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Lime Green iphone 5 Case

Updated on August 29, 2017

Best Lime Green iPhone 5 Case

What would an iPhone 5 be without its lime green case? I have to admit I have a fondness for green, and lime green is so bright and cheery. It really stands out and draws the attention. Besides, this color makes it harder to lose your phone as some people have a tendency to do (as some of my family members do).

Are you looking for a stylish and up to date lime green iPhone 5 case because you have a preference for the color, too? If so, you are in luck as I have located the best iPhone 5 covers available online at very competitive prices. Browse these top selections below.

But buying based on color is not the only thing to consider. Are you looking for a contemporary design for your treasured iPhone? Have you got a favorite brand of case? Do you like Otterbox or Mercury (which has apparently changed its name to Square One)?

The iPhone has certainly become a very popular mobile phone that is loved all over the world. Finding the right case for your phone to protect it and give it some pizzazz is very important. If you love this color, then you are lucky to have found this page which can help you locate the best case for yours.

Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Lime Green) - Pctured


Square One Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case

With almost 1900 5-star ratings, you can see this TPU case is a winner. By the way, in case you don't know, TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane which is a material you really want in an iPhone 5 case that gets lots of play.

Not only does it resist tearing and scratches, it shrugs off dirt and oil (nice to know if you like to talk on your cell and eat at the same time). This type of plastic is also lightweight meaning it's not going to add much weight to your phone. And, although it may look like a hard cover, it actually acts like a soft cover with it shock absorption.

Furthermore, it works with all versions of the iPhone 5 regardless of where you get your phone.

Additional factors of this case are that you can easily reach every thing you need to on your phone after adding the cover. This includes your buttons, microphone, camera and so on.

Should you lay your phone down on its screen while wrapped in this case, you'll find it does a good job of keeping the screen safe due to its "lip protection."

Last thing I should note is that if lime green just isn't your color for some reason but you like this case, you can get it in 10 other colors. Hey! Get them all and change the case out to suit your mood or activities or even the holidays.


Mercury Fancy Diary Leather Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Blue / Lime Green)

This is a great solution for someone who wants to minimize the items they carry. Why not get a wallet and cell phone case in one item? With this you can carry an ID card, a credit card and a few dollars.

It has a magnet that holds it closed which should make it easy to open and close. Again it fits all versions of the iPhone 5 and has all the cutouts in the right places to get to the parts of the phone you need to.

Want Some Bling for Your iPhone 5?

Pandamimi Deluxe Light Green Diamond Rhinestone Glitter Bling Chrome Hard Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5 5G + Screen Protector + Stylus
Pandamimi Deluxe Light Green Diamond Rhinestone Glitter Bling Chrome Hard Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5 5G + Screen Protector + Stylus

If you are getting a case for your iPhone 5, why not go loud and get some bling? This cover sure does offer that and you get a film to cover your screen as well.



OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 5

The Commuter series of cases gives you 2 layers of protection plus a stick on screen protector for yet another. I think they are counting their layers wrong.

The actual case has a silicone layer inside to absorb shock and a polycarbonate outside which is rigid to protect your phone from scratches, dings and bumps.

According to some reviewers, this Commuter series fits easily into a pocket unlike the bulkier Defender series which has yet another layer of protection. Get it in the lime green which they seem to be calling punk and you've got a great case.


Keep Calm and Shut Up - Lime Green Color iPhone 5 Case Cover

In yet another version of the famous "Keep Calm and Carry One" meme that is so popular right now, you get this iPhone 5 cover. Interesting that a saying from WW II is so popular now but you can have fun with carrying this one around with you.

One Last Lime Green Cell Phone Case

Ringke SLIM Series Slender Steadfast Bolstered Polycarbonate Hard Case for Apple iPhone SE / 5S / 5 - GREEN
Ringke SLIM Series Slender Steadfast Bolstered Polycarbonate Hard Case for Apple iPhone SE / 5S / 5 - GREEN

This last case is a bit cheaper offering though not cheap in function. It isn't too bulky either for those who would expect a cheaper one to be so.


iphone 4 or iphone 5?

Do you think the iphone 5 is any better than the iphone 4? Which one do you prefer?

What Do You Think About The Color Lime Green for an iphone Case?

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