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Little Gossip Social Networking

Updated on February 11, 2012

Trouble Making Site?

My friend recently informed me of a social networking site named 'Little Gossip' which is particularly controversial, he explained that the original site owner named 'Ted Nash', a 19 year from Taunton in the U.K had to sell the site after only 4 days of creating it due to the amount of moderation it required.

In a way the Little Gossip site is much like Twitter in the fact that you can post short messages, although you must select your country and then the office/college which you want to post some rumor you have heard. I have read one other article on Hubpages which discusses the potential for bullying on this site, however, many people are blaming the site creator when he has expressed clearly that he didn't condone the malicious messages being posted and that's why he sold it on.

Little Gossip is still in operation and there is a warning when arriving at the site which states you must be 18 to use it, however, a lot of school kids still use the site and I cannot tell how this warning prevents the site from being abused.

The site actually has potential for being a particularly useful piece of social networking web design since you could keep up to date on the latest news involving your college or workplace, for example, if there is going to be new funding for a project or if there are going to be job cuts at the office.

Photo courtesy of vegansoldier

Little Gossip Website

The site actually has some other original features aside from the already well known ability to post message board comments, you can click on a 'True' or 'False' button in the style of the 'Upwards' and 'Downwards' thumb icon similar to Facebook 'Likes'.

If the site owners could only stop the abusive people from being ignorant and use the social network responsibly, it would would be another great website which you can crossover and share information between your other online accounts. There are actually Facebook and Twitter social buttons already placed on each page.

Little Gossip UK

The potential still is present for this site to be targeted by bullies, in December 2010 the present site owners promised to remove all high schools from there lists, however it was reported by the Beat Bully Charity to the BBC that 78 schools were still present in February of 2011.

Having looked on the site myself, as of February 2012, I cannot see any schools in my specific location but I can see colleges. My conclusion is that anyone who is over 18 and posting immature comments should grow up and my advice to people that are victims is too try not to worry as the majority of people can see through this type of childishness.


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