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list of some important useful computer keyboard shortcuts to operate computer faster

Updated on February 21, 2013

Learn easy useful shortcuts to save your time and Operate your computer faster

In this hub i am going to describe how to save your valuable time by learning some easy Useful computer Keyboardshortcuts. Moreover keyboard shortcuts are essential for multi tasking and operating your computer faster. The hubs may looks silly to computer experts or professionals but can be very useful those who yet didn't know about all the shortcuts. All of my hubs are basically focused on helping newbie computer learners.

There are plenty of computer shortcuts available on the internet , I will not confuse by copying all of them. I will just discuss only the most important Shortcuts we use in our daily life.

The most important shortcuts:

Ctrl + C = Copy the selected content.

Ctrl + X = Cut the selected material

Ctrl + V = Paste the content copied or cut

Ctrl + A = Select all the content

Ctrl + Z = Undo the previous action (very important when you delete or move something by mistakenly)

Shift + Delete =
Delete permanently

Alt + F4 =
Close or terminate the current program / shutdown the computer from desktop

Alt + F =
File or menu option from the current program you are running.

Alt + E =
Edit option from the program you will run

Ctrl + S = Save the content you are working on a program. This is really important when you are writing bunch of stuff in Microsoft word. But Sometimes we forget to save the document and later shout for the mistake. This simple shortcut can save the whole document.

Ctrl + B = Bold the font in Microsoft word

Ctrl + U = Underline the font in Microsoft word

Ctrl + F =
Find a specific word or sentence. Very useful when you are searching for a specific word or sentence to match your Query.

Ctrl + P =
Print a document

Windows key logo (the middle key between Ctrl and Alt) = Star menu

Windows key + D =
Minimize all current programs / Maximize current programs . This is very useful key when you need to minimize some programs urgently and maximize it quickly. (there are other keys for maximizing and minimizing but this is better because it can do both the work)

Windows key + R = Open run , if you know all the commands in run then you can Operate more and easily

Windows key + L = Lock your computer

Windows key + E = open my computer directly

Alt + Tab = Quickly switch between current programs . This also a very useful key when we need to work on many program at a time.

Ctrl+ Tab =
Go forward of tab . For example in your internet browser you have opened lots of tabs & if you want to operate the tabs without the help of mouse then this shortcut is very useful.

Go back of Tab. Reverse process of the previous shortcut

Space bar = Jump down

Home & End = Page up & down

Alt + Ctrl + Delete = Open task manager. One of the most important command that help you to to shutdown or reboot pc. End task or process of any program etc.

All this shortcuts are very useful for saving our time and operating a computer faster. Hope this shortcut will help you. Please don't forget to rate the hub if you like it. Thank you

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      Lucy uzziah 3 years ago

      You are doing an awesome job dear big-upz

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      sweety 4 years ago

      excellent keys

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      athurion 5 years ago

      Nice article

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      raja 5 years ago

      thanks it is very usefull how to create a software

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      virender 5 years ago

      i like your work sir i will visit this site daily . tell me how to make softwares

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      archiverranjith 5 years ago

      it was perfect

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      minku 5 years ago

      i fill very easy to use.

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      Dev 6 years ago

      I am very thankful at this.

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      Sumit Koundal 6 years ago

      it's great keep it up dude

    • profile image

      athi vignesh india 6 years ago

      winkey+E is very useful to me..! thank you so much.!! saves me a lot of time, every time..!

    • profile image

      Sushila Banswal 6 years ago

      Very helpful shortcuts! Thanks!

    • profile image

      Bijoy sarkar(TSG, Nagaland) 6 years ago

      Very useful shortcuts for saveing time!..thanx u..

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      kamal nandi 6 years ago


    • tnvrstar profile image

      tnvrstar 7 years ago from doha, qatar

      Thanx Gusripper

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      gusripper 7 years ago

      COOL ,thanks brother.

    • tnvrstar profile image

      tnvrstar 7 years ago from doha, qatar

      @Wodsmen Thank you for appreciating my work :)

    • WoodsmensPost profile image

      WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks for creating the list of keyboard shortcuts. I learned a couple of new short cuts that I didn't know about before. Like [ctrl + f] and [ctrl + tab]. Thanks