brass. Finished seams and corner patches with nail head detailing. Elegant organization and fashionable function that's vintage you. Padded laptop section protects most 15.6 laptops. Two organizers and exterior pocket provides a location for business cards, pens, passport, boarding pass or other necessities. Lavish tan interior makes organizing easy, yet fashionable.


  • Leather backpack protects a 15.6 laptop
  • Top zipper closure
  • Two zip down organizers
  • Soft no-edge, padded shoulder straps
  • Padded laptop section

Some of the most common leathers used in men's laptop cases and bags

By far the most common leathers used to make laptop bags and cases are from cow hides. But cows are not the only animal hides used. Some other relatively common options you will find are bags made with from the following animals and birds:

  • goats

  • sheep

  • camels

  • pigs

  • buffaloes

  • deer

  • snakes

  • alligators and crocodiles

  • ostriches

  • and many more

Men's Leather Laptop Bags on eBay - Bid on an auction for some more options for men's leather laptop bags

If you want a chance for a possible great deal when looking for a men's leather laptop bags you can sometimes find some excellent deals on eBay. You will also sometimes find some more rare and unique models here as well as some lightly used pre-owned leather bags that would normally be out of your price range.

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