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Martin Logan Electrostatic Speaker Review

Updated on April 4, 2014

Martin Logan HiFi and Home Cinema Speakers

MartinLogan is a great American company that has created some of the best HiFi speakers in the world. Founded by Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland who met in the late '70s. Electrostatic speakers were then already recognized at the way to get clarity and accuracy, but suffered from poor bass extension and were of course huge and inappropriate for most homes. They worked on these problems.

First came the KLH which could compete with conventional speakers but was very big, however and expensive. The main competition came from the U.K. in the form of the Quad ESL, but the limitations of electrostatic technology prevented them from becoming mainstream. Martin Logan have developed pure electrostatic speakers, but also hybrid speakers where the bass is provided by conventional speaker cones and now the benefits of electrostatic treble reproductions can be enjoyed with a fairly compact speaker. Here is a review of some of these excellent speakers.

Martin Logan Electrostatic Hybrid Speaker Review

Martin Logan Speakers

Martin Logan make a wide range of speakers. These can be used for HiFi or for home cinema (i.e. Home theater) systems and provide better clarity and soundstage than most conventional speakers. Full range, huge electrostatic speakers for audiophile HiFi or top of the range home theater use, smaller hybrids, where most of the frequency rage is handled by the electrostatic panel and the conventional cone forming providing the deep bass to smaller hybrids. They also make sub-woofers for surround sound systems.

The audiophile ESL Reserve range: "The world's finest electrostatic speakers" from the full-range pure electrostatic, CLX art to various sizes and costs of hybrid electrostatic Summit X, Spire, Ethos and Theos.

ESL Series: Featuring patented CLS™ (Curvilinear Line Source) electrostatic (ESL) panels - Vantage, Vista, Purity, Source, Stage, Motif, Feature, Matinee

Motion Series: Motion 12, Motion 10, Motion C, Motion 8, Motion FX, Motion 6, Motion 4, Motion 2

Architectural Series: Voyage, Passage, Ticket, Helos 100, Helos 20, Helos 10

Subwoofers: MartinLogan subwoofers are designed to match the speed and detail of an electrostatic loudspeaker ideal for multi-channel home theater system - Descent i, Depth i, Grotto i, Dynamo 1000, Dynamo 700, SWT-1, Dynamo 500, Dynamo 300

There are also many discontinued lines available on the second-hand market which are also excellent speakers (e.g. the Aeon)

My Martin Logan Speakers

I use Martin Logan Aeon speakers which are a medium sized hybrid (one foot square foot print and about five feet tall) with my Unison Simply Four Valve Amplifier and a Michell Gyrodeck Turntable, but also as my front speakers of my Home Cinema/Home Theater system, with rears (Monitor Audio Studio 14 floorstanders) and the decoding handled by a Denon AVR2802 surround sound decoder and the source is a Panasonic Blue Ray Player . In both cases the results are incredible. The deep bass from the conventional speakers coupled with the clarity, detail and soundstage generated by the electrostatic panel transforms both the HiFi and the Home Cinema experience.

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