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Mini Soda Vending Machine

Updated on August 21, 2012

If you want to have excellent workplace, you will need a mini soda vending machine. These vending machines are great for personal use and make a small local store look awesome as well. Mini soda vending machines also look great in other places including gaming basements, different waiting rooms, salons, small cinemas, bar etc. . Mini soda vending machines makes a great gift. Children would be very pleased to get a mini soda vending machine as a birthday gift. Teenager would also love it, because that will look awesome. Even grownups like mini soda vending machines, because these machines are just so adorable and they can be profitable as well.

Mini soda vending machine will make any gaming room or/and workshop even more awesome and great. Everyone would want a personal mini soda vending machine. Most of the mini soda vending machines hold the beverage cold and easily accessible. So you wouldn't need to go do the fridge to get your cold beverage, it can save you some time. Mini soda vending machines don't take a lot power and are very quiet and reliable.

10-Can Vending Fridge

This mini soda vending machine can make any room great.It holds up to 4 beverages in one unit and it has two units, so that makes amazing 8 beverages plus 2 beverages at the pre-chilling section.So this mini soda vending fridge machine can hold 10 beverages, which is truly amazing.

This Koolatron vending machine will hold your beverages cold.You may think that this vending machine has huge power consumption, but it doesn´t.The power consumption is 65 watts.It´s incredibly easy to get started with this customized vending machine, it takes only seconds.

It also has quiet thermoelectric cooling system, which cools the cans down to 32 degrees F below ambient room temperature, and a reliable microcomputer inside the machine manages both the cooling and vending systems. It also features easy-to-clean design.

Next time you need a cold beverage, just stop by from your own mini soda vending machine.It also makes a unique gift!

Mini soda vending machine
Mini soda vending machine

Koolatron Vending Fridge

This retro-style Coca-Cola fridge holds up to 10 12-ounce cans. This very nostalgic mini soda vending machine will look perfect at salons, gaming rooms,work shops. In fact this think will look awesome in any room.

This vending machine cools up to 32 degrees F below the ambient temperature. Getting beverages from this soda vending machine will be very awesome, because it dispenses cans vending-machine style.

Although it´s quite expensive it will make a great and very innovative gift.


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    • profile image

      martellawintek 5 years ago

      you ok jamie i got it from a friend so this is the site

      and details ,ring them for advice ,just say martells recommened yous

    • profile image

      Fresh Vending 7 years ago

      This machine looks small but its utility is quite big. Soda vending machines used almost everywhere are a must have gadget that give you the freedom to dispense at any moment.