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Mini Spy Camera

Updated on August 25, 2010

Make your own mini spy camera, it seems with the rising of home and office theft mini spy cameras are in demand and are a useful weapon in the deterrence for those criminals who think they can get away with your precious valuables. You find these days that even the dishonest tradesmen who you have given permission to work in your home unsupervised will sometimes do more than just fix the sink. And that trusted Nanny you thought would never cross that line and take odd things like jewelry and money from you. Just goes to show when people are left alone they seem to change into another person and the person they change into is the person you never thought would reveal themselves. You shouldn't be so shocked, these days it's even suspect to trust even your own family members who may let there fingers go wild, so installing a camera will soon reveal to you the true intentions  of that person you thought you knew well.

Types of mini spy cameras

There are many types of mini spy cameras on the market with the mini dvr spy camera being one of the more high tech and high expensive cameras which would more likely be used for corporations. But there are affordable and less expensive cameras for the home or small businesses like the wireless mini spy cameras to a mini spy video camera which will record footage of the days events for you to view when you get home. I tend to favor the mini wireless spy camera for obvious reasons as you won't have any traces of connecting cables or wires that maybe seen by the offender. This article will touch on how you can make your own mini digital spy camera by integrating a standard mobile phone. It may require a little technical knowledge but the project is fairly simple.

Things you will need:

standard digital camera
A mono-scope
A cell phone case clip
A small vise and c-clamp
Small drill & 12 inch drill bit
needle nose pointed pliers
2 mini tripods

If you are unsure about any of these items, then do ask at your local electrical hobby outlet and they will give you info as to the purpose of these items.

Right let's get this baby started!

Start by inserting the screw head from the mini tripods into the c-clamp, there should be a small hole in the c-clamp for this purpose. There is a screw head on the mini tripod, screw a metal nut into this using your fingers. And with the pliers simply tighten it all the way. On the vice turn the lever counter clockwise to slightly loosen it then insert the end of your mono-scope into the open end of the vice, tighten the vice not too tight ,just enough pressure to hold the mono-scope.   

Turn the lever counter clockwise on the c-clamp to loosen the sides. Insert one end of the mono-scope into the open end of the C-clamp. Turn the lever clockwise to tighten the sides of the C-clamp against the mono-scope. Open up your mini-tripod and place it on a table. Place the case clip of the cell phone in vise, and make sure the clip is facing upwards. And lightly tighten the vise to secure the the cell phone case clip. Using a small drill with a 12 inch drill bit, drill a hole through the center of the case clip, loosen and remove the cell phone case clip from the vise. Take the second mini- tripod, screw the head into the hole you just made in the case clip and secure it on the other side with a nut or bolt the same size.

Positioning The Tripods

Now stand your mini tripod next to the one already on the table, grab your cell phone and place it in the case clip, Place the other tripod on the table with the mono-scope on it, so it is facing directly at the lens of the opposite tripod with the cell phone in it. Power up your cell phone, select the appropriate settings and position the mini tripod with the mono-scope attached to it and then by moving it back and forth, position it until you get a clear image on your cell phone that is attached to the other tripod. Once you have a sharp and clear image on your cell phone you are now able to capture long distance pictures with your home built mini spy camera.    

Worlds smallest spy cameras


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