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Free Web Page Design Software - Microsoft Expression Web 4, Design 4 for Graphics plus Free Microsoft Anti-virus.

Updated on March 23, 2015

A for real Premium Microsoft Product Now at No Cost

Get this product while it is free and still available for download.
Get this product while it is free and still available for download. | Source

Get Expression Web 4 at no Cost - Create, Edit Web Pages

Most Recent Release of Expressions with Updates

  • Create or edit web pages
  • Can be updated to latest service pack/update
  • Create or edit scripts
  • Create, edit, and test CSS
  • Connect to any of your web or Intranet sites
  • Create local HTML or CSS files
  • Test with multiple browsers with single click
  • Create templates

While it's predecessor was Microsoft Frontpage, there is no resemblance to features and capabilities. Web Expressions can do it all and far surpasses Microsoft Frontpage.


A Useful Standalone Product for Web Page Design

Not part of the Microsoft Office Suite, however a useful standalone product for web page design

I admit it, I was a user of Microsoft FrontPage web authoring and publishing tool. Although it was not perfect, I used it successfully for years. Microsoft has for more than several years now retired the product. Frontpage's replacement is a thousand times better. It had to be as Frontpage could not compete with the features other web publishing and editing tools had. Also, lets not forget the infamous Frontpage extensions that had to be installed on a web server in order for Frontpage to work properly. Even when installed, they were not so reliable and often led to more confusion and things not working as expected.

Microsoft's Expressions Web is an excellent replacement. Although it's not news of it's existence and release, I thought I'd add it to this hub just because it seemed I was just complaining about Microsoft as many do, or was one of those people who are opposed to change. On the contrary, I'm not apposed to change but I do believe if it isn't broke, don't fix it. The menu bar to me seemed to be fine but Frontpage was indeed BROKEN.

Many Useful Features in Expressions Web

Expressions has so many features that I may list off in the future but for now, I know I can name a few that I found to be very good changes. Number one, no extensions needed server side. Frontpage extension were just a drag and cumbersome. They more often go in the way of doing things. Another nice addition in Expressions web is the ablility to add scripting of many types and that it can recognize PHP code and files with the php extension. I program in PHP and really appreciated the inclusion or recognition of the very popular and widely used server side scripting.

Another huge leap in technology over the Frontpage predecessor is the adoption and built-in capabilities to work with cascading style sheets (CSS). They can be managed, edited, modified and set to be auto-created if one wishes it so. The use of templates and databases is also extraordinary. Also error correction of HTML code was almost non-existent in Frontpage, at least not to a useful point for me.

I recommend Expressions web for anyone looking to work in depth with web design. Adobe still makes a good product too but I just have a preference to Microsoft.


Try it, Use it, Rate it.

4.8 out of 5 stars from 9 ratings of Expressions Web

Download Microsoft Expression Web 4 - Free Web Page Editor

It is down-loadable here:

It's been about two years since I wrote about Frontpage's discontinued development and support and Microsoft Expressions taking over as the premier Microsoft product for editing web pages and sites.

Microsoft has discontinued the development of Expressions Web and has made it available for free with service packs. I just recently installed it to another system and found that it is true. No license or software key required.

Microsoft has combined products and going forward Visual Studio 2013 and releases after 2013 will have web authoring capabilities. The move is to web apps and VS 2013 is a programming platform so combining the two has made sense to Microsoft. I found a stark problem after installing VS 2013 to try using the web page editing and authoring tools and that is the target site needs to support ASP.

Microsoft Designer 4 - Graphics Design
Microsoft Designer 4 - Graphics Design | Source

Expressions Design 4 is also free.

Create and Edit Images for the Web or just for Photo Editing

Like to or would like to work with images but professional software is too expensive?

Expressions Designer 4 is also now free. A great value for students or anyone looking for advanced image editing tools. Expressions Designer is "Illustrator" software like Adobe illustrator. It has very advance graphic formatting features.

Cha-Ching! Your Savings?

Pre-Free Cost
Current Cost
Expressions Web 4
Expressions Designer 4
Although these two Microsoft products will no longer be developed, they are current as of this time and are professional quality applications that are worth the download.

Microsoft Learning Video: How to add text and images to a web page. It is NOT me talking in the video.

There are many features.

Don't have to have to spend hours and days learning to do the basics.

One of the things I liked about Expressiosn web early-on is that it enables the user to do basic stuff without having to spend painful hours and hours or days figuring out the software. That is most annoying and after looking at other software found that hours had gone by trying to figure out how to do the most basic of tasks. Expressions we allows you to open a page on another site or create anew local page that can be uploaded later. It is done very easily and quickly. Also, it permits preview in multiple installed browsers at the same time and in different screen resolutions.

Live Preview Make a Change in a Page and Immediately See how it Looks in the Adjustable Preview Pane (bottom half of center window pain)

Preview of your html code is visible in a separate pane. As the code is tweaked and adjusted, the changes are visible as they are made.
Preview of your html code is visible in a separate pane. As the code is tweaked and adjusted, the changes are visible as they are made. | Source

Make changes to your code and see how those changes appear n preview.

Although most web page authoring tools will provide a preview, this feature is one to be assured exists. This is a professional web authoring tool that is now free and can be provided to younger users as a learning tool or professionals who need their existing tools augmented with another professional software package.

Most Recent Release of Expressions web 4 with Updates

I've been using Expressions web ever since FrontPage was discontinued. I looked at and tried Dreamweaver from Adobe and it was a very good product as well. At the time when FrontPage was replaced I was looing for the most basic of software that would allow me to do the simplest of web design. Dreamweaver had way too many features for my needs and I slowly realized I would need many weeks just to get comfortable with the product to use it productively.

I just needed basic html editing and creation and in additional be able to include PHP scripting and java scripting in pages - again, just basic stuff. Expressions web was perfect for the occasion and way better that freeware. I was able to incorporate php and scripting into html code easily. The software did not get in the way of just doing basic task. In addition, it creates css on the fly and it is re-usable in other pages . For example, if a paragraph needs to be italicized or quoted with a different font, the software will see how you set the font spacing, and other features of the paragraph structure and automatically names and saves the style foe use again later.

Not only does the software allow the user to perform basic tasks without spending many hours upon hours figuring out the software, it has many more advanced features. I admit, I do not know how to use them all as there are just so many.

This is a free download that is not an old version. It is the current version with the latest updates. This product will no longer be developed but worth the download and keep. I am using it now and will until there is a new technology that it cannot perform because it cannot recognize it. Again, it will no longer be enhanced to recognize new technologies.


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    • pctechgo profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from US

      Thank you kevinfream for your comment.

    • pctechgo profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from US

      I use for VS2013 for coding. Tried, I'll admit briefly, to do some basic html editing for a non-asp site and found it would not. It forces local pages, local intranet site or public site that must be an ASP enabled site. Can't connect directly to a web site as with Expressions Web with not extensions or requirements.

      Totally understand where they are going by centralizing but it seems to me they have left out non-asp sites and apps.

      It seems they have gone backwards again and just like using FrontPage required FrontPage extensions to be installed, VS for web design requires asp.

    • kevinfream profile image

      Kevin Fream 

      5 years ago from Tulsa, OK

      I used Expression for years too, but Microsoft has deemed Visual Studio as the central development package for all platforms since 2012. Everything today is the MVC/Twitter Bootstrap model with responsive design and clean URLs without extensions.


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