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Logitech Tablet Keyboard For Ipad Review

Updated on November 29, 2015

When I bought my new Ipad I wanted to use it as a mobile blogging device, and so I bought the Logitech bluetooth Ipad keyboard to go with it. Now let me start this off by telling you that I use my keyboard on my Ipad 2 almost every day for almost the last two years, so this is an honest review done after hundreds of documents created with it. Now that I consider myself an expert with this keyboard lets talk about the keyboard. To me there are three categories that I feel go into making a great experience, and they are Style, Durability, and Performance. Now lets take a more detailed look at each of the factors and see how well the Logitech Ipad keyboard performs.


The Logitech bluetooth Ipad keyboard looks great. It measures ? x ? x ? and runs off of two AAA batteries. The keyboard finish on top is black and so are the keys. The keys have white letters on them and blue symbols for the function keys. The keyboard has a very small incline to the keyboard which reminds me of a traditional standard desktop keyboard. At the top of the keyboard it comes to a nice round bump which gives it a great look to it. In the top right hand side of the keyboard you will find the on/off switch. It is well disguised in the rounded bump part at the top of the keyboard. The view from the side is also pleasing to the eye, and that is because it has an appearance of a white middle to the keyboard. Looking at if from the side kind of reminds me of either an Oreo cookie or and Ice cream sandwich I never can make up my mind. However I love the black and white look. Overall the style is great and I would not change a thing and my final Style verdict: A


Logitech made their bluetooth tablet keyboard of what I would say is a medium grade plastic. However do not let this turn you off because whatever they put inside of it keeps it from feeling cheap, and I would say that the weight that is has makes it feel solid to the point you forget about the plastic. If I wrote this review when I purchased it in Jan 2012 I would probably have given it average marks for durability because I would be fearful that the plastic would not hold up. Well I am happy to say that it has held up like a champ and it still looks almost brand new after everything it has been through. I have four children (12, 10, 5yr old twin boys) and many times no matter how careful I am with kids around things tend to get dropped or knocked off a table. Well my keyboard is no exception to this rule because it has been dropped, kicked, sat on and one time even thrown. I am happy to report that after all this time my trusty Logitech bluetooth keyboard has always came back for more and has never broken down on me. If it can survive in my household for this long and not break it has got to be good. Final durability verdict A+


The performance of this Ipad keyboard is for a lack of a better term is awesome. First of all simply typing on it is a dream. I love the way the keys feel and when you press them down it has that nice feel you get from quality keyboards. You know the feeling your finger feels when it is pressed down the Logitech gives you that, so you know you pressed the key. I usually type about 75 words per minute on a regular keyboard, and I type just as fast on this little gem which is great. The battery life on here is so good that you will forget that there is actually batteries in there. I actually just changed mine after a little over 13 months of use! Now that is what I call great battery life. Final performance verdict A++

I feel that after so much time I have spent writing blog posts, pages on Squidoo and elsewhere I can truly say that I love my keyboard. Logitech truly has created a much needed accessory for anyone who wants to turn their Ipad into a productivity powerhouse that can easily rival any laptop for word processing, emailing, chatting, or any other typing application. If you don’t already have a Logitech bluetooth Ipad Keyboard and want to become a productivity all-star on your Ipad make sure you pick one up today. Oh and by the way did I mention that this entire article was written on my Logitech Ipad keyboard.

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