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Lenovo Thinkpad R400 Review

Updated on November 3, 2012

The Lenovo Thinkpad R400 is a powerful laptop computer. Designed for durability, ruggedness, and performance, the R400 is a great choice for gamers, programmers, and professionals.

I use the Thinkpad R400 for work and play and give it a 5 star rating. Scroll down for a more detailed review, Lenovo Thinkpad R400 specifications, and links to the cheapest Lenovo Thinkpads on the web.

Ergonomic keyboard, handy volume/mute buttons, wide touchpad... and spill-proof.
Ergonomic keyboard, handy volume/mute buttons, wide touchpad... and spill-proof.

Personal Lenovo ThinkPad R400 Review

My Lenovo ThinkPad R400 experience has been extremely positive. I have been using this reliable laptop computer for two and a half years, and it is still in perfect working order.

I work on my Thinkpad for 7-8 hours a day, so usability is a must. The Lenovo ThinkPad R400 touchpad is large and perfectly responsive, with left and right-click buttons; it is easy and comfortable to use, even for several hours at a stretch. These days, I mostly use my ThinkPad for writing, editing, and web design, as well as gaming and online video streaming during my downtime. In the past I've also used it for CPU resource-intensive number crunching using Mathematica, which it has coped with well.

I have two batteries for my Lenovo ThinkPad R400: a 6-cell, which lasts for a couple of hours (4+ hours when it was new), and a 9-cell, which still gives 6+ hours of battery life for general laptop use (web surfing, word processing). Both batteries are 2.5 years old and are performing great for their age.

The Thinkpad R400 speakers' sound quality is excellent. Since I got my Thinkpad, my USB laptop speakers have been resigned to gathering dust on the shelf. When listening to music, there is no tinny quality like with most laptop speakers; the sound is full-bodied. You can crank it up pretty loud too.

One cool feature of the Thinkpad R400 is its spill-proof keyboard, which drains liquids away from the internal components. If disaster strikes and you spill coffee on the Thinkpad keyboard, turn off the computer and leave it to dry out - do NOT tip up the computer to try to shake off the water, as this risks diverting the liquid out of the drain-off system and into your precious circuitry.

The one disadvantage of the Thinkpad R400 is that it is quite heavy with the 9-cell battery in place. However, this is offset by the peace of mind that comes when transporting such a sturdy laptop. My Thinkpad has endured its fair share of knocks and rough treatment without coming to any harm.

Where Can I Buy Lenovo Thinkpad R400?

Buy Lenovo Thinkpad R400 from via this link to get the best price on a new Lenovo Thinkpad.

ThinkPad R400 Notebook
ThinkPad R400 Notebook

Work smartly and efficiently with the Lenovo Thinkpad R400 Notebook. Features include:

-14.1" widescreen display

-Full Disk Encryption (FDE) HDD

-In-built camera

-9-cell battery offering 6+ hours of battery life

-A wider Touchpad for improved ergonomics.


Where Can I Buy Second Hand Lenovo Thinkpad R400 or R400 parts?

eBay currently has some great deals on refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad R400 laptops, batteries, and spare parts.

Lenovo Thinkpad R400 Specs

Specifications for Thinkpad R400

  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • 4GB maximum memory
  • 6.4 hours battery life (9-cell) or 4.6 hours (6-cell)
  • CD-RW/DVD Ultrabay slim drive
  • 3 USB ports
  • TFT color LCD screen with 16M colors, WXGA+ (1440 Ã 900 resolution)
  • Standard size: 14.1-inch
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Thinkpad/Intel 802.11agn wireless adapter
  • Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate (BDC-2.1)
  • In-built mic, speakers, and webcam
  • ThinkLight keyboard light

Replacement Batteries and Power Packs

Save on the cost of a Lenovo Thinkpad R400 replacement battery or Lenovo power adapter with these great deals.

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