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LibreOffice - The Ultimate Alternative to Microsoft Office

Updated on August 1, 2012
A screen shot of the start center.
A screen shot of the start center. | Source

Chances are a good number of you are currently using the latest version of Microsoft’s Office application suite. It is quite good. However, it can be a bit expensive for some for students and personal use. Fortunately, there are free alternatives like LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is a free open source alternative to the popular Microsoft software. It has everything and more including a database application, word processing, spread sheets, presentations, a drawing app and even a mathematical app for students.

For the novice users it can sound a bit scary. However, using the suite is much the same as using Office except a few minor changes in the icons, naming, etc., this is, of course, to avoid any copyright infringements that may arise.

The application suite is available, not only for Windows, but Linux and even Macintosh systems.

LibreOffice of free for download and use at and if you really like the software then a small donation to the organisation wouldn’t hurt either.

A Video Introduction


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  • purnimamoh1982 profile image

    purnimamoh1982 5 years ago

    Wonderful that you highlighted this free package. it is almost 10 years now I have abandoned proprietary software and am a strong supporter of free software movement. voted up and followed. Please visit my hubs.