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LG Ally Smartphone for Verizon Wireless - Personal Product Testimony

Updated on September 5, 2011
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Disclaimer: No endorsement or compensation was given for reviewing this product.

By far, this has been the worst cell phone I’ve ever owned during my long tenure as a Verizon Wireless customer. I obtained the phone as a one-year upgrade in the summer of 2010 to replace my Motorola Q PDA. I wanted a device that was touch-screen, but still containing a slide-out keyboard. Running on the Android platform software, it offered a lot of freebie applications. I was originally impressed by its features while at the Verizon store, so it was chosen as my latest-and-greatest gadget. I was sold on its ability to allow for free mp3 downloads unlimited.

Nine months into my LG Ally ownership, I noticed that the phone would freeze up in between task switches. I either had to wait for the device to respond, or rebooted it if in a hurry. Sometimes, it shut off automatically and would restart all on its own. Assuming that the memory was full due to the many mp3 files on the MINI SD memory card, I deleted a few of them even though the memory hadn’t reached its peak capacity. When this was an inconvenient and daily occurrence, I contacted Verizon through the original store the phone was purchased from. They placed an order for a replacement unit under the one-year warranty. The replacement phone arrived in 2 business days via FedEx, but it was a “Certified Pre-Owned” unit to my surprise. The packaging only contained the chassis without a battery, or battery cover.

Not very happy about the “new” phone, I activated it and returned the old unit back to Verizon. For about two months, or so, the replacement phone started to fail. Every time someone called me from a landline, they couldn’t hear me unless I used the speakerphone feature or my headphones which contained a microphone. Of course, to my inconvenient dismay, this occurred after the 14-day guarantee that the reconditioned phone policy stated. Not to mention, my one-year warranty had expired, so obtaining yet another replacement unit was not an option unless I purchased another device. So, I took the second-hand cell phone to the Verizon store and they called technical support, which was something I could’ve done at home anyway. They opened a trouble ticket to look into the matter of landlines calls not being audible from the other caller’s end. After advising me that I’d be contacted back in 24 hours with the solution and outcome to the issue, no phone call was ever made. With my trouble ticket number in hand, I called them and they claimed that there was nothing wrong with the landlines that the calls were made to, or from. However, that, if the problem persisted, I was to push ### after the end of the call so as to track the call with Verizon.

On a it-gets-better note, the battery wouldn’t hold a charge and instead of going up in the charging percentage, it would go down and discharge itself when plugging it into the wall charger. Yet, the phone gladly charged itself when using the travel charger. However, I wasn’t going to leave my phone charging overnight in the car and charging it in between drives wasn’t enough for it to be all full battery power.

With less than a year left in my Verizon Wireless contract, I opted to use my old 2006 Motorola Q as the “loaner” phone, which has not let me down despite how many times it has been dropped and exposed to water. Once being freed from my contractual relationship of Verizon, I plan on seeing what the cell phone world has to offer instead.

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