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lens for iphone

Updated on March 5, 2012

Lenses for iPhone and iPad 2 Cameras

Lenses for iPhone and iPad 2 Cameras
Lenses for iPhone and iPad 2 Cameras

iphone 4s

Lens for iPhone

8-mega pixel is featured in the latest and the greatest Apple iPhone 4S. This is an amazing amount of technology that is fitted in such a small device. As matter of fact, it takes better pictures than some of the big and bulk point and shoot cameras.

Lots of apps are being offer at the Apple apps store to customize and enhance this camera to make this amazing little phone camera that rivals the DSLR camera. There is only one short coming to this near perfect device.

How many times have you been taking pictures with your iPhone and thought to yourself “this camera is great, but I wish I could put add some camera lenses to this iPhone camera”?

The lens for iphone has a quick-connect optical lens solution for the iPhone 4S and iPhone4gs that includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses in one small, convenient package that easily fits in your pocket.

These lenses are Japanese designed and precision crafted in aluminum. These special lenses install and connects to your iPhone within 2 seconds so you’ll be sure to capture the image you want with the right lens.

DSLR Lenses for iPhone

DSLR Lenses for iPhone
DSLR Lenses for iPhone

lenses for iPhone

lenses for iPhone
lenses for iPhone | Source

DSLR Camera Lenses for iPhone

There are three different add-on camera lens for iphone to choose from: Wide angle + Macro Lenses, Fish-eye Lens and Telephoto Lens. Each one offer an unique function to enhance your already powerful iphone camera.

The Wide angle lens for iphone offers a wide angle of 0.67x , a 120 degree view which is prefect for indoor and interior shots. It's prefect for when you want to fit more subject into a photograph. Its an excellent choice for realtor or interior designer, or anytime you want fit more stuff into one frame.

The Macro Lens for iphone is perfect for the curious one. Macro lens offers a focus between 10-23mm from your subject get real close to the subject. It bring the subject to an 1:1 rational. Its prefect for tiny close-up photography such as a close examination of an insect. It will open up a whole other level of fun and function to your iPhone or iPad 2 cameras.

The Fish-eye Lens for iphone is extremely fun. It widen up the coverage of your view finder. It increase the camera coverage to an astonishing 180 degree of fun. The fish-eye lens provides a distorted edge of any subject. It provide a sort of key-hole fun-house mirror effect to all your photograph.

Finally, the Telephoto 2x lens, It bring and magnify subject. It's designed to bring subject closer with more detail.

Best of all, the lens for iphone takes one second to install. No hardware customizing needed. A self-adhesive ring with a magnet must first be affixed to the area around the camera lens. After that, it’s a simple matter of bringing the add-on lens in contact with the magnet.


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    • dslrtipsandtricks profile image

      dslrtipsandtricks 6 years ago

      I wondering if there are any of these mods around for a galaxy S droid

    • luckycharm4me profile image

      luckycharm4me 6 years ago from San Francisco


      The jelly lens are more for fun and silly things. These lens for iphone are far more "professional" than those jelly lens.

      Please check out my site

      or my facebook page for more references

    • livingconsciously profile image

      livingconsciously 6 years ago

      Interesting! I have an iPhone and i've bought an add on lens as well. I currently have the fisheye Jelly Lens and It works well for me. I wonder if the Jelly Lens and those lens compare.

    • kripkrip420 profile image

      kripkrip420 6 years ago from In relation to what?

      Cool stuff! They really are going all out with this new iPhone. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but that is how Apple makes their money, isn't it! Anyways, great hub! Voted up and interesting!