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Military Wristwatches

Updated on November 13, 2012

Military Wristwatches - The Birth Of the Wristwatch for Men

Military Wristwatches are very much the forefathers of the wristwatch for men. Prior to World War One, when it came to watches, the pocket watch was the choice for men. Wristwatches were popular with women, but were seen as merely an extension of jewellery. World War One changed all that, as the need to have an accessible time telling device, and the tough conditions of trench warfare, gave birth to the wristwatch for men.

Military Wristwatches - A History

Military Wristwatches kick started the idea of the wristwatch for men, back in World War One. Since then the military wristwatch has evolved into different branches, including pilot watches, divers watches and Special ops watches.

But the basic military wristwatch, as produced for the military by a number of famous brands, including Rolex, Bulova, Omega etc, has at its heart the same classic design. The Black analogue face, white clear numerals and often a canvas strap are the key ingredients to the classic military watch. Of course you have the extreme versions like the Traser H3 and Luminox popular with Special Forces, but the basic military specification (currently G10 model) is still manufactured for personnel entering the forces.

Seiko Military Wristwatch
Seiko Military Wristwatch

Military Wristwatch Design

Originally watch companies vied to be the main supplier to the military, with the military providing precise specifications on what they require from a watch. Some forces around the world still supply their personnel with military issue watches, while certain other military forces allow their personnel to purchase commercially available brands, as long as they meet certain specifications.

Over time commercially available watches have taken their influence from military wristwatches, and certain commercial brands have become popular with the military. Casio's G-Shock is popular with Special Forces because of its rugged build. Recently Burberry released a watch that is their version of the classic, black faced, white numbered, canvas strapped watch. Some brands that only supplied the military have been bought out by major watch brands, and now make commercially available watches. Hamilton watches were popular during the Vietnam war, and now the company is owned by Swatch, who trade off the famous brand.

Battle worn classic watches are now collectors items , and their is a massive market for vintage military watches.

Military Wristwatches

Great Military Wristwatches

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Suunto Military Watches

Suunto watches have a strange origination, compared to most "outdoor sports" or military watches. Suunto originally started off creating what might be called outdoor sports instruments - such as compass heart monitors for diving and extreme sports. The watch element came very much later.

Suunto built on this idea of an outdoor instrument adding elements such as altimeter, barometer along with the compass. These evolved into the dive computer. So you can see with the addition of a conventional watch element, and all the usefull outdoor instruments - the Suunto watch is popular with the military, especially as a Special forces watch.

Suunto's first premium sports watch collection, Suunto Elementum, was introduced in spring 2009.

"The Suunto Elementum is a watch for the urbanites: active city dwellers with interest insailing, diving and outdoor activities, who value the combination of style and function."

Nowadays the Suunto range of "sports instruments" cover a wide range of activties and are ideally suited for extreme sports fans and those who embrace the challenge of outdoor pursuits.

Here are my Top 5 Suunto Watches:

Suunto Watches - Video Review of Suunto Core All Black

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Military Wristwatch Videos

Let me know if you have any Military wristwatches that you recommend

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