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Merge Movies Files Online with Movavi in 3 Easy Steps

Updated on June 21, 2011

Ever need to merge movies files?

Well, I just ran into that problem recently with some homemade videos for the club that I'm in. Basically, I need to combine two video files into a single file before I upload it into YouTube for our members to watch.

Although I play around with many different software programs, video editing programs and tools aren't in my usual bag of tricks. So I did some online research to see what solutions are out there. What I found generally requires me to install a piece of software program to do the merging.

Oh oh. Not what I want.

See, I normally don't mind trying out new software. In fact I enjoy it. The problem is that joining the videos is just a one-time job. If I foresee myself merging movies files after movie files in the coming months, sure, I don't mind downloading, installing, and trying out yet more pieces of software. But all the hassles just for a one-time job? Not to my taste, especially since I'm also paranoid about uncessary software installation and removal messing up my computer's registry.

Merge Movie Files Online Free

Luckily, I found a free online solution: Introducing the Movavi service.

Merge movie files online free
Merge movie files online free

Merging movie files is as easy as step 123:

  • Step 1. Add the video files you want combined.
  • Step 2. Select an output format
  • Step 3. Press the "convert" button

And viola! You have yourself a joined movie file waiting to be downloaded.

Not only can you merge movie files from your computer, but you can also grab and join videos directly from different video-sharing web sites. This comes in real handy when you want to combine several web videos from Metacafe, MySpace, YouTube, Blip TV and the like. Simply provide the URLs of the video, and Movavi will fetch the clips, join them together, then send you a link when the merged video is ready to download on their server.

A neat function, don't you agree?

Nothing's Perfect

Don't expect Movavi to be perfect though. There are some limitations as to what the service can do.

Firstly, you can only add up to 5 files limited to 10 minutes each. Next, the combined size of these files cannot be more than 100 Mb in total. When you need to join more than 5 video clips, or the total size of the clips are huge, you'll probably have to look somewhere else. Most likely you'll need to install some software programs like I mentioned in this hub earlier.

Lastly, if you're impatient, you can forget about using this service.

Let me tell you my experience.

I have only 2 AVI files to merge for my club. A size of 30 Mb and 26 Mb respectively giving a total of 56 Mb. Alas, it took like, what, an hour and 20 minutes just to upload the two files on a broadband connection. Kind of put me back to the good old days of dial-up connection.

Then when I pressed the "Convert" button, a popup window told me that I could use their service for free. The problem is there were 1,007 files awaiting process, and the estimated wait time was 5 hours. You can pay if you don't want to wait that long. There are several Silver and Gold plans to choose from depending on your processing priority, upload file size, and storage preferences.

Of course, cheapskate like me wouldn't want to pay, and I opted to wait. ;) It wasn't an urgent job anyway.

Oh yeah, by the way, make certain you check the box for "Merge all videos into one large movie" just above the "convert" button. I don't want you come crying to me 7 hours later that your efforts to merge movie files are all down the drain. After all, combining movie files isn't the only service provided by Movavi. It's more like a special feature. Movavi is actually an online web service that lets you download videos from video-sharing sites and convert them into popular video formats you can view in iPhone, iPod, mobile phone and other digital gadgets.

Also, be sure you download the merged movie file as soon as you get the email notification. You have up to 72 hours--the FAQ says 24 hours, but the email notification says 72--to retrieve the file as many times as you want before you receive the dread "Your files have already been deleted" message when using their free service.

Next time you need a one-time job to merge movies files, remember Movavi.

A Follow Up on Follow-Ups

You know the email you gave to Movavi to have them email you the download link of the final merged movie files?

Well, turns out that besides sending you the email notification for the download, Movavi will email you promotion of their paid stuff. No big deal. I accept it. They've got to make money from somewhere after providing you the free online video merging service, right?

What I can't accept is Movavi don't provide you any means to unsubscribe from the mailing list!

I know my eyesight is getting poorer starring at the computer screen day in day out. So I've already looked through the promotional emails several times.

Yeah, no click-here-to-unsubscribe link in the email itself. Nor any instruction to email Simply no mention of nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Isn't this against the Can Spam Act or something? I know that even the spam emails will provide a bogus email address for removal request to try to look like they're complying with the laws. But Movavi plain completely don't say anything.

They keep saying "Thanks for using Movavi!" at the end of the email. But by the 3rd time, I thought it was enough and wanted to unsubscribe. It was then that I made the discovery.

The promotional email that I can't unsubscribe is starting to get on my nerves. I'll see how long more I can stand it before I start to take some actions.

Update: The "Follow Ups" Stopped!

Just want to say the follow-up emails finally stopped. Can't remember when, where, or how. Just glad that I won't be bothered by it again. :)

Update on Update: I Was Wrong...

I was wrong in my last update. The follow up didn't stop.

I got another email from Movavi about some promotion they were having. Luckily this time round, there is a very clear "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email. Naturally, I clicked on it and rid myself of all future followups...



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