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Meebo Messenger: Web Based Instant Chat

Updated on May 14, 2012

What is Meebo?

Established in 2005, Meebo is a web based chatting interface through which you can chat with your friends no matter which chatting software they are using. Most useful part of Meebo is that is does not require installing any software for chatting and it helps to add almost all the IM network friends into a single platform. In addition, you can add the Facebbok, MySpace and some other chatting service with it. In short, if you have a memo account, you just have to logon in it to communicate all your friends spread across many IM services.

Opening an account with Meebo is free and to open an account you need to go at

Advantages of Meebo

It adds all the Instant messaging service platforms into one interface-thus allowing you to chat with your friends using different IM services. To add all the IM services with your Meebo account you just have to login to the Meebo account and just add all the IM accounts you have

Not only you can add all the IM services with Meebo, but also most of the social networking services including Facebook, Flixster, Xomba, MyYearbook . Just like any other popular instant messaging services Meebo also provides off line messaging facility.

add IM accounts into Meebo
add IM accounts into Meebo
meebo | Source

Adding IM and Social Networks with Meebo messenger

When you log on your meebo account, on the left side you will see an option “Click on sing on to more account”-click on it. A box “New Connection” will appear, select the Yahoo messenger id ( the same way you can select Google Talk, AIM, Windows Live, Facebook, MySpace, Jabber....) and put your log on ID , password and select the “add to my meebo account”. Now click “sign on” to add your Yahoo ID into your Meebo account. Similarly you can add other messenger or social networking sites into your Meebo account. After adding your respective instant messaging account, all your friends will be shown on the “Buddy list”, right side of the meebo page.

To remove a particular IM id from your meebo account, click on the “accounts” on the top middle part of meebo.Then, click on the “remove” remove button to delete that particular ID.

Meebo Rooms

By creating a Meebo private room, you can make a secure chat room where only your selected friends have access to your chat room. To create a private chat room in Meebo click on the “meebo rooms” on the upper side of your meebo page. Once the “create new room” box appears then choose a name for your room, select the sharing option and choose any password so as you rooms remains secure. Now, click the next button and select the friends who you want to keep in your room and finally click on the “create new room” button to make your private chat room

meebo rooms
meebo rooms

Meebo Mobile

Meebo mobile apps works with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile. If you already not using meebo mobile solution, then you can access this service directly from your mobile by going at

Connect Meebo with Facebook

To integrate Facebook into your meebo, select Facebook from “Network” of “new connection” and then click on the “connect to facebook” button. A new window will open to connect your Facebook with meebo, just enter your Facebook email and password. This process will add an application with your Facebook account so as your Facebook chat get connected with meebo and when you logon to Meebo you can see your Facebook chat updates without log on to Facebook account.

meemo bar
meemo bar

How to Add Meebo Bar

Meebo bar is a unique sharing experience that you can offer your user while they are browsing interesting contents, news or images of your site. By adding meebo bar on your site you user can share articles or images by dragging and dropping it to their friends’ id listed in their meebo contatct list.  To install this bar in your site you need to logon to your meebo account and then visit the meebo bar setup page and then enter your site name and URL. Then click the “continue” button and select the type of blog you have and then follow the instructions that will be shown to

Mini Bar for Website Check-in and become VIP meebo user

Meebo Minibar is just a web browser extension that helps you check-in in any site and discover new sites that other meebo users are finding interesting. If you keep checking on sites on regular basis, (at least one site a day) you may earn a Meebo VIP status and the site owners that you checked in might offer you special privileges or rewards like loyalties. To check in a site you need to have public profile with meebo that you can create by going at- Once you finish making your public profile then download meebo mini bar extension for your browser and keep checking new sites and following meebo friends who share similar web interests like you.

Meebo makes instant messaging experience much simpler by letting connect all the IM platforms in a single web interface. Moreover, it also has much easier web site sharing and exploring options than any other IM services. Make a meebo Id and share contents with your family and loved ones.Have fun!!

Meebo for iPhone


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      How to get meebo chat room..??

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      Have you heard that meebo is going to shutting down there live chat widget.?

      Now meebo is shutting down there system, I highly recommended this best

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      syras mamun 7 years ago

      Meebo is a great solution for messaging when you are traveling, because you have to install it. Just visit a cyber cafe and log in to your meebo site to connect with friends.Thank you so much :)

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